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Example sentences for "impertinent"

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impersonations; impersonator; impertinence; impertinences; impertinencies; impertinently; imperturbability; imperturbable; imperturbably; impervious
  1. The impertinent inquiry called forth from Bill an equally insulting reply.

  2. No, he will not," said the impertinent Isonna.

  3. This personage stared in an impertinent fashion at the gentleman going out; but Monsieur de Merval paid little heed to him; he was pleased to have put his old friend in a position to get rid of her visitor.

  4. Then she made some impertinent remark, I administered a healthy punishment, and we went to bed on it.

  5. In a word, he was naught but a remnant of a very good-looking man, but he still had the comme il faut manner, the intelligent eye, and the slightly impertinent and satirical tone.

  6. But the more he cut and shortened it, the longer did that impertinent nose become!

  7. Whilst he was thus occupied another laugh, and still more impertinent than the first, rang out in the silence of that solitary place.

  8. Previously to his being taken upon the scaffold, one of the Sheriffs put some very impertinent and unfeeling questions to him, which he answered with great coolness and dignity.

  9. So is the Empress," was His Excellency's reply, and he smiled with calm and impertinent condescension.

  10. And his glance, anxious and imploring, rested upon the Nabob, as if to beseech his forgiveness for that flood of impertinent paradoxes.

  11. Such were the feelings of Lady Juliana as she remained subjected to her rude gaze and impertinent remarks.

  12. Though I have been so impertinent to your book, I nevertheless hope and expect you'll send it to me.

  13. Who is Albert," said I to Charlotte, "if it is not impertinent to ask?

  14. The details of the scheme are impertinent to the present narrative.

  15. Now amongst those personal attacks there is one which says, that I am so impertinent as to dare appeal from the government to the people: and that I try to sow dissension between the people and the government.

  16. Whereupon this ridiculous girl with the impertinent nose flopped down on her knees on the sidewalk and made such comically repentant faces that all four giggled merrily.

  17. I can tell Parthenissa for her Comfort, That the Beauties, generally speaking, are the most impertinent and disagreeable of Women.

  18. The impertinent Observations which the Coxcomb made upon our Shame and Confusion were such, that it is an unspeakable Grief to reflect upon them.

  19. A Man, who cannot write with Wit on a proper Subject, is dull and stupid, but one who shews it in an improper Place, is as impertinent and absurd.

  20. She felt it was a very bold, and perhaps an impertinent thing to do, but she was almost sure that Mademoiselle Viré would do as she asked.

  21. The little maid appeared with her impertinent manner.

  22. He would take up the most famous poems, already set to music, and was impertinent enough to try to treat them differently and with greater truth than Schumann and Schubert.

  23. And, lastly, people were only too glad to give a lesson to the impertinent youngster.

  24. My readers, I trust, are troubled with no such impertinent curiosity.

  25. The chauffeur's eldest boy chuckled furtively, to be sure, but then, he was an impertinent brat, whose opinion was of no consequence whatever.

  26. These gentlemen, however, had proved to have their habitat behind corps of more or less impertinent menials.

  27. One day a dowager of the impertinent variety who thinks herself spiritual, addressed this sally to him, "Monseigneur, people are inquiring when Your Greatness will receive the red cap!

  28. And then, he had been saying impertinent things to me for a long time: 'You are ugly!

  29. Autumn is a person of good breeding, formality, and a singular way practised in the last age; and Lady Springly, a modern impertinent of our sex, who affects as improper a familiarity as the other does distance.

  30. The bearing to be laughed at for such singularity teaches us insensibly an impertinent fortitude, and enables us to bear public censure for things that most substantially deserve it.

  31. But she yields the point on making the unhappy discovery that to be learned and polite in dower articles would be illegal, that the law demands tautology, verbiage, an impertinent jargon.

  32. Impertinent schools, With musty dull rules, Have reading to females denied; So Papists refuse The Bible to use, Lest flocks should be wise as their guide.

  33. I did read them an extremely impertinent enclosure which was so like the letter I sent yesterday.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "impertinent" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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