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  1. A church recalling the Assisan Basilica may be vainly searched for in Germany or in Lombardy and this further fact inclines us to believe in the theory of M.

  2. The Basilica of San Francesco became the burial place, not only of some of the saint's immediate followers, but also of many distinguished personages.

  3. A building thus erected over a grave was called Porticulus, and any who pillaged "a house made in form of a basilica over a dead person" had to pay a fine.

  4. But the great Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli was the best the Umbrians could procure for the object they loved best after their Basilica in the town, and the famous architects of the day were called in to build it.

  5. But the principal group of people are seen outside an exquisite basilica of marble and mosaic, and each figure can be studied with pleasure as they have not been mutilated by the "restorer's" usual layers of thick paint.

  6. To-day, the ancient church of San Pietro di Castello comes first in the procession, and, with a proud humility, the Basilica San Marco last.

  7. The baldacchino of the same basilica is a signed work of the Florentine Arnolfo del Cambio, 1285, "cum suo socio Petro," probably a pupil of the Cosmati.

  8. At Rome at the entrance of the Vatican Basilica where appear in marble the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church you will see one single statue raised to a woman and bearing this inscription, "Mater Spiritualium"--Mother of Things Spiritual.

  9. As the great basilica was unfortunately finished in the after-time, no proper conception of this can be obtained from the plaza of St. Peter's.

  10. He brought word of the queen-mother's death and her interment beside King Pepin in the Basilica of Saint Denis.

  11. With all the solemn pomp of church and state they bore the dead queen through the budding woods to Metz, and there laid her to rest in the crypt of the great domchurch,--the Basilica of Saint Arnulf her forefather.

  12. On first entering one flies in thought to the Basilica of St. Peter’s.

  13. Every one knows that the basilica and convent of the Escurial were founded by Philip II.

  14. The main work on the basilica of the Sacred Heart is now completed and the bell tower surmounts it.

  15. The Great Bell of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre.

  16. The basilica of St Lawrence at Rome contained a library or archivum founded by Pope Damasus at the end of the 4th century.

  17. The building was finished in 1761, and closely resembles the basilica of Antoninus at Rome, now the Dogana.

  18. I forgot to say that the basilica was launched in the year 534.

  19. On Christmas-eve it was the habit of the Popes to celebrate a midnight mass in the great basilica of Sta.

  20. The barbarians conveyed both you and her to the basilica that you might find a place of safety or at least a tomb.

  21. It must be supposed that he stood high in the favour of the Church, and of Raymond the Bishop of Orvieto, the Pope's representative, or he would scarcely have been permitted to use the great basilica for such a purpose.

  22. When all the wealth came into his hands, when his devout mother retired to her nun's cell on the Aventine, close to the old basilica of S.

  23. The church in which Marcella and her young companion found shelter was the great basilica of St. Paul fuori le mura, beyond the Ostian gate.

  24. A little chapel, called the Chapel of the Crucifixion, stood there in the early ages, before any great basilica or splendid shrine was possible.

  25. We stopped on the way to see the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, building in most splendid style, in form of a basilica inside, but with a portico without.

  26. We went together this morning to the old basilica of St. Ambrose, where I said mass at the saint's tomb, in the crypt.

  27. The Coptic cathedral, dedicated to St Mark, is a modern building in the basilica style.

  28. At the basilica at Bethlehem the gable end was appropriately covered with a mosaic of the Nativity, also a work of the age of Justinian.

  29. The remains of an external mosaic of the 6th century exist on the west façade of the basilica at Parenzo.

  30. He looked at the basilica with glowing eyes, and pronounced sentence upon it.

  31. Yielding to curiosity, Pierre pushed a door open, and suddenly found himself inside the Basilica again, at nearly 200 feet from the ground.

  32. However, as she raised her eyes above the rock, she once more beheld the slender white Basilica profiled against the sky, its slight, tapering spire soaring into the azure of the Infinite like a prayer.

  33. And all the frightful void and chaos which he had felt that morning at the basilica of the Sacred Heart after his mass became yet deeper, henceforth unfathomable.

  34. How many millions of people must have already passed through this wretched shanty, which seemed to date from the innocent days when the foundations of the adjacent Basilica had scarcely been laid!

