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aneugh; aneurism; aneurismal; aneurisms; aneurysm; anew; aney; ang; anga; angakut
  1. The division, of aneurysms into two classes, true and false, is unsatisfactory.

  2. In those aneurysms which are a saccular bulging on one side of the artery the blood may be induced to coagulate, or may of itself deposit layer upon layer of pale clot, until the sac is obliterated.

  3. But in those aneurysms which are fusiform dilatations of the vessel there is but slight chance of such cure, for the blood sweeps evenly through it without staying to deposit clot or laminated fibrine.

  4. At such places as shown here aneurysms may form.

  5. This applies particularly to aneurysms of the arch of the aorta.

  6. In fact, it is claimed (Osler) that all aneurysms occurring in persons under thirty years of age are due to syphilitic aortitis.

  7. Lancisi's work on Aneurysms was not published until after his death.

  8. In spite of this fact, it is comparatively seldom torn in basal fractures; but it is prone to be pressed upon by tumours, gummas, or aneurysms in the region of the base of the brain.

  9. These aneurysms have to be diagnosed from pulsating sarcoma growing from the pelvic bones, and from an abscess or a mass of enlarged lymph glands overlying the artery and transmitting its pulsation.

  10. Aneurysms appearing in the region of Poupart's ligament may have their origin in the external or common iliac arteries or in the upper part of the femoral.

  11. Pressure symptoms are usually most serious from aneurysms situated in the neck, thorax, or skull.

  12. Aneurysms of the vessels of the #forearm and hand# call for no special mention; they are almost invariably traumatic, and are treated by excision of the sac.

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