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  1. They betook themselves, suddenly, to attendance in a body at public worship, taking early possession on the Sundays of the various cathedrals and parish churches, to the exclusion of the more regular attendants.

  2. We believe that most of our cathedrals and large public buildings are left without watchmen during the night, and we hope that the fate of the Royal Exchange will bring about a change in this respect.

  3. Such was the origin of the crypts found in profusion in France, not under cathedrals only, but under parish and monastic churches as well.

  4. Aleviso of Florence is unusually credited with the work upon the doors and lintels of the old churches within the palace, the porches of the Vossnesenski, Blagovieshchenski, and other Cathedrals within the Kremlin.

  5. There are other churches and chapels which are technically private chapels of the palace, as are also the Cathedrals of the Assumption and Annunciation, but these are dealt with elsewhere.

  6. Visit the cathedrals and monasteries of the Kremlin (Chs.

  7. Horses were stabled in the cathedrals and churches; Marshal Davoust slept in the sanctuary with sentinels on both sides of the "royal doors" of the ikonostas.

  8. The names of the maitres verriers of the cathedrals show that all through the time there were men who carried on the tradition, but their output seems to have been small.

  9. It will be remembered that William of Sens was the first architect of the choir of Canterbury, and it is not surprising to find the resemblance between the cathedrals at the two places very marked indeed.

  10. The walls of St. Paul's and other cathedrals were hung with placards aimed at the priests and friars, and the abuses of which they were the defenders; and in 1395 the friends of the Gospel petitioned parliament for a general reform.

  11. The Norman kings, desirous of strengthening their work, constructed Gothic cathedrals in the room of wooden churches, in which they installed their soldier-bishops, as if they were strong fortresses.

  12. We cannot all build cathedrals to the glory of God, but it is in the power of every true artist to raise a shrine--perhaps it is only a humble one of lath and plaster, but it is still a sacred place if one puts one's heart into it.

  13. The cathedrals of Reims, of Paris, of Laon, and many more, were to have had spires rising from their towers; and where are they?

  14. You will have one of the finest cathedrals in the world, monasteries such as you love, and as for books, your library is so well furnished that I can hardly think that you can add to it by wandering along the quays.

  15. Indeed, in most cathedrals this symbol is emphasized by a representation of the Last Judgment placed above the entrance.

  16. Overhead the enormous curve of the vaulting hung heavy, and so low that a man could touch it by stretching an arm; it was as black as the mouth of a chimney, and scorched by the fires that had consumed the cathedrals built above it.

  17. Some writers assert that, in MediƦval times, the interiors of cathedrals were always painted.

  18. Now behind this altar we find the apse, assuming in most cathedrals the form of a semicircle.

  19. The era of the great cathedrals ended in the production of this exquisite abortion, which was in its way a masterpiece, a gem of prettiness, of ingenuity, of tormented and coquettish taste.

  20. The two towers at Amiens, built, like those of the Cathedrals at Rouen and at Bourges, at different periods, do not match.

  21. If the orienting of the faces of the pyramids had been effected in some such way as the orienting of most of our cathedrals and churches--i.

  22. Take theology from the world, and the churches can be schools, and the cathedrals universities.

  23. The country was covered with convents, and monasteries, and churches, and cathedrals filled with monks and nuns.

  24. In both Melbourne and Sydney their cathedrals are of grand proportions.

  25. The Anglicans have small cathedrals at Sydney and Adelaide; but, in spite of their including a majority of the wealthiest individuals in the colonies, they find a great difficulty in raising money for building purposes.

  26. We walked upon the shady path that leads from rectory to church, under green arches of leafage, in the real dim religious light which grand cathedrals only imitate.

  27. We are able to trace the existence of a "scholasticus" in connection with the English cathedrals from an early date.

  28. It was under the stimulus of this interest in dialectic that certain schools connected with cathedrals or monasteries became famous in the later eleventh century and the beginning of the twelfth.

  29. Some of the existing secular cathedrals and collegiate churches were made monastic, and, in addition, there was a great increase in the number of monasteries.

  30. Here one has a chance to learn something of the Greek Church with its splendid cathedrals, rivaling the cathedrals of the Roman Catholic Church.

  31. Next to the Vatican and the cathedrals in interest are the ruins of ancient Rome.

  32. Poems of this kind were popular in the Middle Ages when the cathedrals of every Christian country served as its theatres.

  33. A bishop with whom I once roamed the English cathedrals confessed to me his sincere belief that in the days of the inquisition the gridiron would have been my rightful portion.

  34. Observe, it is not now the question whether our Northern cathedrals are better with color or without.

  35. Into some of the cathedrals native women crept for prayer.

  36. The number of cathedrals built during those three centuries was so prodigious that, without the documentary evidence which we have, it would be absolutely incredible.

  37. With slight deviation, most, if not all, the ground plans of the French Cathedrals are measurable in this manner, and their choirs may be so measured almost without exception.

  38. Most English Cathedrals appear to have been constructed in their original plans upon similar rules.

  39. Plate XXXI shows this cathedral amid the trees of its close and well explains that peculiarity of position in which some English cathedrals are so much differentiated from those of the Continent.

  40. As with the important Greek temples, so the Gothic cathedrals just named are the very flower of their epoch and represent in the highest perfection known to us their respective styles.

  41. These cathedrals belong to the pleistocene period of man's religious history, the period of gigantic forms.

  42. The walls of the old castles and cathedrals support a variety of plant life.

  43. One of the most human things to be seen in the great cathedrals is the carven image of some old knight or warrior prince resting above his tomb, with his feet upon his faithful dog.

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