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Example sentences for "breakers"

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  1. Accordingly, we bore once again toward the beach, and enjoyed an hour watching the breakers roll upon the shore, and in picking up curios, such as are always to be found upon the sea beach.

  2. The group continued there awhile, until the moon rose and shed its silver splendor on the rolling water about them, touching the white-capped breakers with a soft and magic radiance as they dashed upon the near-by beach.

  3. The pretty Lorna had dived through the breakers and was riding the waves like a veritable mermaid.

  4. In the meantime Jane with sure eye and steady stroke had cut under the combing breakers and reached the spot where last she had seen the drowning girl.

  5. Even the bravest held their breath as they approached the rocks, and the loud roar of the breakers sounded in their ears.

  6. Good reason had they to exert all their strength, for the ship, while dragging her anchors, had already carried them fearfully near the roaring line of breakers among which she herself was about to be engulfed.

  7. The ship pitched violently, the breakers roared, the foam flew around her, and then gliding, on, her crew perceived that she floated in a tranquil lagoon sheltered completely from the howling gales or raging seas.

  8. Stocks were used, at an early period, as a means of punishing breakers of the law.

  9. All breakers open of chests, or pickers of locks, coffers, or chests, etc.

  10. The roar of the breakers suddenly ceased, and as they looked behind them the archway was no more than a speck of light.

  11. They found themselves in a passage through the breakers where the water swirled in towards the arch.

  12. Sailors have given them the name of "gun-stones"; perhaps because the sound of the breakers reminds one of the cracking of musketry fire.

  13. The broad sea and the breakers were foaming on.

  14. The sea was rising in breakers over the banks, hillocks of white foam riding on the crest of the billows, while the margin of the waves boiled and frothed like some vast cauldron.

  15. We were during some part of the night in a critical position; we heard before us the noise of the breakers over which we had to pass, and we could ascertain their direction by the phosphoric gleam reflected from the foam of the sea.

  16. The dangers of the breakers begin only beyond the meridian 80 degrees 45 minutes west longitude.

  17. The Puerto Casilda is more inclosed and goes further back inland but cannot be entered without a pilot, on account of the breakers (arrecifes) and the Mulas and Mulattas.

  18. The island of Cuba being surrounded with shoals and breakers along more than two-thirds of its length, and as ships keep out beyond those dangers, the real shape of the island was for a long time unknown.

  19. In the evening we went on shore at Cayo de Piedras; two rocks connected together by breakers and lying in the direction of north-north-west to south-south-east.

  20. Will the breakers be heavier before sundown?

  21. And even as he spoke a fresh line of breakers arose from the deep, farther out than any had been before.

  22. The next one or two breakers were small, much to his relief I could see, though he said nothing.

  23. When I arrived there I found that the white-crested breakers were heavier than I had thought they would be.

  24. If the girls were alone and the tide full, they threw off their clothes and ran into a sandy, shallow pool, where the water never came above their waists, and where it was safe to let the breakers dash over them.

  25. The great grey breakers heaved themselves skywards, paused for half a second, split and crashed down upon the rocks the next morning as Leonie and Jan Cuxson sat on the sands under the lowering sky.

  26. The whisper was almost lost in the tumult of the breakers beneath.

  27. The men told me that they watched her till towards night, when she snapped her cable and drove up over the breakers high and dry upon the beach.

  28. Safe-breakers are often called upon by forgers and asked to secure a sheet of checks out of a check-book.

  29. Safe breakers are often called upon by forgers and asked to secure a sheet of checks out of a checkbook.

  30. May the saints watch over you, and send you a friend if ever your task is too heavy and the breakers are close beneath your lee.

  31. He felt he could afford it, for the few minutes of tense uncertainty when he had hauled the lighter out of the grasp of the breakers had been curiously pleasant to him.

  32. Everywhere about the blazing building parties of men like hounds on the trail were hunting down strike-breakers and, on finding them, were brutally battering them into insensibility.

  33. He furthermore gave them warning that if any strike-breakers were employed, of which he had heard rumours, he would have nothing to do with the bunch.

  34. The foundry was a wreck, but even this did not satisfy the fury of the strikers, which had been excited by the presence of the strike-breakers imported by McGinnis.

  35. The strike-breakers must be got to the Police Headquarters, the nearest available place of safety.

  36. Disposing of the strike-breakers in the office, Maitland and his guard of specials passed outside to the main gate and took their places beside McNish and his guard.

  37. The wind, increasing steadily, was now whipping the sea into angry breakers that dashed resoundingly against the rocky barrier of the island.

  38. Reaching the proper latitude, Meares rounded a promontory and found behind it a bay which he was unable to enter because of a continuous line of breakers extending across it.

  39. From this harbor he ran on south for a few miles past Cape Disappointment, and then sailed through an opening in the breakers into a bay which he supposed formed the mouth of the river of which he was in search.

  40. The night would be stormy, and a sharp breeze was already springing up and blowing the flag of the steamer straight out, and on the bare sands in the foreground the breakers were coming in heavily.

  41. Valmai did not answer; she looked out to the horizon where the blue of the sky joined the blue of the sea, and the white breakers glinted in the sunshine.

  42. How far up the beach at Ynysoer those breakers run!

  43. Above all came the roar of the breakers as they dashed against the rocky sides of the island, which lay, a black mass, in the seething water a few hundred yards from the shore.

  44. But the voice of the breakers is louder and fainter by turns.

  45. The noise of the rapids anywhere inland is as useful to the ear as the noise of breakers on the shore.

  46. Undoubtedly there are many apparently insignificant features, which can nevertheless be shown to be adaptations--for instance, the thickness of the basin-shaped shell of the limpets that live among the breakers on the shore.

  47. To the peace party Dragomirov's objection is urged that its attempts are contrary to the fundamental laws of nature, and that no sea wall can hold against breakers that come with such gathered force.

  48. As the evening wore on towards night, a storm rose, and the fierce wind of late autumn drove the breakers with a resounding roar on the long beach.

  49. In the hush of the night the sound of breakers bore in on us insistently.

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