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Example sentences for "cowled"

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  1. Again the Lord's Prayer was solemnly intoned, and noticing the freshness of the voices he opened his eyes, counted ten cowled monks around him; and the key they sang was B, the mode major.

  2. In an instant he had torn asunder the bonds which held him; he had dashed on either side the cowled alguazils who crowded round, and at a bound dashed through the doorway, down the passage whence the sound proceeded.

  3. Something was moving there near the mound of earth, a dark figure with a cowled head and a robe.

  4. But as the day had now broken and the roads had suddenly seemed to fill with people, some of whom stared at the dark, cowled figure, he turned to her with a smile.

  5. A hurried mutter of prayer sounded along the arches; cowled figures knelt in the stalls of the choir, and on the steps of the high altar a priest in pontifical vestments celebrated mass.

  6. Upon this fresh entrance, one of the cowled figures arose, and, coming down the steps which elevated the level of the choir above that of the nave, demanded from the leader of the four men what business brought him to the church.

  7. Cowled architects of the XIX century rebuilt their monastery.

  8. The effigy of the baron in armor is carried on the shoulders of eight black, cowled figures--a further development of the pleurant type of tomb.

  9. From the brain of some unknown cowled genius sprang this mâle and splendid conception, built in the very prime of Gothic.

  10. The height to which the wall shafts of the nave are carried indicates that the cowled architect had not purposed originally to cover his main span with a stone roof.

  11. Cowled figures called pleureurs are set in niches around each sarcophagus.

  12. The four Vickers guns cowled into the leading edge of the wing, two on each side of the nose, and yammered out their song of destruction.

  13. His four Vickers guns cowled into the wing spat flame and sound, and a German Henschel, in the act of banking off to twist back and charge downward, was caught square in the burst of bullets.

  14. This coming tempest, only heard as yet like the lulling of a whisper, was nevertheless sufficiently loud to spread terror and dismay among the cowled habitants of the monasteries.

  15. You heed but what your passion prompts," the cowled figure interposed sternly, "oblivious of that greater destiny that awaits you!

  16. The cowled figure now walked up to the central brazier, muttering words in a language his visitor could not understand.

  17. Beside him, with white and leering face, stood the dark cowled figure, and below him there seemed to stretch intricate galleries, strangled, interminable caves.

  18. And yet Tristan knew that cowled and muffled form.

  19. The cowled figure fixed his piercing eyes first upon Tristan then upon Hellayne.

  20. What you have seen--you have seen," the cowled form replied enigmatically.

  21. Grand Chamberlain queried eagerly, peering into the cowled and muffled face, from which two eyes sent their insane gleam into his own.

  22. At times his gaze stole towards a dimly lighted alcove wherein moved a dark cowled figure, its grotesque shadow reflected in distorted outlines upon the floor.

  23. You are about to embark upon an enterprise more perilous than any man now living has ever ventured upon," spoke the cowled form.

  24. Sent by the same relentless hand across the Styx," the cowled figure spoke, yet Basil knew not whether it was a question or a statement.

  25. How canst thou answer for thy negligence in suffering this cowled and canting vagabond to gain admittance here with his saws and parables, his crosiers and his writings?

  26. The monk was robed in a very wide flowing grey frock, and cowled over the eyes, while his thin and effeminate-looking beard trembled adown his breast with the fervency of his address.

  27. The soldier with his buckskin covered by Father Vincent's capote stepped out into the starlight and turned his cowled face toward the fort.

  28. The cowled soldier taxed his escort in the speed he made across that dark country separating camp and fortress.

  29. Nevertheless, Hiarandi stands up when his case is called, and does as the cowled man had said, for he demands of Einar what forfeiture he will name.

  30. Summer was come; Asdis sat out of doors by the spring combing flax, with Thurid cowled by her side.

  31. Nay," replied the cowled man, "now it is too late.

  32. Again he saw the prostrate figures, the kneeling ones farther back, the brown-cowled monk with arms upraised, and the face of agony on the cross.

  33. At their head walked a brown-cowled monk, holding aloft before him a small cross, attached by a chain to his waist.

  34. Until then the light of the lanthorn had revealed only a cloaked and cowled figure, a gloomy phantom which shook the heart of more than one with superstitious terror.

  35. Only when his cloaked and cowled figure once more entered the choir and quietly approached us did we rouse to a sense of outward things.

  36. Through the gloom, passing out of the quadrangle, we discerned a mysterious figure approaching: a cowled monk with silent footstep.

  37. Every room and court was filled with a crowd of cowled monks and mitred abbots.

  38. Monks and priests once looked down and saw pale, cowled faces reflected in the calm water; and perhaps as they drew it to the surface there came a vision of another well in a far-off land and a certain woman of Samaria.

  39. Back of the gun stood a figure cowled in white.

  40. Mr. Dunbar beckoned to the cowled form who, rosary in hand, paced the terrace, and the two laid the dying man back on his pallet of straw.

  41. He rose from his knees as Paolina approached him, and gravely bent his cowled head to her in salutation.

  42. By some still close-cowled mystery We have reached feeling faster than he, But he will overtake us anon, If the world goes on.

  43. A cowled Apparition Came pushing between; And her notes seemed to sigh, And the lights to burn pale, As a spell numbed the scene.

  44. There you may see the smith and carpenter, the butcher's wife, the country priest, and the grey cowled friar.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cowled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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