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Example sentences for "brides"

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  1. At evening came the procession of the virgin brides of Christ, each bearing on her breast the pearl of perfect happiness.

  2. She replies that she is one of the brides of Christ, whom St. John in the Apocalypse saw arrayed for the bridal in the New Jerusalem.

  3. About half-past ten a simultaneous rising of the assembled multitude and the burst of melody from the organ announced that the fair brides had arrived, and all eyes were turned towards the door to witness the bridal cortege.

  4. The wealthy please themselves and their brides by giving costly jewels, which are often chosen by the brides themselves in company with their bridegrooms.

  5. Many brides prefer spending their honeymoon in their future home, if it happens to be in the country, instead of making a hurried trip to Paris or elsewhere, or to spending it at the country house of a friend, lent to them for the purpose.

  6. Play all your changes, all your swells, Play uppe 'The Brides of Enderby.

  7. Brides wore a white silk or satin dress with a train.

  8. Over one third of brides who were capable of having children were already pregnant when they married.

  9. Brides were normally virgins, but there was bridal pregnancy of about 20%.

  10. Ply all your changes, all your swells, Play uppe, 'The Brides of Enderby.

  11. A Chinese priest frightened at the dangers to which the newly wedded brides were exposed, separated himself from M.

  12. The brides see their husbands on their wedding day for the first time and priests are excluded from the ceremony and the festivities.

  13. Plenty of happy brides used to look out of those Tower-windows in those days, so that it's a piece of pleasant glamour when an aerial form comes and tells us what is going to happen now, from knowledge of olden times.

  14. I am expecting to bring the happiest of brides home about the vernal equinox.

  15. He knew well that the young man would suspect nothing, for during the salutations the brides are always so muffled up with dresses and loaded with ornaments that it is impossible to distinguish their countenance.

  16. When the auction was over, the marriage followed, and the brides accompanied their new-made husbands to their homes.

  17. Then the brides disappeared, and after a time made their re-appearance in travelling dresses.

  18. Mr. Verdant Green has a dim remembrance of the party being marshalled to their places by a confused clerk, who assigned the wrong brides to the wrong bridegrooms, and appeared excessively anxious that his mistake should not be corrected.

  19. The Sire of Nointel only exercised the right he has over all brides who are not noble!

  20. And it therefore often happens that, to escape the disgrace, brides yield themselves to their intended husbands before marriage.

  21. The ceremony was performed, and the brides were led into the vestry-room to recover, and receive kisses and congratulations.

  22. The brides were dressed and went down into the drawing-room, frightened and perplexed, but their tears had been shed above.

  23. For the time when new brides are sought for the reptile-god is the season when the millet is beginning to sprout.

  24. Need we say that both brides were supremely lovely?

  25. Shall we promise these two hapless swains their brides a couple of years hence?

  26. During the collation the brides stood together at the head of the table.

  27. Still the two remaining brides did not avail to prevent the young bridegroom from succumbing to disease, leaving them childless.

  28. This respect soon expressed itself in the national law, which placed under the safeguard of severe penalties the honour and freedom of those whom it called the "Brides of God.

  29. That's not done by brides and grooms in our class of life, so March might have felt as safe as a hermit crab, as far as giving the willies to Lady Di or Vandyke was concerned.

  30. China Closet, Savory House; China Closet, Savory House, where China of Three Generations of Brides is kept.

  31. China Closet, Savory House; China Closet, Savory House, where China of Three Generations of Brides is Kept 164 LXI.

  32. Two of these were Edward Everett and Jared Sparks, who afterwards brought their brides here.

  33. The dinner already smoked upon the table; but his two elected brides were standing at the window eagerly examining some pieces of money which Tuiskoshirer was showing to them.

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