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Example sentences for "discerned"

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disce; discere; discern; discernable; discerne; discerner; discerneth; discernible; discernibly; discerning
  1. This singular institution was gradually discerned to be charged with lofty meaning and to be capable of being turned into a dim shadowing of something greater than itself.

  2. What the prophecy was discerned to point to by its utterer or his contemporaries, is one thing; quite another is what God meant by it.

  3. Life, if it is as Christ meant it to be, is a journey in the sense that it is a continuous effort, not unsuccessful, toward a clearly discerned goal, our eternal home.

  4. Higher still are large patches of evergreen wood, and, as soon as the mountain is approached, a brown circle of barren eminences may be discerned toward the horizon.

  5. I pursed my lips, for I discerned his meaning.

  6. Of a sudden, I discerned before me something.

  7. But I discerned his intention, therefore I passed on with affected indignation and without answering.

  8. Then, as she approached me, I discerned that she was the girl O'Hara.

  9. He discerned Kate in white--it was the first time she had laid off her mourning--and with a chain of her mother's about her neck.

  10. In spite of the fact that he laughed, she knew he was quite in earnest, and she wondered why he hadn't discerned her compliant mood from her intonations.

  11. The rattling of china and silver might be discerned in the ancient dining-room, at morn and night.

  12. Through a vista on the deck I discerned Miss Lamarque, sitting quietly with her youngest nursling in her arms, beside her brother.

  13. The specific features of this organic, divinely inspired architecture of the Golden Age cannot of course be discerned by any one, any more than the manner in which the Great Mystery will present itself anew to consciousness.

  14. Still, I admired her eyes, though I discerned no more fireflies in her glance.

  15. His furrowed forehead was clear as rutted snow in the serene of sunlight as he appeared then; and through all the sternness with which he spoke I discerned the gentleness of art's impression.

  16. The first time I took a peep I discerned my own violin, carefully enough housed, but quite above my reach.

  17. As he reclined on the window-seat, he discerned farther down a faint flare of artificial light.

  18. Lapsed in the delight of his fool's paradise, Baynell discerned naught of the truth.

  19. As he rose, with "the ladies" affectionately clinging about him, and bowed low in the moment of introduction, his searching eyes discerned every minute detail.

  20. In the Distance she discerned a Shepherd, playing upon his pipe for the dancing of his favorite Goat.

  21. The omnivorous Goat delivered the Shepherd from his chains with his strong teeth and they all returned to the Distance, where they still dwell in more-than-perfect bliss and may be discerned through an ivory telescope any fine afternoon.

  22. The contour of the snow-cap not only appeared indented, as if by valleys and promontories, but brilliant points were discerned outside the white area, attributed to isolated snow-peaks.

  23. The same object was discerned by Mr. Lassell on the 18th.

  24. The brownish stripes and streaks, discerned on his rose-tinged disc, and judged to be permanent, were made the basis of a chart.

  25. More distinctly by the brothers Henry, with the aid of their fine refractor, two gray parallel rulings, separated by a brilliant zone, were discerned every clear night at Paris from January to June, 1884.

  26. Notwithstanding unfavourable weather, the "red flames" were perceived with little less clearness and no less amazement from the Superga than at Pavia, and were even discerned by Mr. Airy with the naked eye.

  27. A week later, however, one similar object was discerned by Mr. W.

  28. On January 27, this mysterious object could barely be discerned telescopically at Cordoba.

  29. The signs were slight, too slight for him to have recognized them as yet; but Sally's curious, pitiless eyes had discerned them.

  30. She had discerned and disapproved, and she had resolved that no squeamish delicacy should keep her from preventing Beatrix's playing the part of a prude.

  31. He discerned the Count's intention and would have averted its fulfilment if possible.

  32. Dimly through the double glass she had discerned the green and gold of the Guard on the swaying figure before it dropped away for ever into the night.

  33. The lower part of the face was covered by a long but sparse moustache, through which at times could be discerned that terrible protrusion of the upper lip that seems the herald of senility.

  34. Without prejudice and without bias, he discerned intuitively the identity of the laws of nature with those of which humanity is conscious; so that his mind was like a mirror, in which the universe, as it reflected itself, revealed her laws.

  35. Hast thou discerned also the causes why this is so?

  36. In thy own case, wouldst thou ever have been induced by all these perils to think of sharing office with Decoratus, since thou hast discerned in him the spirit of a rascally parasite and informer?

  37. Her bosom was so artfully draped, as to let itself be discerned without seeming to intend it.

  38. A dog kept watch at the drawbridge; and except the dog and the wife, not a soul was to be discerned about the place.

  39. By degrees he knew the place; and looking round about him, and preparing to remount his horse, he discerned a knight and a lady in the distance.

  40. But he was wise enough to respect their valour; and with Satan's help he discerned the likeliest way to counteract it.

  41. The man answered her briefly, but to the purpose; and she discerned at once that both must be innocent.

  42. He appears to have discerned in Pitt's proposals the germ of an attempt to extract revenue from Ireland, identical in purpose, principle, and probable effect with the ever-memorable attempt to extract revenue from the American colonies.

  43. Half-way up the incline there stood at one time a lone cedar-tree, and at its foot there might have been discerned a flat, soft mound.

  44. Its overhanging sides were all but inaccessible, and from the level summit could be discerned all the landmarks of the Bad Lands in a circuit of seventy-five miles.

  45. This is discerned merely by repeating the grounds of these.

  46. His influence is easily discerned in the sentiments of those whose scholarly nurture has brought them within the fascination of his genius.

  47. For this he was prepared by training at the bar, the influence of which may be discerned in some of his writings.

  48. It seems to suggest that Mary thus discerned the outcome for Jesus of the coming crisis, and more, its great significance.

  49. But his keenly logical mind discerned flaws in their impassioned and carefully worked out arguments.

  50. It was getting on for five o'clock when the boats were discerned returning.

  51. And Lord Hartledon, casting his eyes some considerable distance ahead, discerned the indistinct forms of two persons talking together.

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