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Example sentences for "ambuscade"

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  1. The plan was for Temujin and all his troops to withdraw from the camp and conceal themselves in a place of ambuscade near by.

  2. In an instant the men who had been placed in ambuscade in the barrels burst forth from their concealment and rushed upon the guests at the feast.

  3. He then marshaled all his men, excepting the small guard that he was going to leave behind until evening, and led them off to the ambuscade which he had chosen for them.

  4. On arriving at the defile of Lowaige, they are attacked and massacred by the barbarians, who had placed themselves in an ambuscade in the woods.

  5. A few soldiers soon arrive to inform Crassus that they are all who have been able to escape from an ambuscade into which his vanguard has fallen, and that the whole Parthian army is on its march to encounter him.

  6. Next day he kept his word, for meeting an ambuscade of Spaniards, he attacked them with such fury that few remained to tell the tale.

  7. He placed ambuscade parties with cannon to harass them on their march.

  8. The governor, however, knew of their approach, and had placed an ambuscade to cut them off behind, while he should attack them in front.

  9. Being come three leagues on his way, they met with a troop of Spaniards, who lay in ambuscade for their coming; these they set upon with all the courage possible, and at last totally defeated.

  10. Two French divisions were promptly despatched to make use of that advantage, while at the same time an ambuscade was laid among the pollard willows which lined the ditches beyond the retreating Austrians.

  11. At an opportune moment the ambuscade unmasked, and by a terrible fire drove three thousand of the Croatian recruits into the marsh, where most of them were drowned or shot.

  12. She pictured in her imagination the army of the Cavaliers, under Bacon, struggling in the murderous ambuscade of the concentrated savage tribes in front, and mercilessly cut down by their own countrymen in the rear.

  13. It was doubtless only their intention to harass the outskirts of the army, and then, by retreating, draw their pursuers within reach of the ambuscade stationed behind the breastwork.

  14. For my Part, when I behold a fashionable Table set out in all its Magnificence, I fancy that I see Gouts and Dropsies, Feavers and Lethargies, with other innumerable Distempers lying in Ambuscade among the Dishes.

  15. He was getting out timber to be floated down the river on the spring rise when word came to him of an ambuscade that made him the head of his immediate clan and the upholder of his family's honor.

  16. So, a full hour before the time, they came slipping around the mouth of the slough and made for a natural ambuscade which the mixed breed had left within a stone's jerk of his cabin to his own undoing.

  17. He therefore laid a snare for the rash Minucius, who accordingly plunged headlong into it; and engaged the enemy on an eminence, in which an ambuscade was concealed.

  18. An ambuscade is often safer in a smooth open country, but full of thickets, as this was, than in woods, because such a spot is less apt to be suspected.

  19. The soldiers in ambuscade sallying out at a proper time, rushed on a sudden upon their rear, and completed the overthrow.

  20. Could it be that the gang only started from the place of Cramer's ambuscade as though to go to the Pass and then veered around again and covered that trail, and for some reason have been expecting the paymaster that way after all?

  21. We all knew that it implied we had better beware of vengeance, but the natives, confident in us, had not hesitated to advance; nevertheless the ambuscade was a great shock to them.

  22. Just before reaching the ambuscade we had passed a slaughtered goat, that had been laid across the path, around which had been placed a score or so of yellow tomato-like fruit, the product of a very common bush.

  23. And this is all that I myself witnessed of that shameful ambuscade and murderous combat, fought some two miles north of the dirty camp, and now known as the Battle of Oriskany.

  24. Now comes Spencer, my Oneida, mit a pelt, who svears to me dot Brant und Butler an ambuscade haff made for me.

  25. Tis the proper shpot f'r to ambuscade us," observed Murphy, craning his neck and standing on tiptoe to see ahead.

  26. From his voice, however, I discovered it to be Alaykin, who had separated himself from the rest, and was riding about to take a survey, and see whether any ambuscade were lurking thereabouts.

  27. But this ambuscade was discovered by one of the Abipones, and destroyed by the rest, who rushed upon them in one company.

  28. Pachieke, pertinaciously hostile to the Cordobans, was at length slain in an ambuscade in the country, and his death was a fresh occasion for hostile excursions against the Spaniards.

  29. The Saxons had not been long in this their ambuscade when they heard a loud shouting of "A Taille-Bois!

  30. Once on the frozen surface of the big stream that flowed into the Arctic and their immediate peril of an ambuscade would be over.

  31. If they ran into an ambuscade she would at least be saved from the javelins.

  32. It was in endeavouring to assist assumed sufferers that our party fell into the ambuscade laid for them.

  33. The poor heathen females are employed in carrying powder and provisions from one ambuscade to another, and it is therefore necessary to search them.

  34. The planners of the ambuscade had been so certain that five men could easily make away with one boy that there had been no effort at disguise, and Will had recognized several of them.

  35. On such a mission the utmost vigilance was demanded at all times, and with an ambuscade ahead of him, he was alertness itself.

  36. The Whig version of the story was that the old robber Mac Ian had laid an ambuscade for the soldiers, that he had been caught in his own snare, and that he and some of his clan had fallen sword in hand.

  37. The next day a still larger ambuscade was laid, which, fortunately for the freebooters, was discovered and dispersed in time, the fleeing Spaniards leaving their horses behind.

  38. This was no less than to lay an ambuscade for the Inca and seize him in the face of his army, holding him as a hostage for the safety of the Christians.

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    Other words:
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