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Example sentences for "elicited"

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elfe; elfin; elfish; eli; elicit; eliciting; elicits; elided; eligibility; eligible
  1. The flame was sometimes elicited by the friction of two pieces of oak, as appears from the following description.

  2. But if the life of the oak was conceived to be in the mistletoe, the mistletoe must on that view have contained the seed or germ of the fire which was elicited by friction from the wood of the oak.

  3. Further inquiry had elicited the fact that the men he had gone off with were from the Glendora.

  4. It is satisfactory to have elicited this further proof of the general accuracy of the great traveller's account of his journey through Central Asia.

  5. No approximation to the name of Erguiul in an appropriate position has yet been elicited from Chinese or other Oriental sources.

  6. An inquiry of the porter elicited the fact that nobody had been asking for Mr. Russell, so that they were fain to wait in the smoking-room.

  7. I found out in Oldborough that you had come here with Mr. Vardon, and then I elicited the fact that you were somewhere about the circus.

  8. In spite of her many self-satisfied smiles, gentle head-noddings and knowing side-glances, it elicited nothing but a hearty peal of laughter.

  9. Subsequent investigation and examination elicited that the boatman had agreed to deliver the parcel personally to Herr K.

  10. A first venture would probably have elicited German as the answer.

  11. Not but that assent is always unconditional or absolute; still, its material, when real, is so much more vividly apprehended that the assent elicited is much more energetic and operative.

  12. All the discourses had been taken down and written out by stenographers, with an accuracy which astonished and elicited the commendation of such bishops as examined the report of their own speeches.

  13. Frightened and alone, with only his nose poking out of the burrow beneath the trash of the wastebasket, he blinked back at the silent camera through which Bessie observed him, and elicited from her a murmur of pity.

  14. His attainments were far above his age, and often elicited the admiration of the Rahans.

  15. The fame of the wonders he had performed increased his reputation, and elicited from the people fresh tokens of respect and veneration.

  16. The homogenous colour of his skin elicited no sympathy from these female fiends.

  17. All was new and grand to the couple, but the sight of the endless line of handshakers elicited the genuine sympathy of the old woman for the First Lady of the Land.

  18. Here is a fragment of the information elicited by the lawyer's advice that the witness give an account of the disaster in his own words.

  19. Our barristers immediately began to cross-examine, but elicited nothing of any importance.

  20. If this be so, success at the latter, had it been achieved, would quickly have elicited proof of the fact.

  21. Dinner was announced in the usual way--that is, with the sound of music played by the electric instrument devoted to that purpose, a performance which elicited much admiration from all the guests.

  22. For this reason-that all the moods of the fourth figure can be elicited out of premisses in which the terms stand in the order of the first, whereas the converse is not the case.

  23. From E and 1 inferences may be elicited as follows-- (E) No A is B.

  24. I recollected the mystery, together with the fact that had been elicited regarding the tenancy of the house, and felt convinced that her visit was not without some strong incentive.

  25. I thought daily, hourly, only of her, refusing always to suspect her, and endeavouring to convince myself that the truths I had elicited had no foundation in fact.

  26. Over and over again had he proved himself a very brilliant pressman and had startled London by the "latest details" he had elicited where the police had failed.

  27. Many more questions Patterson put to the old lady, but elicited no noteworthy fact, except that two large, heavy trunks had been sent away by Parcels Delivery a couple of days before.

  28. This last question, I grant, is sometimes elicited by the principle of sympathy; but let men be once enlightened, and it will be called forth by Self-interest.

  29. She was so unusually roused, that I was glad to compound for an affectionate hug, elicited by this revival in her mind of our old injuries, and to make the best I could of it, before Mr. Spenlow and the clerks.

  30. It might have elicited from another man a protest of its beauty.

  31. Looking keenly into the mountaineer's half-averted, angry, excited face, he could not for his life discern how its expression might comport with the tenor of the casual conversation which had elicited it.

  32. But the information which had so far been elicited was hardly more than the bare circumstance which the body presented,--a man had ridden here, a stranger, and he was dead.

  33. A sudden frown upon the face of the elder officer, added to the perfect ingenuousness of Faulkner's speech, satisfied Brant that he had not only elicited the truth, but that Miss Faulkner had been successful.

  34. It elicited much conversation, and excited a lively interest.

  35. Farther inquiries elicited the information that she was the mistress of a banker, whose carriage she employed to create an effect, and whose life it is very fortunate she did not insure.

  36. Mrs. Undercliff pondered over the facts that had been elicited in this conversation; the expert remained absorbed in the advertisements at the back of Helen's reports.

  37. But this examination elicited nothing new, inasmuch as the skipper had the tale only at third hand.

  38. Then came the Dutchman's tale, and the discussion, which ended adversely to their views; and this elicited the circular we have now the honor to lay before our readers.

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