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Example sentences for "avenging"

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avenge; avenged; avenger; avengers; avenges; avenir; avens; aventure; aventures; avenue
  1. By chance, her house was near the road where the mournful procession was passing, and the sound of lamentation came to the ears of the hardhearted Anaxarete, whom now an avenging Deity pursued.

  2. Having gnawed the vine, the goat was led[10] for slaughter to the altars of the avenging Bacchus.

  3. Another was that of an avenging fire, in which the great city was to light up the whole face of Europe and burn to ashes as a witness of God's wrath at the sins of men.

  4. The heart, that values less its ease Than it adores thy ways, In thine avenging anger sees A subject of its praise.

  5. Remember, Heaven has an avenging rod, To smite the poor is treason against God!

  6. Why then are the Jews a scattered people, the living witnesses of the truth of a divine Revelation and of the avenging justice of God?

  7. Avenging furies will your life pursue: Think there's a heaven, Morat, though not for you.

  8. One sole idea now remained to Guillaume, that idea of justice which maddened him, leaving naught in his mind save the thought of the just, avenging flare by which he would repair the evil and ensure that which was right for all time forward.

  9. It is a gust of violence passing; they were treated in a wrong way and too relentlessly at the outset, and now that they are avenging one another, it may be that blood will never cease to flow.

  10. XII Ensample makeĀ° of him your haplesse joy, 100 And of my selfe now mated, as ye see; Whose prouder vaunt that proud avenging boy Did soone pluck downe and curbd my libertie.

  11. O how can beautie maister the most strong, And simple truth subdue avenging wrong?

  12. Die is my dew; yet rew my wretched state You, whom my hard avenging destinie Hath made judge of my life or death indifferently.

  13. Thou doest the prayers of the righteous sead Present before the majestie divine, And his avenging wrath to clemencie incline.

  14. After many days of weary wandering, father and daughter reached Colonus, where grew a mighty forest sacred to the avenging deities, the Furies, or Eumenides.

  15. Stroke self-avenging follows nails and spear: Its nail and spear of recompense are here.

  16. The wicked so His watchful ire will learn, And cower 'neath God's avenging countenance stern; The righteous so His love divine will feel With gentle lapse into their bosom steal.

  17. In the name of my dead child, and under the eye of avenging Heaven, I strike down the fury that blinds you, and I scare back your soul from the abyss!

  18. His strength leads him on to abuse the main fountains of life, and out jumps avenging Paralysis and fells him to earth with a blow.

  19. Our unfortunate countrywomen, with their little children, as my readers will remember, were murdered as the sound of Havelock's avenging guns was heard.

  20. Without further attempt to prolong the fight, they fled before the avenging swords of the Venetians.

  21. His face had become yet paler than before, and his eyes glowed as with an avenging fire, whose flames would never more be extinguished.

  22. Each fault must bring its penance, Each sin the avenging blade, For God upholds in justice The laws that He hath made.

  23. Had the avenging Nemesis of an unrequited passion punished her for her treatment of my friend Loring?

  24. An avenging Nemesis is in his wake in the person of Mrs Skyscraper, or the Rattler girls, or Mary Masthead.

  25. She was an avenging angel, sent by the Lord to punish them for their sins.

  26. How could one rebuke the unconventionality of an avenging angel?

  27. My heart is sad, and can only be comforted by avenging my father.

  28. We shall triumph, Don Gregorio; for from this day I am no longer a man, I am the avenging sword, the exterminating angel, fighting for our country!

  29. Most girls, I suppose, would be so broken up with grief that they couldn't talk like this, but I seem to find the only comfort in the thought of avenging this horrible deed!

  30. Westerners only kill in avenging justice or in righteous indignation.

  31. Avice, looking more like an avenging angel than a grief-stricken girl.

  32. The avenging goddess who is more familiarly known as Nemesis.

  33. He did not know how a man felt when pursued by an avenging band.

  34. He had never been pursued by an avenging band himself.

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