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Example sentences for "coworkers"

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  1. The list of towns and cities in which negroes became coworkers with white persons in harboring and concealing runaways is a long one.

  2. But this, dear friends and coworkers in a noble cause, was not just a hard, money-grinding proposition.

  3. Edward O'Sullivan Addicks there is nothing that remotely suggests coworkers of the types of Mr. Rogers and William Rockefeller.

  4. These coworkers of his are of different grades; some have a super-abundance of cash; others a desire to get it--in common are their lack of principle and dearth of brains.

  5. In this as in all else pertaining to natural and spiritual life, we must be coworkers with God.

  6. In all of man's labor pertaining to providing for the support and comfort of his body, "we are coworkers with God.

  7. As Paul puts it, we are coworkers with God, and so must we ever be.

  8. Are you not willing to be coworkers with others for the Lord?

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