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Example sentences for "equity"

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equite; equites; equitie; equities; equitum; equivalence; equivalency; equivalent; equivalents; equivocal
  1. Such was the plaint of the land-holders, one not devoid of equity and, therefore, awakening a response in the minds of timid and sober business men, who were as yet unaffected by the danger.

  2. And he asked that he might be assisted in the name both of equity and compassion.

  3. And to possess the certainty of sovereign equity to enable one to support the abominations of terrestrial life!

  4. The Department of Justice had attempted to apply the equity processes of injunction without much result.

  5. United States Circuit Court for Southern District of Ohio, In Equity No.

  6. But the absence of express authority to enforce these orders, except by means of tedious equity proceedings in the courts, made improvements in accounting almost entirely dependent upon the tact and resourcefulness of the statistician.

  7. But could Congress by statute limit or define the exercise of this judicial power on the equity side?

  8. Proceedings on the equity side in the courts had also, although in a most unsatisfactory manner, been undertaken to restrain advances in rates.

  9. Equity against him and his publisher, to restrain them "from printing, selling, or publishing any copies of the first part of the second volume.

  10. He also read several books on Equity with great attention, and often said, that no one, who really knew law, could fail to feel a deep interest in Equity, and the mode of its operating upon law.

  11. To revert to fundamental ethical principles, particular mention of the ideas of justice and equity needs to be made in this connection.

  12. Accordingly, with reference also to equity and justice, they cause little anxiety.

  13. The idea of equity is especially involved in cases where the pupil has merited punishment as requital for the intentional infliction of pain.

  14. Tompkins, late governor of the State of New York, on principles of equity and justice, subject to the revision and final decision of the President of the United States.

  15. Therefore the mere fact that France has her own law of neutrality (in fact no law in a strict sense) is no defence for her doings unless its justice and equity can be maintained in the eyes of the law of nations.

  16. If he can do so, where is the justice and equity of the so-called law of nations, which the Occidentals boast of, not without just title, and claim that it forms one of the essential parts of Christian morality?

  17. The twenty-four hours rule may not be a condition universally accepted, but justice and equity demand that in its spirit it should be followed by all nations.

  18. But it must never be allowed to go beyond the limit which justice and equity allow.

  19. Since the Civil War the American courts in rapidly increasing numbers have used this weapon, and the Damascus blade of equity has been transformed into a bludgeon in the hands even of magistrates of inferior courts.

  20. Infidelity, under the name of socialism, would have it done without God, on grounds of naked natural equity or rational justice.

  21. Men love equity instinctively, and the decree of the Spanish regent will be worth more to the Carlists than an army of soldiers.

  22. As far as the State debts ought in equity to be assumed, he conceived that they might and would be so.

  23. M^r Pinkney observed that a great part of the State debts were of such a nature that although in point of policy and true equity they ought, yet would they not be viewed in the light of federal expenditures.

  24. It is not possible to discriminate equity cases from those in which juries are proper.

  25. Neither the practical questions of our generation, nor the pressing theoretical questions of the science, run on the adequacy or equity of the share that goes to any class in the normal case.

  26. No doubt presents itself but that the community's code of right and equity in economic matters will remain unchanged under changing conditions of economic life.

  27. It springs from this presumption, and, whether in point of equity or of expediency, it rises no higher than its source.

  28. The productive factors engaged being thus determined, the norm of natural-economic equivalence and equity already referred to above, indicated what would be the natural sharers in the product.

  29. It answers no pertinent question of equity to say that the wages paid for labor are as much as it will bring.

  30. It does not touch questions of equity beyond this, nor does it touch questions of the expediency or probable advent of any contemplated change in the existing conventions as to rights of ownership and initiative.

  31. It may as well be that their training in subservience to their employers will bring them again to realise the equity and excellence of the established system of subjection and unequal distribution of wealth.

  32. Granting whatever may be claimed for the advantages of regulation by government, do not equity and ordinary commercial decency require that such close restriction and supervision should be accompanied by some guaranty of return?

  33. The grave responsibility of wielding with justice and equity this tremendous power over the future destiny of mankind, seems never to have disconcerted any of the successors of St. Peter.

  34. It shall be free for you to doubt as ye please; but where I find execution according to God's laws, and God Himself does not accuse the doers, I dare not doubt of the equity of the cause.

  35. When these petitions were presented, the Estate Ecclesiastical began to storm and to devise all manner of lies to deface the equity of our cause.

  36. And therefore we utterly abhor the blasphemy of those that affirm that men which live according to equity and justice shall be saved, what religion soever they have professed.

  37. And if ye fear that ye shall not act with equity towards orphans of the female sex, take in marriage of such other women as please you, two, or three, or four, and not more.

  38. Or justice and equity in mutual dealings.

  39. The king promised to furnish succours, in men and money, to repress all violences and iniquities of every kind, and that equity and mercy should preside over all judgments.

  40. Equity then scarcely passed for a virtue, but revenge was a duty.

  41. Equity to be laid over part[l]y, and mercy to prevail!

  42. God will not make you privy unto His last judgment: Justice and equity shall be fortified, I will not deny; Truth may not so cruelly proceed in his straight argument But that mercy shall rule the matter, without controversy.

  43. For there were certain wise men and judges of equity who composed and published institutions of civil law, by which they settled the suits and contentions of disputants.

  44. Sobriety and equity are the obvious characteristics of a limited circle.

  45. The incomes made by some of the most eminent Equity counsel are prodigious.

  46. However heavy may be the fees paid to counsel of the Equity Bar, it can at least be said that they generally give full value for their money--a gratifying compliment that can hardly be extended to other branches of the profession.

  47. In one very essential particular the members of the Equity Bar differ in their customs from other branches of their profession.

  48. There is the Parliamentary Bar, the Common Law Bar, the Equity Bar, and the Criminal Bar; and besides these, several barristers are exclusively occupied with Patents and Conveyancing.

  49. Had these laws been regulated by any principle of equity or reason, the public protection should have supplied, in just proportion, the want of personal strength.

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