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Example sentences for "decisively"

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decipherment; decir; decision; decisions; decisive; decisiveness; deck; decke; decked; deckedst
  1. The poetic genius already discernible in the first volume of Poetical Sketches is here more decisively expressed, and some of the songs in this volume deserve to take rank with the best things of their kind in our literature.

  2. Henry, and fleeing westward was again decisively defeated on the Mississippi at the mouth of the Bad Axe river (on the 1st and 2nd of August) by General Henry Atkinson.

  3. The week before the time arrived for the minister to announce the decision of the cabinet, it became clear that public opinion in the great English centres would run decisively for non-intervention.

  4. It is easy to see some at any rate of the influences that were bringing Mr. Gladstone decisively into harmony with the movement of liberal opinions, now gradually spreading over Great Britain.

  5. Nothing can more decisively show than this the wonderful progress which the Reformation in so short a time had made.

  6. She then gave her approbation so decisively as to silence all debate.

  7. After a long series of marches and combinations a general engagement ensued, in which the Austrian party, under Marlborough and Eugene, were decisively triumphant.

  8. The opposite direction appears to me as far more decisively a part of religion and of its incomparable force: for we thus find in religion precisely that ideal power, which makes it the duty of man to win his own salvation.

  9. The former referred the proposals to Grey, who of course decisively refused them.

  10. Under normal conditions "we" are unaware of these; entities and intelligences--it is only when they rebel that they come decisively to our notice.

  11. It is in the Metazoa generally, and those forms of life which consist of co-operative colonies of cells, that sex-differentiation into male and female begins to decisively assert itself.

  12. They both liked and admired Harney, and if he could be decisively separated from his Secession environment, he could be of the greatest possible value.

  13. The action of the Milvian Bridge, fought in 312, by which Constantine established himself at Rome, was probably the point whence nature began to discriminate decisively against the vested interest of Western Europe.

  14. Democracy in America has conspicuously and decisively failed, in the collective administration of the common public property.

  15. Another way in which we scored decisively in this phase of the action was through solving the reply to your night recognition signal, or at least a part of it.

  16. In the districts in which there were contests the Government also won decisively a few days later, as it did likewise in the senatorial elections of May 15.

  17. Mr. Gladstone at once dissolved Parliament and appealed to the country in a new election, with the result that he was decisively defeated.

  18. Bismarck had succeeded in humbling Austria and reducing its importance among the great Powers of Europe, and had expanded Prussia alike on the north and south and made it decisively the ruling nation in Central Europe.

  19. For mere harbor defence, fortifications are decisively superior to ships, except where peculiar local conditions are found.

  20. From it nothing could be decisively inferred.

  21. Gall had stated decisively that the sexual desires of men are stronger and more imperious than those of women.

  22. Cherry, I should put that objection forward decisively if she were a younger one, for whom I am bound to judge; but she is only a year younger than I am, and has seen more of the world.

  23. In a few instances both the clinical history and the anatomical appearances speak decisively for the development of cancer in a simple gastric ulcer;[33] and the establishment of this fact is of clinical importance.

  24. His arguments were specious, inconclusive, and inaccurate, the weight both of facts and authority being decisively against his view.

  25. In any case it was highly courageous in her to put marriage away as decisively as if it were a crime.

  26. That is all wrong," he decisively replied.

  27. You have nothing to reproach yourself for, and you would better let him pass entirely out of your life, and be glad the wrench is over," he decisively replied.

  28. America is again a vigorous leader of the free world, a nation that acts decisively and firmly in the furtherance of her principles and vital interests.

  29. Our forces on the Eastern Front were far too weak, and even the genius of a Hindenburg could not decisively defeat the masses of the Grand Duke Nicolas without reinforcements.

  30. An attack was made by the Germans on Messines about this time, but was decisively repulsed.

  31. With these must be mentioned the Act of 1911 which constitutionally and decisively established the ascendancy of the popular House over the Peers.

  32. With the crushing of the Peasants' revolt and the decisively anti-popular attitude taken up by Luther, the religious movement associated with him ceased any longer to have a revolutionary character.

  33. Serbia's cup of bitterness was filled to overflowing on September 19, when a powerful Austro-German force struck again at that gallant army which but a few months before so decisively punished the Austrians.

  34. The Church is not at all solely Christ's work, she is the collective work of many and many millions who, in the name of Christ, decisively took part in this mystic race of earthly life.

  35. And men are too weak to take their part decisively in one or other fighting camp.

  36. The one lesson that remained for us to teach the political theorists of the Old World was, that we are as strong to suppress intestine disorder as foreign aggression, and we must teach it decisively and thoroughly.

  37. A decisively national and patriotic policy is all that can prevent excited men from involving themselves so deeply that they will find "returning as tedious as go o'er," and be more afraid of cowardice than of consequences.

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