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Example sentences for "bridesmaid"

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  1. As the groom and the bridesmaid and best man rode up from Sycamore Valley, two miles from Minneola, in the early falling dusk that night, the Mason House loomed through the darkness, lighted up like a steamboat.

  2. A wedding of any kind is a delicious novelty; but a real New York wedding, and a bridesmaid besides--my!

  3. It is a pity that the leg and arm of the Theseus, and one arm of the bridesmaid are fractured.

  4. A carriage provided by the family of the bride calls for the bridesmaid on the wedding-day, and takes her to the bride's house.

  5. And see here, Miss Watson, I have been reading up all about weddings, and I find it is a very correct thing for the bride and bridesmaid to be dressed alike.

  6. Clay told me," Camilla went on, "that he would rather have you for the bridesmaid when he was going to be the groomsman than any other girl, big or little.

  7. Illustration: Out tumbled bride, bridesmaid and servant in the snow.

  8. The sanction of St. Simeon's was upon the bride, crowned with the veil and orange blossoms of her solemn dedication, or so the bridesmaid had understood it.

  9. This lamentable and unhappy knowledge of good and evil was forced on Emmy Lou when in the ascending scale of years she simultaneously reached her ninth birthday, the Fourth Reader, and the estate of bridesmaid to Aunt Katie.

  10. So the pretty bridesmaid took the pretty bride away, and Patty begged Christine to make haste with her dressing, lest she might lose the train.

  11. The ceremony's at four, and as I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the first time in my mad career, I don't want to be late at the party.

  12. May I be a bridesmaid when you are married?

  13. A bridesmaid may have assumed the obligations of that honor, and then found that, for personal reasons, they were distasteful to her.

  14. Another way of forming the procession, which has all the advantages of the more elaborate one, is for the best man to follow the ushers, then the one bridesmaid to enter immediately preceding the bride and bridegroom.

  15. The pale pink of her bridesmaid costume was most becoming and her wreath of pink roses, which had slipped a little to one side, gave her the effect of a Queen Titania.

  16. The bride should take off her gloves at the commencement of the service and should give them with her bouquet to the head bridesmaid to hold.

  17. The head bridesmaid is generally the bride's eldest unmarried sister or the bridegroom's sister, and she should follow next to the bride with her companion bridesmaid, when children are not included in the group.

  18. Don't distress yourself: a bridesmaid has nothing to do but to look pretty and stand to be stared at.

  19. She followed them for a hasty minute, and began to say, "Margaret I have been thinking that Bessie Fairfax will do very well to take Winny's place as bridesmaid next week, since Winny cannot possibly come.

  20. To be a bridesmaid amongst the grand folks at Fairfield--could anything be more absurdly afflicting?

  21. You look perfectly charming in that dress, and, for a wedding dress, the one you wore as bridesmaid to Cousin Rosie seems to me entirely suitable.

  22. I think Maud feels a trifle disappointed that she has no time to get up a grand wedding dress," Molly ran on, "but the one she wore as Rosie's bridesmaid is very pretty and becoming.

  23. We all thought you were to be married in your bridesmaid dress that you wore at Rosie's wedding.

  24. Unless you fear the truth of the old saying, 'Twice a bridesmaid never a bride.

  25. Molly wore her bridesmaid blue organdy, which was very becoming.

  26. Peters in the opening words of the service, and saw with evident relief that the bridesmaid had gained control of herself.

  27. How would she have fallen from her greatness when, barely forgiven by her father and mother for the vile sin which she had contemplated, she should consent to fill a common bridesmaid place at the nuptials of George Whitstable!

  28. No, indeed, for I am to be bridesmaid when my sister is married, anyhow, and I would so much rather see it all than to be right in it.

  29. Isn't it odd that my little daughter should be bridesmaid for some one who was once her mamma's bridesmaid, and who used to play with her when she was a little girl?

  30. I heard mamma tell Dimple's mother that the bridesmaid ought to have that; and I think so, too.

  31. I'll be bridesmaid again, and get a nice present!

  32. I have simply ached to have a wedding in the family, and felt quite low because I thought mine would be the first, and I should be cheated out of the fun of being a bridesmaid and having all the fuss and excitement.

  33. The third bridesmaid wore pink silk, with a bouquet at the centre of the heart-shaped corsage; but unlike the others, she had no flowers in her hair.

  34. The first bridesmaid was a lovely sister of the bride, in a dress of cream-white silk without train, pink flowers in her hair, and carrying a large bouquet of full-blown cream and crimson roses.

  35. The mother wiped away a tear quietly once or twice during the service, the unmarried sister bridesmaid looked as sweet and calm as always she does at home, but the bride, silently taking farewell of friends and native land, was deeply moved.

  36. The bouquet carried by the bridesmaid will harmonize with the color of her gown.

  37. Following the ushers walks the bridesmaid alone, and, after her, on the arm of her father, comes the bride.

  38. They said they were the sweetest groomsman and bridesmaid ever seen, as lovely as fairies; and gave them more kisses twice over than had been given Aunt Vi.

  39. The little groomsman and bridesmaid felt that the proud moment had come when they were to be seen and admired by the whole world.

  40. But think of setting a noble groomsman like Jimmy, and a fair bridesmaid like Lucy, off in a corner, and telling them to “stay there and not speak yet”!

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