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  1. I would think by far the most used one is to arrive at the airport in Moscow.

  2. It was suggested to us that the chief of police was out at the airport and did not get back, and found them in there when he got back at 3 o'clock.

  3. Mr. Rankin will ask you a few questions, just from the time you left the airport until the time you started for the hospital.

  4. When the President's car leaves the airport or a railroad station or any other location, the agents accompany him to the car and stand to the right and left, in the same order as their designated positions on the followup car, and screen him.

  5. It is a point of departure for the Soviet Union, and you could come in and land at the Moscow airport from Helsinki.

  6. He hasn't been at the airport all day," Bruce explained.

  7. I have to get them to the airport above Marchton so my mechanic and his helper can assemble the motor in time for the races.

  8. I'm needed at the airport and I'm staying at Miss Howard's home while I am in Marchton.

  9. It was their intention to see why she had not appeared at the airport and also to discover if she knew where Brent Stockton was.

  10. I realize that, but look here, couldn't you say I was unhurt and you took me to a railroad station or an airport and I've gone away?

  11. Finally he sighed and admitted it would be best if he did go to the airport to supervise personally the installation of the new motor.

  12. The very next day when she had gone with Phyllis to the airport to talk over the previous excitement he had acted as though they had never said a word.

  13. He is to go to the hangar at the airport and start work on the Silver Arrow, that is my racing plane," he explained.

  14. But how would you get it to the airport from the island?

  15. But he said he didn't want to go to the airport until the day of the races," Gale said petulantly.

  16. Bruce and Gale were frequent visitors at the airport as were all the Adventure Girls.

  17. Of course I know the airport made the inspection.

  18. Soon after breakfast the following day, which was bright and sunshiny, Linda and Louise returned to the airport and took off into the bright blue sky.

  19. At the arrival of the plane several of the men employed at the airport rushed out and greeted Linda Carlton, for they knew her well, from flying her Pursuit over Spring City, and coming there for supplies and inspection.

  20. But remember what Ted said, about inquiring at the Montreal airport for a landing place.

  21. At last they came to Philadelphia, and flew straight to the airport at the southern end of the city, and landed in safety.

  22. Safe and sound she brought the autogiro down on the airport before four o'clock in the afternoon.

  23. I walked with the chief dispatcher into the airport waitingroom, dull with the listless air, not of unoccupancy, but disuse.

  24. At the end of it there was no garrulous chief dispatcher, for the airport was completely deserted, and I was thankful for an ample stock of gas for the return flight.

  25. I wonder you bother to keep the airport open at all.

  26. Over one million visitors come to the island each year with most arriving through the Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten.

  27. Although the atmosphere at Cleveland was only beginning to grow foggy, before Jimmy had risen a hundred feet in the air the bright lights of the airport began to be blurred.

  28. As he traveled onward, Jimmy knew, the signal would grow fainter and fainter, for during the first half of the flight to Bellefonte he would be guided by the signals from the airport he had just left.

  29. But I suspect he came back to Hadley Airport on a train, and is probably at his home in Plainfield.

  30. Hardly had Jimmy left the ground at the Cleveland Airport before Beverly Graham hurried into the radio room.

  31. Jimmy made the Cleveland Airport by three o'clock.

  32. A new and important airport was to be opened in central Pennsylvania.

  33. At the airport Jimmy hurried to the office of the weather forecaster.

  34. Pick him up and take him to the airport opening with you.

  35. To the airport as fast as you can make it," he said.

  36. But he had made his airport safely, though he felt sure he could not have flown much farther.

  37. All in all, Los Angeles International Airport appeared to be serviceable, but only just.

  38. Her movements are traced to Newark airport where she boards TWA jetliner, which is never seen again.

  39. The species was confined to the lowlands around Tawau, as at the Tawau Airport in the scrub growth.

  40. On September 16 one was sitting on the Tawau Airport runway.

  41. On September 15, one was sitting on the Tawau Airport runway.

  42. A most important subject, and one that had been worrying him not a little ever since they'd landed at the La Guardia Airport basin.

  43. So tomorrow at nine you will go to La Guardia Airport and board a TAT transport plane for San Francisco.

  44. The orders at Croydon Airport had been to deliver it in person to no one but the Secretary of State.

  45. We're due out at Croydon Airport in a little over an hour.

  46. A few minutes over an hour later the two youths climbed out of the taxi in front of the Croydon Airport Administration Building, parked their suitcases outside and went inside to report to Group Captain Bainsworth, R.

