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  1. The preliminary conditions of the code were satisfied.

  2. Mr. Graves then felt himself bound by the unwritten code of honor to espouse the cause of Mr. Webb, and challenged Mr. Cilley himself.

  3. The White House was refurnished in the most expensive manner, and a code of etiquette was established which rivaled that of a German principality.

  4. But there has come a more vigorous code of morality, and society is now rarely disgraced by the presence of these scoundrels.

  5. Ten years later the French Minister Colbert sought to improve as well as control the operations of dyeing, by publishing a code of instructions for the use of the woollen dyers and manufacturers in France.

  6. Bekker is popularly remembered most honourably by his determined attacks upon the system of a penal code for witchcraft.

  7. The public conscience revolted against a Draconian code which made no distinction between wilful murder and a deadly combat wherein each party consented to his own death or submitted to the risk of it.

  8. Tennyson, using a poet's privilege, laid the scene of a duel in the year of the Crimean War, but he echoes the spirit of the times when he stigmatizes "the Christless code that must have life for a blow.

  9. In the Indian Code there are special enactments concerning duelling, which is punishable not as murder but as homicide.

  10. In the German army duels are still authorized by the military code as a last resort in grave cases.

  11. The prevailing code of honour was considered a sufficient justification for Duque de Estrada's violence, but the law looked upon the act as a vulgar assassination, and he had to flee.

  12. See the Code of West Virginia; also the late case of The State vs.

  13. But Claire de Wissant need not have been afraid; her husband had his own strict code of manners, and to this code he ever remained faithful.

  14. The complete findings of a competent Code Committee would be the average of the experience of all penal housing problems throughout the country and should be determined by a two-group committee, acting under an organization of national scope.

  15. The tremendous security and help that such a code would provide for the development of state prisons and jails and reformatories is at once apparent.

  16. Then why haven't we a classification of temperaments and a moral code for each sort?

  17. By that Benham was slipped from the recognized code and launched upon speculations which became the magnificent research.

  18. That is to say, it is a question of conforming to current expectations under a code of conventional proprieties.

  19. Like much of the conventional code of behavior this patriotic attachment has the benefit of standardised decorum, and its outward manifestations are enjoined by law.

  20. In this connection "honour" is of course to be taken in the euphemistic sense which the term has under the code duello governing "affairs of honour.

  21. The characteristic feature to which attention naturally turns at this suggestion is the tranquility that has marked that body of gentlefolk and their code of clean and honest living.

  22. He will at any such conjuncture scarcely rise to the pitch of moral indignation necessary to float a warlike reprisal, until the expert keepers of the Code come in to expound and certify the nature of the transgression.

  23. I am willing to count this to you for a virtue as your own code may interpret virtue; but the fact would alone be enough to make me protest against any man professing your code and administering our law.

  24. I have a faint remembrance of having read some remarks respecting the Code of Vella, but am unable to recall the circumstances.

  25. I leaped to a conclusion, forced his door and found this--" He thrust a well-thumbed copy of the cipher code of the Federal Secret Service into her hand.

  26. Before leaving Washington to become the Adjutant General of Beauregard's army Colonel Thomas Jordan had given her the cipher code of the South and arranged to make her house the Northern headquarters of the Southern secret service.

  27. On this code were based Admiral the Earl of Lindsay's "Instructions" of 1695.

  28. The old code of naval laws, the Monumenta Juridica or Black Book of the Admiralty, contained many curious disciplinary methods, not a few of which too long survived the age they originated in.

  29. The penal code was of inhuman ferocity; law was complicated, ruinous and partial and national credit so low that loans could be obtained only against material pledges and at interest five times as great as that paid by England.

  30. Must have knowledge of signaling and of semaphore code or International alphabet (p.

  31. The code is as follows: [Illustration: The American Morse Telegraph Alphabet] A .

  32. Indeed, he who wishes a child to believe absolutely in a code of morals would better postpone teaching him the customs and beliefs of other people until habit has made him adamant to new ideas.

  33. Man, on the whole, does not want to choose; he wants to have the feeling that he ought to do this or that according to a code laid down by authority.

  34. What we call a code is really a localized conscience, and there are many men whose consciences do not permit seduction of the virgin but who are quite easy in mind about an intrigue with a married woman.

  35. The careful, cautious, conscientious types develop a system of principles for choice of action; they discard the uncertainty of pleasure as a guide for the certainty of a code laid down and fixed.

  36. Farmers whose fruit trees adjoin a public thoroughfare will also state that the average automobilist has quite a different code of morals for apples and pears than for money and gasoline.

  37. A great part of the morals of the world is neglected; part of the responsibility is not felt, in that a code of work is yet to be enunciated in an authoritative way.

  38. We omit here the schemes of conquest of girls and women seeking marriage as too complex for any one but a novelist, and also because the moral code regards them as legitimate.

  39. The English and American athletes, perhaps also the athletes of other countries, make this part of their code of conduct and so are impelled to act in a way not entirely sincere.

