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Example sentences for "alloyed"

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  1. Platina is capable of being alloyed with all metals; is fused with difficulty, but by great labor may be rendered malleable: it is also the heaviest metal, being 21 times heavier than water.

  2. None of the alloys keep their colour as well as pure gold, and some of them, such as those alloyed with copper for red gold, and with silver for pale gold, tarnish very quickly.

  3. Besides pure gold leaf, gold alloyed with various metals to change its colour can be had.

  4. In this way all the metals are extracted from their ores; and, by this process, they are revivified, moulded, and alloyed with each other.

  5. Her contempt for him, her utter loathing, were alloyed with a feeling that aroused in her horror and dismay.

  6. It was a face that haunted you, and yet your admiration was alloyed with an unreasoning terror.

  7. The iridium for this purpose is found in small grains of platinum, slightly alloyed with this latter metal.

  8. The gold for pens is alloyed with silver to about sixteen carats fineness, rolled into thin strips, from which the blanks are struck.

  9. The prospect of an immediate parting alloyed the triumph of success.

  10. If you come to the second-best results, to the gold so alloyed that you may confidently stamp it your own, do you wish to proclaim it the precious metal without alloy?

  11. A metallic element, intermediate in value between silver and gold, occurring native or alloyed with other metals, also as the platinum arsenide (sperrylite).

  12. So called because usually enough silver is added to make the amount of gold in the alloyed button about one fourth.

  13. Alloyed with copper, it is used for the envelopes of bullets.

  14. Titanium is alloyed in small quantities with aluminium for use in naval architecture.

  15. This is so when gold and silver are alloyed with each other, and is true in the case of alloys of copper.

  16. Neville proved that when one metal is alloyed with a small quantity of some other metal, the solidification obeys the law of F.

  17. Aluminium, when alloyed with a few per cent of magnesium, gains greatly in rigidity while remaining very light; this alloy, under the name of magnalium, is coming into use for small articles in which lightness and rigidity have to be combined.

  18. Cerium metal, alloyed with iron and other metals, forms the spark-producing alloys used in various forms of gas lighters and for lighting cigars, cigarettes, etc.

  19. This is usually found alloyed with iron and with other metals of the platinum group, especially iridium, rhodium, and palladium.

  20. It is also extensively alloyed with other metals, particularly with copper to form the strong non-corrosive metal (monel metal) used for ship propellers and like purposes.

  21. Over one-third of the antimony consumed in the United States is alloyed with tin and copper in the manufacture of babbitt or bearing-metal.

  22. He HAD a sort of mission from the Austrian Court:--it was to discover whether a certain quantity of alloyed ducats which had been traced to Berlin, were from the King's treasury.

  23. No, nor let my newly-won blessing be alloyed by bringing me any present advantage.

  24. His good qualities, however, were alloyed with serious defects.

  25. But the joy of the meeting was bitterly alloyed by the loss of a former child, not two years old, captured with the mother, but soon taken from her, and carried, she could not tell whither.

  26. The quality in the metal of the two last, though found in the same locality, greatly differs, the first being largely alloyed with silver.

  27. Others found alloyed with silver are in no fixed or uniform proportions, but rather in accordance with the accidental mixtures likely to occur in the operations of the primitive miner and metallurgist.

  28. The representation of the people will be perfect; but they will be alloyed by an equal number of the nobility and clergy.

  29. There was a good deal of praise, but still alloyed by a dash of irony, bestowed on the idea of civilizing Mexico by joining it to California.

  30. She had looked upon the man as all intellect, alloyed perhaps by some passionless remnants of the vices of his youth; and now she found that he not only had a human heart in his bosom, but a heart that she could touch.

  31. Plants or animals have times of fertility and sterility, which the intelligence of rulers because alloyed by sense will not enable them to ascertain, and children will be born out of season.

  32. Having the melancholy duty of yesterday over was a relief, only alloyed by the sad prospect of a near recurrence.

  33. In "Michaelmas Term" the realism of Middleton's comic style is no longer alloyed or flavored with poetry or fancy.

  34. Religion, to obtain currency and influence with the great mass of mankind, must needs be alloyed with such an amount of error as to place it far below the standard attainable by the higher human capacities.

  35. The primitive truths taught by the Redeemer were sooner corrupted, and intermingled and alloyed with fictions than when taught to the first of our race.

  36. In many districts those who had been so foully imposed upon learned with delight, alloyed by shame, that there was not a single Popish soldier within a week's march.

  37. It is impossible not to wish that so much heroism had been less alloyed by intemperance and intolerance.

  38. This parsimony the imperfect character alloyed still more with some degree of deception.

  39. On the cheeks the alloying was done in red, the neighboring parts below were alloyed with white.

  40. Metals are alloyed with materials which have been found to give to the metal certain characteristics which are desired according to the use the metal will be put to.

  41. Steel may be alloyed with almost any of the metals or elements, the combinations that have proven valuable numbering more than a score.

  42. Aluminum welding rods are made from this metal alloyed to give the even flowing that is essential.

  43. Nickel and silver coins are alloyed with Cu, gold coins with Cu and Ag.

  44. On account of its softness it is usually alloyed with Cu, sometimes with Ag.

  45. It is found alloyed with other metals, as An, and is obtained from sand, in which it occurs, by washing.

  46. The proportion of lead must be regulated, depending on the metals alloyed with gold.

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