  47. It was not flown much but it made a fine conversation piece standing on the airport apron.

  48. We took off from the Detroit City Airport and when we crossed the Detroit river the pilot decided to land at the Solvay Coal Company docks and fuel up for the opening of the airline the next day.

  49. We dismantled the airplane and trucked it back to the airport where it sat in a state of neglect for some time.

  50. The airport was as neat and nice as I have seen.

  51. JUST SIGN ON THE LINE At the airport I ran into more trouble.

  52. And right there at the airport was a representative of one of those Heaven-sent U.

  53. Oliver went back to the airport and rented a car.

  54. The planes taking off from the airport below him looked puny.

  55. The ship dropped rapidly toward an airport just outside a fairly large city.

  56. At the airport the youths and Mr. Wallace were taken to a corner of the field, just off the cement runway.

  57. The youths' fathers had been to the airport the previous day, and so did not care to go again.

  58. They arrived at Jacksonville just as it was growing dusk, and flew over the city, now so familiar to them all, to the airport on its outskirts.

  59. Go to the airport and have the parts for the Ladybug put into a plane.

  60. About three o'clock that afternoon Linda suddenly remembered her promise to Mrs. Carter in regard to flying over the Okefenokee Swamp in search of Jackson, and she suggested to her father that they go to the airport immediately.

  61. The rain was abating somewhat, and the two planes made the return trip without any mishaps, arriving at the Jacksonville Airport before dark that evening.

  62. Delayed by a stop-over in Norfolk, Virginia, where Ted had some business for the company, he and Louise did not reach the Jacksonville Airport until the morning of July second.

  63. When Linda and Dot arrived at the airport they found the Ladybug in readiness for its second flight into the swamp.

  64. They'll be at the Jacksonville Airport tomorrow.

  65. Then I went back to Midway Airport and found to my disgust that the Chicago Airport did not have a bar.

  66. She'd meet me in the morning of the day-after-tomorrow, at Central Airport in Chicago.

  67. Michael Splendor, just arrived from the airport to take charge of operations, was laying down the law to the chief of the San Francisco operatives.

  68. The Scorpion spy who saw them at the airport say Don Winslow have a wound on the head jus' like yours.

  69. The taxi was leaving the airport now, but there was nothing in sight at the moment to show that this was the Orient.

  70. I'll have to fly to the airport and pick up Zircon in a little while.

  71. Then he had arranged for their baggage to be shipped and held at the airport in Hong Kong, and had taken a plane there himself.

  72. I never expected to find an airport on Hong Kong.

  73. No one at the airport had ever heard of him.

  74. It was dusk when they roared in through the gate at the Rockland County Airport and pulled up at the hangar office.

  75. Governor Perkins met them in person when they arrived at the Municipal Airport in Albany.

  76. When they landed at the Toronto Airport they were welcomed with open arms instead of with rifle fire as Bill had anticipated.

  77. My budget nearly doubles funding for a sustained strategy of homeland security, focused on four key areas: bioterrorism, emergency response, airport and border security, and improved intelligence.

  78. Airport construction through all the States is extremely active.

  79. State legislation, local airport regulations, and insurance requirements make such a license practically indispensable.

  80. The Municipal Airport was deserted, save for a small group of men waiting just outside the main lobby.

  81. We're going to the airport first, but after that I've got a hunch we'll go diamond prospecting somewhere east of Hudson Bay.

  82. No sooner were they committed than the radar on the commercial airport control-tower picked up air vehicles approaching from the north, and the air-raid sirens began howling and the searchlights went on.

  83. You'd pass the military airport and the power-plant, wouldn't you?

  84. Half a dozen aircars lifted suddenly from the airport and streaked away to the northeast.

  85. Port-Captain Leavitt has all the native labor at the airport and spaceport herded into a repair dock; he's keeping them covered with the forward 90-mm gun of the Northern Star.

  86. Call the military airport and have my command-car brought to Company House.

  87. There was still firing from the commercial airport and the smaller military airfield.

  88. Tell him to get those geeks Leavitt has penned in the repair-dock at the airport and use them to dig slit-trenches and fill sandbags and so on.

  89. He hitched a ride to the airport with Jarman, when he was here picking up air-crews.

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