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  1. From there the brine is led through conduits made of bored logs, called the "salt logs," to the evaporating vats and factories, some going long distances.

  2. The brine is first pumped into small shallow vats, where it remains until the carbonic acid gas escapes and the iron is deposited as an oxide.

  3. The Saguenay's inky waters have the smell of brine as they break in froth upon the shore, and then the air-bubbles show the real color to be that of brandy.

  4. The brine wells are bored in the lowlands surrounding the lake to a depth of two hundred to over three hundred feet.

  5. The State of New York controls the wells and pumps the brine to supply the evaporating works, which are private establishments, a royalty of one cent per bushel being charged.

  6. The main impurity that has to be driven out of the brine is sulphate of lime, and the finer product has a high reputation, the "Onondaga Factory-Filled Salt" being greatly esteemed.

  7. They will keep in the brine until wanted to pickle.

  8. Let them remain in brine for a week or ten days, and change the brine every other day; then drain the nuts and expose them to the air until they have turned black.

  9. Mix them together and pack them in layers with salt; let them stand for twelve hours, then drain off the brine and cover them with vinegar and water, and let them stand another twelve hours.

  10. West of the market-square lies the Halle, or the Tal, where the brine springs (see below) issue.

  11. It is situated at the confluence of the Luckow with the Dniester and its principal resources are the recovery of salt from the neighbouring brine wells, soap-making and the trade in timber.

  12. The town is chiefly known for its production of salt, which is converted into brine and piped from Wilhelmsgluck mine, 5 m.

  13. These in small quantities accompany NaCl, and are most common in brine springs.

  14. In New York and Michigan it is obtained by evaporating the brine of salt wells, either by air and the sun's heat, or by fire.

  15. The film may be "lightened" by glimpses of bathing in the Great Salt Lake or the brine baths of England in order to convey pictorially the difference in the density of salt and fresh water.

  16. It is produced artificially, and also occurs naturally in herring brine and other fishy products.

  17. The source of the salts which make the waters of the lake a brine is evidently, therefore, the small percentage of mineral material brought in by the tributary streams.

  18. The economic importance of these natural reservoirs of brine and of various soda salts is great, and will become more and more important as transportation facilities increase.

  19. The brine is boiled in the large, shallow iron boilers, and from half a day to a day is necessary to effect the evaporation.

  20. The saturated brine is preserved in a gourd until sufficient is gathered for evaporation.

  21. Pour it hot on the ham, and baste it every day; it may then remain in the brine two or three weeks.

  22. When the brine is quite cold, pour it on the walnuts, and let them soak for six days.

  23. Make a brine of salt and water, strong enough to bear an egg; pour it hot on the asparagus, and let it be closely covered.

  24. Boil a strong brine of salt and water, simmer the vegetables in it one minute, drain them, and dry them on tins over an oven till they are shriveled up; then put them into a jar, and prepare the following pickle.

  25. It differs from the common brine salt in the fineness of the grain, as well as on account of its whiteness and purity.

  26. Make a strong brine of salt and water, boil and skim it; and when it is quite cold, pour a sufficient quantity over the butter, so that the brine may be an inch deep.

  27. Salt it, and let it lie six or seven days in the pickle, turn and rub it with the brine every day.

  28. Sea water, the brine of salted meat, or soot, will be found to answer the same purpose.

  29. Let the meat be well cleaned from those particles of blood which hang about it when cut into four pound pieces: this is best done by washing it in salt and water, or brine that has been used, provided it be sweet.

  30. Make enough pickle to cover them, of rape vinegar, the brine of the lemons, peppercorns, and ginger.

  31. Butter salted in the common way, and put in pots with brine over the top, retains its flavour, and is better preserved than by an additional quantity of salt.

  32. This fine and delicate article is chiefly made from the salt springs in Cheshire, and differs from the common brine salt, usually called sea salt, not only in its whiteness and purity, but in the fineness of its grain.

  33. Make a strong brine with bay salt, common salt, and saltpetre, and put in ribs of beef for nine days.

  34. Make a strong brine of white or bay salt, skim it clean while it is boiling, and when done let it cool.

  35. In other words, the ammonia must absorb as much heat from the brine as is taken out of it at the condenser.

  36. In these condensing coils the ammonia vapor is liquefied by the pressure in the generator and collects in a receiver, whence it passes through an expansion valve into the cooling coils in the brine tank.

  37. The fresh water and brine enter as a spray at I, so as to increase the rate of evaporation.

  38. Thence it passes into a brine tank C, where it expands and absorbs heat.

  39. The Canner a briny man is he, And into the brine go one and all.

  40. Cut anything intended for the brine with a bit of stalk, and without bruising the stalk.

  41. Hence keep them away from such things as onions, salt fish, things in brine generally, or any strong ill odors.

  42. Rub over very scantly with powdered saltpeter, mixed well through moist sugar, then lay down in salt for a fortnight, else cover with brine made thus.

  43. Put the brine when cold into a clean, roomy vessel, a keg or barrel, else a big stone crock.

  44. There was no help for it, and he buttoned his jacket against the spray, while by the time Carroll came up the sloop was plunging sharply; pitching showers of stinging brine all over her when the bows went down.

  45. It was a relief to drive her hard at some white-topped sea, and watch her bows disappear in it with a thud, while it somehow eased his mind to see the smashed-up brine fly half the height of her drenched mainsail.

  46. It seemed most improbable that the steamer would run in to land her Indian passengers, and he drove the sloop on with showers of stinging brine beating into her wet canvas and whirling about him.

  47. If there is in the house a cask of meat in brine that may help us," exclaimed Rob.

  48. Wherever the brine dropped the snow melted, and the fire was put out.

  49. It was brought out, the head knocked in, and the brine poured out in small quantities on the snow.

  50. Some cultivators, however, think pouring salt water or brine on the top of the tree, so as to descend among the folds of the upper shoots, a good plan to get rid of the larvæ.

  51. Here they remain for half a day, and are then put into fresh water, being renewed every 24 hours; from this they are removed into a brine of common salt dissolved in water, to which add some aromatic plants.

  52. The supply of brine from the ocean is as inexhaustible as the supply of heat from the sun.

  53. There is a tear more scalding than the brine That streams from out the fountain of the eye, And like the lava leaves a scorched line, As in its fiery course it rusheth by.

  54. When full of tay and cake, O'Brine began to spake; But juice a one could hear him, for a sudden roar Of a ragamuffin rout Began to yell and shout, And frighten the propriety of Shannon shore.

  55. I will make him feel," said the enraged officer; so ordering a bowl of brine to be brought to him, he sprinkled it on the lacerated flesh of the boy between every lash.

  56. When ready to cook it, remove from the brine and wash, placing it in cold water.

  57. To Keep a Piece of Salt Pork Sweet= Put it in a strong brine made of one quart of cold water, and two-thirds of a cup of salt.

  58. The negative pole is connected to a basin of brine in which the patient's hand is placed.

  59. Happily for us, they would not take the salt in that sultry latitude soon enough to preserve them; for, when they can be salted, they become like brine itself, and are quite unfit for food.

  60. Consequently, his thighs were deeply cut and torn in many places, while the brine entering so many wounds, though a grand styptic, must have tortured him unspeakably.

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