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Example sentences for "decker"

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decisiveness; deck; decke; decked; deckedst; deckers; deckhand; deckhands; deckhouse; decking
  1. Then came the Turret, and then the Trunk; and last, the Single Decker on the "three-deck rule.

  2. The Hartlepool Well-decker became the object of hostility.

  3. A double-decker sea-pie was not only a favourite mess, but was considered even a luxury at that time, and most sailor-boys could cook it.

  4. This evidently suggests the idea that one three-decker was better than two seventy-fours, conditions being similar.

  5. If Decker had recorded the notices both he and Shorty would have become rich through the sale of those claims.

  6. But Decker was found with a hole in his back, his spine severed.

  7. He made several locations, erected his monuments, returned to Ballarat and gave them to Decker to be recorded.

  8. A Child Labor Committee is preparing to attack the slum in its centre, as we stopped the advance guard when we made the double-decker unprofitable.

  9. The double-decker is doomed, and the twenty-five-foot lot has had its day.

  10. Upon the disease maps the scourge of tuberculosis lay like a black pall over the double-decker districts.

  11. This double-decker was thus described by the Tenement House Commission of 1894: "It is the one hopeless form of tenement construction.

  12. The double-decker has had its day, and it is over.

  13. It has been beaten in many battles; even to the double-decker tenement on the twenty-five-foot lot have we put a stop.

  14. It was hinted that even the secure reputation of Mrs. Decker could no longer protect her from the gossip which his presence excited.

  15. Mrs Decker closed and bolted the door, and then, putting her hand to her bosom, drew out the pain.

  16. Mrs. Decker did not think it was prudent.

  17. Mr. Decker instantly stepped round to the front of the vehicle.

  18. But Mrs. Decker forgave him with that graciousness which I have before pointed out in these pages.

  19. Mrs. Decker was glad he had spoken about it.

  20. Mrs. Decker raised her surprised, innocent eyes to his.

  21. Mr. Decker could not resist the petitionary grace of those white hands and that sensitive mouth, and took her to his arms.

  22. If Mr. Decker had remembered to close and bolt the shutter before he went out, he might have saved her this.

  23. Mrs. Decker rose to her feet with a little cry of alarm.

  24. Nevertheless, the next morning Mrs. Decker betrayed some slight and apparently uncalled for irritability on reaching the Plaza, and presently desired her husband to wheel her back home.

  25. There was such a genuine irritability and force in this remark, that Mr. Decker was quite overcome by remorse.

  26. Mrs. Decker ran her fingers through his stiff black hair, and couldn't imagine.

  27. I wouldn't if I was you," said Mr. Decker with a sigh of relief.

  28. A fine three-decker launched at Chatham was named the "Loyal London," in compliment to the exertions of the City, and work was pushed on so rapidly that she was soon ready for commission.

  29. With his old three-decker he boldly rammed the "Re di Portogallo.

  30. The great three-decker battleships, the smart sailing frigates, were the main strength of navies.

  31. The day, by the way, that the Julia Decker and party arrived at Rigolette according to plans, expecting to find the whole Grand River party, and instead found only Young and Smith, who had been waiting there about a week.

  32. With a great feeling of relief, Decker escaped from the rising turmoil of the convention hall into the relative quiet of the anteroom where MacCulloch waited with the Reintegrator.

  33. Decker began to wheel the platform which held the Reintegrator toward the door.

  34. The Colonel was a strong man and both Decker and MacCulloch were older than he.

  35. I suppose," Decker said quietly, "that we should consider ourselves lucky that he didn't decide to go back to Pennsylvania.

  36. MacCulloch turned to stare at the platform and Decker turned to follow his gaze.

  37. Thank goodness, Decker thought, I don't believe the poor man could have stood it much longer.

  38. Taking them by surprise, Decker managed to gain control long enough to explain what was about to happen.

  39. Decker watched the Colonel's face, saw it changed from puzzlement to painful boredom as word after word floated from the battery of speakers overhead.

  40. By the time Clark Decker reached the platform to explain the demonstration, the fight for the microphone had turned into a three-way struggle.

  41. Still under the influence of the convention, Decker found himself shouting.

  42. Decker had a premonition of trouble as Mrs. Hayes' words poured forth.

  43. Decker looked wildly about for a way of escape from the convention auditorium.

  44. Clark Decker had been edging his way toward the side of the auditorium where the Men's Auxiliary of the Daughters had their seats but he turned back at the mention of the surprise.

  45. De Roos’ personal narrative, just published, that the Ohio is a two-decker of 102 guns.

  46. It is to be supposed, therefore, that the three-decker of 135 guns, called the Pennsylvania by the latter, is the ship alluded to by the former.

  47. The Princess Royal always fraternised with the French liner, the Austerlitz, a very fine screw 2-decker of 90 guns.

  48. A 3-decker in a gale of wind was rather a curious being.

  49. In this play our author took in Mr. Thomas Decker for a partner; the story may be met with in the Martyrologies, which have treated of the tenth persecution in the time of Dioclesian, and Maximian.

  50. A sailor of the Armada would soon have felt at home in a three-decker of 1815.

  51. The first three-decker in the English navy was launched in the year of Blake's death, 1657.

  52. The method doesn't much matter," commented Briggs dryly, as he and Decker worked over their man.

  53. At last, however, he induced Decker and Briggs to represent him.

  54. Lucy Decker Seely, the first wife in Plurality.

  55. Lucy Decker is still one of the favorite wives.

  56. Lucy Decker has brown hair, dark eyes, small features, a fair skin, and of short stature; but quite en bon point.

  57. Lucy Decker was married to Isaac Seely, and had two children.

  58. Decker was admitted to write in conjunction with Webster, Ford, Brome, and even Massinger; and though he was only employed to fill up the inferior scenes, he certainly displays some theatrical talent.

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