  35. And when on turning towards the window he caught sight of the basilica of the Sacred Heart, he could not explain what insanity had at one moment cone over him, and set him dreaming of idiotic and useless destruction.

  36. At that hour, however, when the multitude was thronging the Basilica above, the crypt had become quite deserted.

  37. Level with the ground the Basilica Julia, entirely mapped out, looks like an architect's ground plan.

  38. Then at about two o'clock they set off for the museum, skirting the basilica by way of the Piazza della Sagrestia.

  39. Then, as in Bernadette's cold, dark room, Pierre saw the Basilica rise before him, radiant in its triumph.

  40. And it was much like that; the gust passed, the basilica remained standing, the earth did not open to swallow it.

  41. The principal door of the Basilica stood wide open, and a red sheet of light from the setting sun was enfilading the nave from one to the other end.

  42. Some have thought to locate it upon that hill where the water brought from the near mountains by an aqueduct used to pour into immense reservoirs, and where to-day rises a new basilica which attracts all eyes out at sea.

  43. In front of the basilica is a wide rectangular court bordered with terraces; a portico at the far end; and in the middle four large fountains to water the walk.

  44. While Augustin was at Hippo, Valerius preached a sermon in the basilica in which, precisely, he deplored this lack of priests the community suffered from.

  45. They were Gothic tribunes who kept order outside the basilica where Ambrose had closed himself in with his people to withstand the order of the Empress Justina, who wished to hand over this church to the Arians.

  46. At the time Augustin was ordained priest, that is to say, when the Donatists had still a majority in the town, it seems clear that the orthodox community owned but one single church, the Basilica major, or Basilica of Peace.

  47. A third was built by Augustin during his episcopate--the Basilica of the Eight Martyrs of the White Mace.

  48. It is not Christendom, the Universal Church, or I know not what abstract listener he addresses, but the Africans, the people of Hippo, the parishioners of the Basilica of Peace.

  49. Behind the basilica is a convent where the Little Sisters of the Poor lodge about a hundred old people.

  50. Nevertheless, Augustin, preceded by his bishop, entered the basilica at the hour of service.

  51. They were praying for him in the churches at Hippo, and especially in the Basilica of Peace, where he had preached and worked for others so long.

  52. But the intoxication of the battle, the odor of carnage, the sight of the Frankish reinforcement that poured down from the ramparts and rushed toward the main door of the basilica crying: "Death!

  53. After which, sister," proceeded Guyrion, "they started to pillage the basilica and the abbey.

  54. The funeral cortege arrived at the entrance of the basilica and was received by one of the deacons.

  55. Large crowds of people filled the streets and pressed eagerly towards the basilica whose bells were pealing at their loudest.

  56. In the same locality is the basilica of Saint Salsa erected over her tomb.

  57. He had begun the excavation of a large building, perhaps a basilica or a curia, which appears to be about 40 metres long.

  58. It was now so dark in the body of the Basilica that Stradella could not possibly see any one there, especially as he was dazzled by the many candles that illuminated the upper end of the church.

  59. But the sun was not low yet, and the great bells were ringing to call the people into the Basilica for Vespers.

  60. The convent which King Ludwig has built for the Benedictines and which is joined to the Basilica by the crypt, is ready to receive the monks, but is not yet inhabited: the money has been all carried off by the wretched Lola Montes.

  61. From the Leuchtenberg Palace I then went to the Basilica and was struck by the beauty of the frescoes, the richness of the marble and with the perfection both of the materials and of the workmanship.

  62. The Basilica has not yet been consecrated.

  63. Church of St John Lateran at Rome, the Pope's cathedral church, on the site of the splendid palace or basilica of Plautius Lateranus (executed 66 A.

  64. The foundation walls of a basilica were discovered, and from the time when that was built until the present day the ground has always been devoted to public uses.

  65. The Basilica of St. Paul without the walls.

  66. He had a sort of model farm, known as the Albereto Nicolai, near the Basilica of St. Paul Without the Walls.

  67. There is no sound; there is not a living soul in the square where the phantom basilica still stands in majesty, where the wind blows cold and the sky is dark.

  68. The basilica of Rheims still keeps its place as if by miracle, but so riddled and rent it is, that it seems ready to collapse at the slightest shock.

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