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Example sentences for "ambulant"

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ambry; ambulacra; ambulacral; ambulance; ambulances; ambulatories; ambulatory; ambuscade; ambuscaded; ambuscades
  1. The ambulant musician in Paris has to get a kind of licence from the prefecture of police, the outward sign of which is a brass badge, which he is bound to wear suspended from his button-hole.

  2. I performed every night, but in the open air, and some one took the hat round, just as if we had been a company of ambulant musicians to the manner born.

  3. Do thou inform me concerning an ambulant moving sepulchre whose inmate is alive.

  4. And from every direction rose the vehement street calls of ambulant venders of the necessaries of Neapolitan life.

  5. By the table which was destined to the Marchesino and Artois three ambulant musicians were hovering, holding in their broad and dirty hands two shabby mandolins and a guitar.

  6. There is another class of ambulant merchant who is a frequenter of this most animated of Tunis' native quarter.

  7. The ambulant method is useful in these cases (Fig.

  8. On this account they were called Periodic or Ambulant physicians, in opposition to the Asclepiadae, who prescribed only in the temples.

  9. Yet we have just seen that the test WAS thus used in the large number of cases "who formed the unselected material of an ambulant clinic" from another well-known hospital dispensary.

  10. Slim and tall in her trim mountain garb, she made the ornate Mrs. Shallum look like a piece of ambulant upholstery.

  11. For this train was truly an ambulant palace of luxury.

  12. Tents and ambulant coffee-houses were full of men equipped in their-anglice [p.

  13. Our next visit was to a sod-thatched hut, "At the sign of the Ambulant Artisans," where two or three soldiers were modelling and chiselling all kinds of trinkets from the aluminum of enemy shells.

  14. Etiology of Hemorrhoids, Pruritus Ani, Ischiorectal Abscess, and Fistula, and Their Cure by Ambulant Proctologic Methods.

  15. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "ambulant" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    ambulatory; going; itinerant; journeying; locomotive; mobile; moving; passing; pedestrian; peripatetic; progressing; strolling; touring; traveling; walking; wandering