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Example sentences for "effecting"

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effacing; effect; effecte; effected; effectes; effective; effectively; effectiveness; effectives; effects
  1. Hydraulic propulsion by reaction consists, in principle, in effecting a movement of boats, by sucking in water at the bow and forcing it out at the stern.

  2. The oar, the helix, and the paddle-wheel constitute at present the means of propulsion that are exclusively employed when one has recourse to a motive power for effecting the propulsion of a boat.

  3. The German attack was renewed on the following day, and still the Northern Army remained firm, but they succeeded in effecting a serious breech in the Army to the south, where the British had lately taken over from our French allies.

  4. The problem of effecting a crossing of the canal was a most serious and difficult one, and it had been arranged to send the men over on floating mats, as a good deal of water still remained in parts of the bed.

  5. There is little trouble in effecting this, but, at first, there is some difficulty in following the rounds as they fall, through a periscope, owing to its small field of vision.

  6. He was a loyalist too, but he did not think it right to assist with the troops under his command in effecting a change of Government, practically to take part in a rebellion while facing the common enemy.

  7. Economy had to be enforced, and General Owen's first instructions from the Government were to recommend ways and means of effecting reductions to meet the decrease in the military vote.

  8. Further, I suggested that if the South Australian Government carried out the proposed change it would assist them materially towards effecting a similar change in their own colonies.

  9. His friends succeeded in effecting his deliverance by means of various gifts to the tyrant, and he was reinstated In the west with more than his former power.

  10. Thou didst vanquish Yin, and put a stop to its cruelties;--Effecting the firm establishment of thy merit.

  11. Being demanded why they did not surprise the King's person, and draw him to the effecting of their purpose, sayeth that so many must have been acquainted with such an action as it would not have been kept secret.

  12. Much time was then occupied in negotiations, with the object of effecting a compromise with the merchants and traders of Dieppe, St. Malo, Rochelle, and Rouen.

  13. A considerable sum would certainly be necessary for effecting the first settlements.

  14. If you have any better plan than mine for effecting this purpose, in God's name bring it to the light and get it carried out quickly.

  15. An ugly old tub of a boat that will land a shipwrecked sailor safe on the beach is worth more to him than the finest yacht that ever left a slip-way incapable of effecting the same object.

  16. But we must not commence the counter- revolution until we are certain of effecting it.

  17. In the course of a few hours they succeeded in effecting what the others had pronounced to be impossible, and I crossed before the evening was over.

  18. This Pichegru exacted, but the Prince of Conde would not hear a word of it, wishing to have confined to himself the glory of effecting the counter-revolution.

  19. The table C traverses back and forth past the emery wheel, after the manner of an ordinary iron planing machine, the mechanical parts effecting this motion being placed within the bed upon which C slides.

  20. After this, the last hope of the Mohammedans was extinct; the Christian arms had finally triumphed, and Charlemagne divided Spain among those gallant followers who had aided him in effecting its conquest.

  21. For the rain, had it continued in a downpour similar to that at the time of the strange affair of an hour before, would undoubtedly have blotted out any tracks that the highwayman must have made in effecting his hasty departure.

  22. Among the acquaintances he then made was an enthusiastic projector of the name of Hall, who had taken out one patent for making hemp from bean-stalks, and contemplated taking out another for effecting spade tillage by steam.

  23. This he eventually succeeded in effecting by numerous experiments performed in the night; as his time was fully occupied by his office-duties during the day.

  24. In the late twilight they fell in with the destroyer on her return from her unsuccessful pursuit, the two small craft having succeeded in effecting their escape.

  25. That these auxiliary banks are effecting a great amount of good can well be believed.

  26. The Society was called by the whimsical title of "Tranquillity, or an institution for encouraging and enabling industrious and prudent individuals to provide for themselves, and thus effecting the gradual abolition of the Poor's Rate.

  27. It must have been a broad way to admit of some two million frightened people with wives and children effecting a crossing in the short hours of part of one night.

  28. He knows himself to be God's instrument for effecting His covenant promises.

  29. Its noble and simple style, added to the touching effect of the music, which quite carries one away, did much towards effecting a favourable change in my taste, till then warped by my connection with the theatre.

  30. Highly gifted as Marschner was, there can be no doubt that the decline of his genius was due partly to a tendency which even in the ageing master himself, as he frankly admitted, was effecting an important and most salutary change.

  31. Urgent as her reasons now were for effecting her departure without a moment's loss of time, she advanced, with the strangest inconsistency, a few steps toward the nursery door.

  32. The right of a medical man to recover his charges for professional services does not depend upon his effecting a cure, or on his services being successful, unless there is a special agreement to that effect.

  33. Cardinal Pole was appointed legate with full powers, and was entrusted also with the work of effecting a reconciliation between the Emperor and Henry II.

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