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Example sentences for "brines"

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  1. It is produced as a by-product of the salt industry, the natural or artificial brines being pumped from the rocks (p.

  2. The entire domestic tonnage is produced from brines pumped in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

  3. The principal American sources are alkaline beds and brines in Nebraska, Utah, and California, and especially at Searles Lake, California.

  4. The domestic source of bromine is principally in certain subterranean brines found in the United States, these solutions containing bromine in its compounds.

  5. The brines obtained in the vicinity of Midland, Mich.

  6. Some of the lakes of the Great Basin are dense brines from which various substances are being precipitated.

  7. The supply of salt stored in the rocks, and the natural brines of the arid region, such as the waters of Great Salt Lake, afford an inexhaustible supply upon which comparatively small demands have thus far been made.

  8. Artemia, inhabiting the strong brines of salt works and natural salt lakes.

  9. Fermentation takes place fairly well in brines of 40° strength, and will, to some extent at least, up to 60°.

  10. By following the directions given here it will be possible to make brines of the required strength without the use of this instrument.

  11. In southwestern Kansas extensive Permian beds of rock salt and gypsum show that here lay great salt lakes in which these minerals were precipitated as their brines grew dense and dried away.

  12. They are reached by well borings, and their brines are evaporated by solar heat and by boiling.

  13. Both the salt beds (of Silurian Age) and the brines (of Mississippian Age) supply great quantities of salt from brines pumped out and evaporated.

  14. Under portions of southern Michigan there are both salt beds and natural brines charging certain porous rock layers.

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