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Example sentences for "axiom"

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axillars; axillary; axils; axin; axing; axiomata; axiomatic; axioms; axis; axle
  1. It is almost an axiom in detection to watch the scene of a murder for the visit of the criminal, who seems almost irresistibly drawn thither.

  2. Footnote 147: Dolus versatur in generalibus, was an axiom of the schools.

  3. This sounded so like an axiom in practical economy that my dear boy never attempted to argue the question.

  4. His ideas of political economy would not permit him to allow that this axiom was a sound one for the benefit of the state; and on this point, I think, Adam Smith and Malthus would scarcely disagree.

  5. Thirdly, It is, I think, an axiom universally received, that "quantities of the same kind may be added together and make one entire sum.

  6. To make this axiom have a positive signification, one should express it thus: Every idea has a cause, i.

  7. M232) I approve of this axiom of the Schoolmen, "Nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuit in sensu.

  8. It is not an axiom which it would be absurd to deny.

  9. The most sweeping exemplification of the axiom last alluded to, as to parallel changes, is Comte's so-called law of the three states of civilisation.

  10. But as soon as Louis and Rachel began to look on the house with the eye of inhabitants, the axiom fell to a dogma, and the dogma was exploded.

  11. And indeed its perfection was an axiom of drawing-room conversation.

  12. And well it may be, since the axiom that noblesse oblige has fallen into desuetude, and the word of a gentleman is no more to swear by than a huckster's.

  13. The State says that "it is an admitted axiom that our form of government, more than all others, depends on the virtue and intelligence of the people.

  14. Hence it is an axiom that the change or perversion of the principles by which anything was produced, is the destruction of that very thing; if you can change or pervert the principles from which anything springs, you destroy it.

  15. The story holds good in regard to the mighty personages in Washington, but the axiom does not.

  16. All this has additional force, when it is known that this very axiom or self-evident truth declared by our fathers was the real issue of the war, and was so publicly announced by the leaders on both sides.

  17. Equality in rights is not only the first of rights, it is an axiom of political truth.

  18. But on the next pinch the chances are that the axiom will be disregarded.

  19. All admit the correctness of the axiom that every effect must have a cause, and that every cause will have an effect.

  20. It is an axiom in philosophy which cannot be controverted, that every effect is the product of a prior cause, and that every cause will necessarily produce a corresponding effect.

  21. There is a taint on any contact between two people which does not affirm as an axiom the personal inviolability of both.

  22. This view is the axiom that underlies the whole ritual legislation of the middle part of the Pentateuch.

  23. The geometrical axiom that in the triangle the sum of two sides is greater than the third is derived from intuition, by describing the triangle in imagination or, actually, on the board.

  24. Then the inductive ascent from experiment to axiom is to be followed by a deductive descent from axioms to new experiments and discoveries.

  25. The principle of quantity is the Axiom of Intuition, the principle of quality the Anticipation of Perception; the principles of relation are termed Analogies of Experience, those of modality Postulates of Empirical Thought in General.

  26. There is a familiar axiom that necessity knows no law.

  27. I see you are an American woman, yet whether or not one ever returns to these shores, the old axiom is now forever true, every one of us who has lived in France during the war will henceforward have two countries--his own and Glorious France!

  28. The first Cartesian axiom applies to it, and to feel, even doubtfully, that feeling existed would be to posit its existence.

  29. It is an axiom of the schools, that whatever is received, is received according to the manner of the recipient.

  30. It is an axiom of Natural Law, that res perit domino; that is, the owner bears the loss.

  31. Divine right" is an axiom in the East; and the Khalifate soon became hereditary, though at first it was endeavoured to make it elective.

  32. Is it not this axiom that makes these wretched kings give themselves so much trouble about their people?

  33. And really what do you want with an axiom in the present matter?

  34. Rule 5 is simply another way of stating the third axiom of mediate inference.

  35. This axiom is known as the Dictum de Omni et Nullo.

  36. This mode of stating the axiom contemplates predication as being made in extension, whereas it is more naturally to be regarded as being made in intension.

  37. Yet now, looking back, he had come to recognise that, in substance at least, the axiom was a true one.

  38. He was familiar with the axiom that those who sell themselves to the devil seldom obtain their price, and had often scoffed at it: for one thing because he did not believe in the devil at all.

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