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Example sentences for "anew"

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  1. Unwearied the orchestra begins again, dominates the tumult of the crowd, that, after a bar or two, has recovered its calm, like a mechanical toy wound up anew and set in motion.

  2. But with a fresh shrug of the shoulders he turned anew to the officer, who had gone some paces when, to make sure they were not laughing at him, he glanced back.

  3. His heart sank anew within him as he now entered her presence and noted how she had also changed.

  4. Every pulse thrilled anew when, as she signaled the conductor to stop, she observed the young man preceding her, as if he also was about to alight.

  5. Many made love-calls on their leader of old and unforgetable days, and Frederick sometimes was a witness to their meeting, and he marvelled anew at the mysterious charm in his brother that drew all men to him.

  6. When the trail fluttered anew with life it was life with which he could not cope.

  7. Yet at any moment let a workman lose his present situation, and he is compelled to begin anew the dreary round of fruitless calls.

  8. Nana had tilted her chair back anew and lit a cigarette, while the others sat pursing up their lips discreetly, thinking deeply philosophic thoughts.

  9. Riveted anew to the pavement, he experienced an intolerable burning sensation in his inside as he waited to find out the meaning of it all.

  10. Bright-colored fabrics fluttered in the wind, and the merry laughter burst forth anew as the voyagers began jesting and glancing back at the respectable folks halting with looks of annoyance at the roadside.

  11. Christ is thought of as at a distance, and as represented only by the priest who offers anew his sacrifice.

  12. The sinner is clothed anew with moral power.

  13. Dorner: "Then Christ will keep the Supper anew with us, and the hours of highest solemnity in this life are but a weak foretaste of the powers of the world to come.

  14. Neil, the hatred bursting out anew in his face.

  15. Hardly did hope burn anew in his breast when there came another thought to quench it.

  16. Letty's vanity was stabbed anew by the fact that Lady Maxwell's offence was so small.

  17. The boy, hearing Poterne laugh, followed his example, imitating anew the monkey's wild chatter, and leaping over all the furniture in the room in order to develop his talent.

  18. But this vital exchange is only kept up by the constant circulation of the blood, which, while it decreases by being transformed into vital parts of the body, is always formed anew by our daily food.

  19. The human body is not framed or created anew at every moment by food; but it is at every moment, that small particles of the human body die.

  20. He grasped it anew and more tightly, and stepped forward once more.

  21. They were now wrapped tightly round U Saw's arm, now flung loose, and then tightened anew as the angry snake twisted and writhed and sought to free itself from the clutch which imprisoned its head.

  22. Further, nothing begins anew to be moved except through either the mover or the thing moved being otherwise than it was before.

  23. Further, whoever is sent, departs from one place and comes anew into another.

  24. Hence, whenever an angel has to perform any work concerning a corporeal creature, the angel applies himself anew to that body by his power; and in that way begins to be there afresh.

  25. The population having been thus exterminated, the district was settled anew some years later, in the reign of Louis XII.

  26. One of the objects of the little academy was to translate the Psalms anew into French verse; but before the version was completed, Rapin was under the necessity of leaving the Hague.

  27. Shorn of all bureaucratic rhetoric, the new laws may be reduced to the following laconic provisions: First, to forbid the Jews henceforth to settle anew outside of the towns and townlets.

  28. If one is staying in Cairo after the tremendous voyage is over, one wanders to the banks every now and then to gaze anew at the broad, monotonous stream.

  29. Standing at Canone and looking across at her shore, one is vexed anew that she should have given her heart, or even her fancy, to Ulysses--a man who was always eating.

  30. All the craft, all the low sentiments which flashed out of those small eyes toward me reminded me anew of the sort of atmosphere in which Susanna had grown up.

  31. The oft-invoked goddess, wearied by the merciless orators who are always compelling her to leap anew from the brain of Jove, has doubtless, in some hidden nook, found seclusion and repose.

  32. On the first day of the new year, 1858, a farm-servant was remarkably brought to the Lord in answer to their prayers, and these five gave themselves anew to united supplication.

  33. No honest man dishonours a past debt, or compromises with his integrity by simply beginning anew and paying as he goes.

  34. While at Plymouth Mr. Muller felt anew the impulse to early rising for purposes of devotional communion.

  35. I never was so aggravated over the indifference of a girl in my life, and my regard for my former sweetheart, on account of her enthusiasm for a Las Palomas lad, kindled anew within me.

  36. Firm in this resolve, dawn stole upon us, still sitting at the root of the old oak, oblivious and happy in each other's presence, having pledged anew our troth for time and eternity.

  37. In the pause before he answered she suffered anew the torment of that struggle in the darkness.

  38. However, when he was back in his house, Guy's earlier mood returned, and he made up his mind anew not to go to the Rectory.

  39. With what courage had she said in her heart: "I will breathe the breath of life into them; I will bear them anew day by day!

  40. After the many trials of his exile, Monsieur de Mortsauf, taking comfort in the thought of a secure future, had a certain recovery of mind; he breathed anew in this sweet valley the intoxicating essence of revived hope.

  41. But Henry found the means of drawing off the Count of Anjou, by forming anew with him a nearer connexion than the former, and one more material to the interests of that count's family.

  42. He agreed to confirm anew the provisions of Oxford, even those which entirely annihilated the royal authority; and the barons were again reinstated in the sovereignty of the kingdom.

  43. I therefore cast the first part of that work anew in the Enquiry concerning Human Understanding, which was published while I was at Turin.

  44. But his own vassals refused to serve under him in so invidious a cause [r]; and he was obliged to come anew to a conference with Henry, and to offer terms of peace.

  45. The inhabitants were anew seized with terror, and surrendering at discretion, threw themselves at the king's feet, and supplicated his clemency and forgiveness.

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