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Example sentences for "barbarities"

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barbarically; barbaris; barbarised; barbarism; barbarisms; barbarity; barbarized; barbarorum; barbaros; barbarous
  1. In their camps, and on their marches and retreats, the same execrable barbarities were constantly committed.

  2. Another ruffian, whose barbarities made him conspicuous, trampled on the dead and wounded bodies, and behaved otherwise in such a ferocious manner as to obtain from the rebels the appellation of 'the true-born Roman.

  3. Many partial affairs took place at this time between the royalists and the rebels in Kildare, and barbarities on the one side produced on the other a terrible retaliation.

  4. The lowest ruffians had become leaders of the mob, and several monsters, who desecrated the holy orders intrusted to them, encouraged the barbarities of their besotted followers and pandered to their superstitions.

  5. He found it infested with Arab slave-dealers, who practiced all the barbarities of their kind, and much of his time was occupied in suppressing the nefarious traffic.

  6. Some critics of Stanley have expressed wonder at his failure to assert his usual heroism when made to witness these Arab barbarities while ascending the Congo.

  7. General Sickles, as he had been instructed, made a solemn protest against the barbarities perpetrated at Santiago.

  8. It was evident that Spain was still ready, if in her opinion occasion required it, to have recourse to the barbarities of the old Inquisitorial days.

  9. And the Spaniards cannot claim in this latter instance, if indeed they can in any other, that these barbarities were committed by irregular and irresponsible troops.

  10. Though the Indians may have been timid, we were, nevertheless, guiltless of such wholesale slaughter and other barbarities as Gomara would lay to our doors.

  11. This unsatisfactory answer made a most disagreeable impression on Cortes and all of us; for, indeed, we could no longer bear to look upon their barbarities and the dissolute life which they led.

  12. I say they promised, but that was all, and if we were but an instant out of sight the same barbarities were committed.

  13. In this discourse Davies said: "Need I inform you what barbarities and depredations a mongrel race of Indian savages and French Papists have perpetrated upon our frontiers?

  14. The Indians, after committing murders and barbarities upon the unhappy people of the border country, retired beyond the mountains.

  15. Nor were they without hope that the barbarities they were perpetrating might induce the Venetians to restore their leader to liberty, in order that he might, as was well known to be his wont, check the excesses of his followers.

  16. Neither age, sex, nor station afforded any protection against these furies, who perpetrated barbarities the details of which would exceed belief.

  17. Unheard of and wilful barbarities were spoken of, said to have been practised by our party.

  18. Is it then necessary to remind you of the barbarities they have practised upon our brethren, who have struggled and died for the faith?

  19. It is a singular fact that those who have been loudest to exclaim against Ti-ping cruelty, have always delighted in Imperialist barbarities and success, the words being synonymous.

  20. Their rout was as complete as it was disgraceful, and the barbarities which they committed on their retreat were diabolical.

  21. No one need set out more fairly and forcibly the rapacity of our Irish Reformationists, the frauds of Strafford, and the barbarities of Cromwell.

  22. In a few minutes he was again led forth, that the barbarities which had been suspended by the interposition of night, might be revived; and he made to endure a repetition of their cruelties.

  23. This was made by a party of French Jesuits, by whom the Indians were incited to make incursions, and commit the most enormous barbarities on the then frontiers.

  24. Barbarities such as these, had considerable influence on the temper and disposition of the inhabitants of the country.

  25. Affected with the barbarities which he had just witnessed, Colonel Byrd peremptorily refused, unless the chiefs would guaranty that the prisoners, which might be there taken, should be entirely at his disposal.

  26. He had been guilty, it is true, in his time, of what we would call terrific atrocities to his prisoners, which he calmly and calculatingly perpetrated as utu or retaliation for similar barbarities committed by them or their tribe.

  27. By his barbarities he had ended the dream of United Ireland.

  28. The resemblance is faint, and the barbarities of the Continental versions are happily wanting in our ballad.

  29. In England, literary prejudice against the unpolished barbarities and uncouthnesses of the ballad was at no time so pronounced as it was on the Continent, and especially in Germany, during the latter half of the eighteenth century.

  30. The negroes of Cuba have never forgotten the barbarities to which their parents were subjected in that trying year.

  31. With the history of Spanish cruelty in Cuba before them, and the memory of Spanish barbarities through all their existence as a nation, the people could mot disabuse their minds of this suspicion.

  32. Barbarities on their side seemed to have been reserved for those of their own race whom they found disloyal to the cause of their country.

  33. It has been thus briefly ventilated here solely to trace the genesis of the bitterness of that war, and of numerous later barbarities avenged in kind.

  34. Personally, I have heard, so far as I now recollect, of comparatively few barbarities perpetrated by Filipinos on captured American soldiers.

  35. A long war with the prospective saved had followed, developing many barbarities avenged in kind, and the breezes from the South Seas were suggesting the aroma of shambles.

  36. Nothing was said of the barbarities of Kirke and Jeffreys.

  37. It is thus that the barbarities of the law of 1851 are wiped out by this act of legislative justice.

  38. The horrible barbarities committed by the Irish rebels had made the Catholics so much abhorred in England, that every English member of that community was suspected of plotting the same massacres in England.

  39. The violence and barbarities which he and his troop were said to have perpetrated led to the popular belief that he was in the habit of eating children.

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