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Example sentences for "avenges"

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avendo; avenge; avenged; avenger; avengers; avenging; avenir; avens; aventure; aventures
  1. Some writers, however, say that the oaks had the gift of speech, combined with that of prophesying.

  2. If the care of the Gods avenges this with resentment so unerring, I pray that I myself, as a serpent, may be lengthened out into an extended belly.

  3. In another AEsopian fable, the rabbit avenges itself upon the eagle which has eaten its young ones, by rooting up and throwing down the tree upon which the eagle has its nest, so that the eaglets are killed.

  4. In the twenty-fifth story of the fourth book of Afanassieff, we find the woodpecker that brings food and drink to its friend the dog, and avenges him after his death.

  5. Now is the time to hold fast the faith that God leads the godly to repentance, and destroys the wicked, that He forgives the sin of the former, but punishes and avenges that of the latter.

  6. As a specially striking instance of the manner in which the procedure of Chronicles avenges itself may be mentioned chapter xxiii.

  7. The goat avenges herself as follows: She goes into the forest with the wolf, and comes to a ditch where some workmen had cooked some gruel, and left the fire still burning.

  8. The woodcutter avenges himself upon the goldsmith by a plan which we shall find described in the legend of the bear, and recovers, thanks to his craftiness, the gold which his brother or friend had kept from him.

  9. Vicvamitras then avenges himself in other ways upon the sons of Vasishthas; having, e.

  10. The two hero-brothers again; one brother avenges the other.

  11. The boy avenges this injury by causing her to be devoured by wolves, who will not touch her heart.

  12. When Odysseus blinds his son, Poseidon avenges him by condemning Odysseus to wander on the waters (that is, lost in the ocean or the clouds of night).

  13. Thy melancholy is ours, thy wrath is ours, thy contemptuous wit avenges us on those who fill the earth with their empty noise and are its masters.

  14. God avenges himself eternally on those who have avenged themselves, but keeps in His paradise those who have pardoned.

  15. JOHN BROWN John Brown died on the scaffold for the slave; Dark was the hour when we dug his hallowed grave; Now God avenges the life he gladly gave, Freedom reigns to-day!

  16. Among the Barea and Kunáma a man avenges the death of his guest by killing the guest of the murderer (ibid.

  17. And in Russia, though the law does not exempt from punishment a {293} husband who thus avenges himself, the jury show great indulgence to him.

  18. The Duke avenges a good many victims on her, if they only knew!

  19. Is it the Nemesis that ultimately discovers and avenges the sublimest, the least conscious departure from simplicity and verity?

  20. We have biennial festivals on the evening of election day, when the constituency avenges itself in some small measure on its Representative elect by sending a baker's dozen of orators to congratulate him.

  21. Memory avenges our abuses of her, and, as an awful example, we mention the fact that we have never been able to forget certain stanzas of another B.

  22. Yet in one case he writes a score of pages of critical dialogue, in which the chief interlocutor is a painter who avenges his own failure by stringent attacks on the work of happier rivals of the year.

  23. Occasionally also he avenges himself against the partisans of the non-jurors, against chateaux and houses of the opulent, against the nobles and the rich, against proprietors of every class.

  24. Eofor avenges his brother's fall by dealing Ongenþēow a mortal blow, 2978 ff.

  25. Hnæf's, who avenges on Finn his leader's death, 1149 f.

  26. But it avenges itself at last, as Salvian shews--as all experience shews.

  27. When the composition is paid, there is an end of the feud; if after taking the composition the plaintiff avenges himself, he has to pay it back.

  28. Cid in a loud voice, "you shall now learn how Rodrigo de Vivar avenges himself on those who have injured him, who have hated him, and who have paid assassins to plunge their daggers in his heart.

  29. Ah, the Queen avenges herself; but the man of the people, he avenges himself also.

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