  40. The organizing energy of some is low; they never seem to unify their experiences into a code of life and living; they are like a string of beads loosely strung together with disharmonious emotions, desires, purposes.

  41. The moral code is in great part and by the majority of men understood as inhibition and prohibition.

  42. Hate, unlike love, needs no moral code or teaching to bring it into activity; it springs into being and constantly needs repression.

  43. A really modest person, one to whom the sex code is a sacred thing, does not find pleasure in a crude sex joke.

  44. He had the usual pugnacious code of boys, but because he was friendly and good-natured rarely got into a fight.

  45. It was only common justice in the soldier's rough code that, when Dame Fortune came his way and opened a town's gates to him, he should fill his pockets, and any odd sack he could bear with him on his march.

  46. Again, the Book of Leviticus lays down a singularly developed code of ritual, "extending to the minutest details of worship and of life.

  47. Yet the Day of Atonement, with its arresting ceremonies and intense significance, is not so much as once mentioned outside the Levitical Code by a single prophet, or priest, or king.

  48. In the later Priestly Code the centralisation of worship is not inculcated, but supposed to be already established.

  49. But in the Priestly Code only the sons of Aaron are to be priests (Numb.

  50. Originally sacrifice was a glad meal, and even in the oldest part of the code (Lev.

  51. Again, if in Jeroboam's day the Priestly Code was in existence, he was clearly guilty of unjustifiable wilfulness in altering the time for observing the Feast of Tabernacles from the seventh to the eighth month.

  52. The Priestly Code is that part of the Pentateuch which is occupied with public worship and the function of priests--viz.

  53. The kings of Judah, down to the days of Hezekiah, and even of Josiah, show few traces of any consciousness that there was such a book as the Pentateuch and such a code as the Levitic law.

  54. The turning-point of the history of the sacrificial system is Josiah's reformation, of which the Priestly Code is the matured result.

  55. It is at least doubtful whether the distinction between priests and Levites is older than the Priestly Code and the days of Ezekiel.

  56. Of the sin offering, which in that code has acquired such enormous importance, there is scarcely a trace--unless Hosea iv.

  57. The argument supposes that the creator of all things first made a code of laws, and then put it out of his own power to change them.

  58. One of its members in particular had been guilty of a scandalous breach even of the heathen code of morals; and of him Paul uncompromisingly says, "Put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

  59. Our religion is not a theory; it is not a speculation, a system of philosophy putting us in possession of a true scheme of the universe and guiding us to a sound code of morals; it is, above all, a personal matter.

  60. He and Code had not retreated a block before the mate suddenly swung around on his tormentors.

  61. Code absently thrust his hand into his coat pocket and encountered the mirror he had found aboard the Nettie B.

  62. Code looked over pages that were redolent of the events in his boyhood, for Michael was a ready writer and made notes regularly even when the M.

  63. Code told her the whole thing from beginning to end, leaving out only that part of Nat's cumulative scheme that had to do with Nellie Tanner.

  64. To her knowledge Code was in love with nobody, although rumor had for years linked his name with Nellie Tanner's.

  65. Code was very thankful for her tact and much relieved.

  66. In the midst of all this Code Schofield struggled aft and began hauling forth the mains'l that at the first edge of the Bank had been relegated in favor of the triangular riding sail.

  67. It was to Mallaby House that Code Schofield had come to dinner this night.

  68. It must not be supposed that, as Code sat in his hard wooden chair, he forgot the diary that he had read the first afternoon of his incarceration.

  69. Captain Code Schofield thought of all these things as he ran along the King's Road toward the fire.

  70. The very night that Code and Elsa had their last talk Nat Burns was smuggled aboard a motor sloop lying in Whale Cove and taken over to Eastport, where he was turned loose in the United States.

  71. Even when she married "Hard-Luck" Jim Mallaby she had always seemed to regard Code Schofield as the one man in Freekirk Head.

  72. Though taken aback, Code stood to his guns and remained on his feet.

  73. The phrase came with persistent repetition until Code was fully alive to its meaning and glanced over his left shoulder.

  74. It was the international code signal of distress.

  75. Tacked on the wall, between the signal locker and the billiard rules, was the code itself, by which he verified the signal before making answer.

  76. The first article in the Solomon Islands code for white men was never to show fear before a native, and Joan tried to carry off the situation in cavalier fashion.

  77. The code which Napoleon gave to France partially rescues his name from the infamy that his injuries inflicted on mankind.

  78. Nietzsche's demand is for nothing less than a revision of the whole moral code and a reversal of its most characteristic provisions.

  79. He says that "the received code of ethics is by no means of divine right, that mankind has still much to learn as to the effects of actions on the general happiness.

  80. His upbringing had been none too strict, but, at the same time, he had a rough code of honour, and it was one of his proudest boasts that he never forgot a friend or a favour.

  81. He was not without his peculiar code of honour.

  82. A new code sketched out in the place of "Common Law" muddle.

  83. It is a code which displays much acuteness, good sense, and not a little oddity.

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