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  1. I did not think of seeking repose in that barbarous and uninviting land, with its inclement sky.

  2. I was astonished to find such a degree of culture in a barbarous land.

  3. And then the barbarous abuse of power, so strong a trait in the Spanish character, was exercised by Cortes and his captains.

  4. The Mexicans have a terrible and barbarous weapon--the riata!

  5. The fault of the insurrection, Cortes learned now, lay with the commander in charge--the foolish and cruel Alvarado, whose barbarous acts on other occasions had needlessly embroiled the Spaniards with the natives.

  6. The result of this barbarous act was a vengeance and punishment which cost the Conquistadores dear, and stripped them in a few days of all they had won.

  7. For among the most refined habits and methods the most barbarous and disgusting acts are found.

  8. Princes, chieftains, and warriors of the name were renowned before Charlemagne or Alfred ascended the throne, or before any of the petty princes of the heptarchy ruled over the barbarous Saxons.

  9. If there be any irresponsible, cruel, barbarous despotism on earth, in savage or civilized life, it is emphatically in the discipline that prevails on the railroad régime.

  10. It appears, however, sometimes, that barbarous abuses thus hastily and precipitately removed, soon reappear under other forms and denominations.

  11. Moriscoes, terminated under Philip the Third, with the barbarous expulsion of the whole Moorish population to the coasts of Africa.

  12. This was a passing, but awful, warning to Christendom, how much she needed the strong arm of a powerful Protector, and that union alone would enable her to resist the assaults and inroads of barbarous nations.

  13. Yet this ignoble war between barbarous tribes whom it has long been the fashion to pet, this poor scuffle between the breechloader and the Birmingham trade musket, may yet in one sense do good.

  14. The people are as primitive as anything one can well fancy, and wear a costume as ungracefully barbarous as any lover of nationality could desire.

  15. It did not occur among the barbarous and half civilized portions of the globe.

  16. Their dialect, full of proverbial expressions, and unintelligible by its elision of consonants, seems a barbarous jargon to the Castilian of Salamanca or Valladolid.

  17. The least civilized nations had either adopted the Dualism or a mixed religion: while the barbarous tribes knew only a kind of Tao religion as in China,(11) or a fetichism, venerating one or many objects of nature.

  18. Some have declared all the Americans a red, beardless, naked and barbarous race, or a peculiar species of men.

  19. It was about as barbarous an exhibition as we have witnessed yet.

  20. I could not talk anything but English, and the girl knew nothing but Greek, or Armenian, or some such barbarous tongue, but we got along very well.

  21. The poet replied with a barbarous rhyme and went below.

  22. When we demanded an explanation of his conduct he only shrugged his shoulders and answered in barbarous Italian.

  23. In the hotel is a handsome little chapel where an English clergyman is employed to preach to such of the guests of the house as hail from England and America, and this fact is also set forth in barbarous English in the same advertisement.

  24. Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time, not to be found even among the so-called savage races of the world.

  25. Dressing the child in silk or lace cloths, with cap and coat, and ornaments, is a barbarous practice.

  26. The important bearing of these incidents of barbarous and savage life upon our subject will be seen when we pass on to our fifth incident, namely, the significant use of the mallet.

  27. Our investigation of barbarous and savage customs, which connect themselves with the essential incidents of this Highland tale, has at this point taken us outside the framework of the story.

  28. Also said they, these barbarous people dwelling in the Mountaynes, would be glad to rebel if they foüd any succour or ayde, only to put their Prince to cost and charges, as heretofore they haue done.

  29. Contrast the orders of these chivalric men with that of Aboukere, the chief of a reputed barbarous horde of Bedouins of the desert:-- "Warriors of Islam!

  30. By the very great fertility of the soil, the very great mildness of the climate, and the gentle dispositions of the neighboring nations, all that barbarous fierceness which they brought with them has been quite mollified.

  31. A reckless enemy often leaves to his opponents no other means of securing himself against the repetition of barbarous outrage.

  32. The brightness died out of the beautiful day, and in a lofty mood of ill-used indifference he assured himself that a gentleman could take little interest in such barbarous sport as seal-hunting.

  33. Under the second heading, Nieboer gathers statements as to barbarous treatment and want of affection on one hand, and of affection and rights of the woman on the other.

  34. Here our impression when reading the evidence is undoubtedly that the general way in which wives are treated in aboriginal Australia is a very barbarous one.

  35. But even these are not so consistent with themselves: they affirm, that in spite of the barbarous ill-treatment, the women seem to be rather happy.

  36. The barbarous modes of treatment are well known to us; what is more important is the great fear they are said to have of their husbands.

  37. The barbarous English adaptation, function, is convenient, and is rapidly gaining ground.

  38. He speaks barbarous Greek, plentifully interlarded with Spanish words; but I gather from his discourse, that he has already sold twelve Testaments among his fellow-labourers.

  39. Nevertheless, his attachment to his own country was so strong that he considered whatever was not Greek as utterly barbarous and bad.

  40. The barbarous Elamite punishments survived in Babylonia, in Mesopotamia, even in Israel, two thousand years or more.

  41. Men were still of opinion that the Mosaic Law was the oldest of which we had any trustworthy account and that Babylonian laws, if there ever were any worthy of the name, must have been more barbarous and unformed.

  42. In Rome fires happened frequently enough; during these fires, as frequently, deeds of violence and robbery were committed, especially in the parts occupied by a needy and half-barbarous population.

  43. He asserted that the ancient Gael were a barbarous people, incapable of producing poetry of the kind.

  44. What we miss in them is exactly what we like best in his epopee--the vast living picture of semi-barbarous civilization.

  45. Were the crown and sceptre, the purple robe and mock reverence, that were the antecedents of the Redeemer's crucifixion, a reproduction of this barbarous custom?

  46. It is the same national characteristic which, in all parts of the world, has prevented the English colonist from intermarrying with his barbarous neighbor.

  47. The homogeneous people resulting from such a union, occupies a position in the scale of civilization much nearer to that of their barbarous than that of their civilized parents.

  48. A mere general view of the history of European colonization in barbarous regions of the earth, does therefore afford a very striking proof of the truth of my proposition.

  49. Barberini Family, more barbarous than the Barbarians, 7.

  50. A celebrated traveler, after many years spent in barbarous or savage lands, has said that among all varieties of mankind the similarities are vastly more important and fundamental than the differences.

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