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Example sentences for "clanged"

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  1. A man stepped out and raised one hand, and with the other flung a bright lump of something into the pan of the scales, which clanged down, and Smith muttered something in his ear.

  2. His arms and legs jiggled and joggled about, and his cymbals clanged with a tinkling sound.

  3. Farther and farther swung the Calico Clown, and, as he moved to and fro, his cymbals clanged together.

  4. He clapped his hands together to warm them, and his cymbals clanged in the cold, frosty air of the ice box.

  5. And as the cymbals tinkled and clanged the typewriter girl laughed harder than ever.

  6. Up leaped the Captain of Plymouth, and stamped on the floor, till his armor Clanged on the wall, where it hung, with a sound of sinister omen.

  7. Loud clanged beneath his horse-hoofs The helmets of the dead, 450 And many a curdling pool of blood Splashed him from heel to head.

  8. The bell clanged frequently, sharply, jangling in the gusts--like an anxious warning.

  9. They clanged the tall iron gate behind them, and stood a moment watching the moon.

  10. As the century clanged noisily into its busy eighties, Adrian P.

  11. Half-past six clanged on the town clock, and as Jake Dolan opened the bank door, Hendricks heard the roar of the train crossing at the end of Main Street.

  12. He paused while a switch engine clanged by and the crowd surged out of the depot, and ebbed back again into their seats.

  13. The brass gongs clanged down in the bowels of H.

  14. The two gongs clanged like an echo to him, and the Puncher's speed was reduced at once to her point, of minimum stability.

  15. The big gongs clanged again, and the Puncher drifted rather than drove down on the smaller craft.

  16. The gongs clanged out an alarm and the throbbing ceased.

  17. The gongs clanged presently, and the Puncher swallowed half her speed at once, giving the pilot courage.

  18. The portiere swung back, the door clanged upon them, and there on the threshold he dwelt, looking with a silent, smiling inquisition into the eyes of his visitor.

  19. They had seen him carried off, persuaded, fondled, revered by that very despot whom he had dared divinely to rebuke, and the doors had clanged and the dream passed.

  20. The locomotive whistle shrilled shortly once, then the bell clanged and clanged with warning insistence.

  21. Money," clanged the church bells in the town on the hill.

  22. The great hoarse whistles roared and the shrill siren whistles screamed and the car bells clanged and the church bells rang.

  23. Again, even as before, the door swung wide, the prisoner slipped within, the door clanged shut, the bolts clattered noisily into their sockets.

  24. A cell-door swung open, the prisoner stepped within, the door clanged to, the bolts shot into their sockets noisily.

  25. The three men were then cut down, all hands were turned to, and, sullenly worked by the moody seamen, the iron pumps clanged as before.

  26. And with that the pump clanged like fifty fire-engines; the men tossed their hats off to it, and ere long that peculiar gasping of the lungs was heard which denotes the fullest tension of life's utmost energies.

  27. I'm sorry, lad, but discipline is discipline," remarked the petty officer as he clanged the door of the brig on Hickey.

  28. The bully made no reply, and a moment later the cell door clanged behind him.

  29. The engine-room bell clanged once more; the ship seemed to leap suddenly forward.

  30. The bell clanged again; the water below me gleamed and whitened; the dark body of the steamer, with her lines of lit ports, swept slowly across the lights in the harbour.

  31. The two last remained on guard at the door, and they and Roger waited in the semi-darkness listening to the lumbering tread of the troopers as they stumbled on the wooden stairs, or their weapons clanged against the wall.

  32. Before he could rise the door clanged horridly on him, the key grated in the lock, he was in darkness, a prisoner!

  33. Their ramrods clanged loud with fury as their eager arms pounded the cartridges into the rifle barrels.

  34. The steel ramrods clanked and clanged with incessant din as the men pounded them furiously into the hot rifle barrels.

  35. Her the prince, Harnessed in scaly gold Arabian, met; So clanged the prologue of the battle.

  36. She turned to flee With a face so white That it haunts and will haunt me; The wind blew gustily, The graveyard gate clanged tight.

  37. When the heaven above was blistered One scald of blinding storm, And the blackness clanged like a cavern Of iron where demons swarm, I rode in the court of the castle With the shield upon my arm.

  38. Straight flew a hand unto every side; Each man had a sword and nothing more, And the swords they clanged in a heap on the floor.

  39. It was a festival in which noise shared largely, for rockets were exploding at intervals, and the bells of every church we passed clanged madly, pulled by boys who, against the sky, looked like imps.

  40. Bells were chiming as I entered Santiago; they rang, it seemed, throughout the night, and at daybreak clanged to summon worshippers to early Mass.

  41. I drank, and the wine did not affect me, as voices got loud and louder, and glasses rang, and spurs rattled on shuffling heels, and a scabbard clanged on a chair.

  42. When the doors clanged shut and the bolts were shot, I lay back on my couch.

  43. As he spoke the great clock of the palace slowly clanged midnight, and Brandilancia turned white and caught Essex's arm for support.

  44. I didn't mind so much when I felt my footbrake snap, but when I put all my weight on my side-brake, and the lever clanged to its full limit without a catch, it brought a cold sweat out of me.

  45. Twilight deepened into darkness, the bustle from the Rue de Rivoli waxed and then waned, distant Notre Dame clanged out the hour of midnight, and still the dark and lonely figure sat silently in the shadow.

  46. When he clanged the old brass knocker on the door, Samanthy Green answered the call.

  47. No breath stirred the famishing trees, the smell of hot asphalt was in the air, locusts buzzed vigorously everywhere, trolley bells clanged out of tune, and the sun was leaving a blood-hot trail across the sky in angry augury for the morrow.

  48. A cab clattered down Fifteenth Street, and the gongs on the car line clanged in reply, but that was all.

  49. With a mighty bound, Damis sprang through the door of the space ship and the airlock clanged shut behind him.

  50. As the lock clanged shut, he turned to his companion.

  51. The rusty key creaked in the lock, the great door clanged behind them; and Toad was a helpless prisoner in the remotest dungeon of the best-guarded keep of the stoutest castle in all the length and breadth of Merry England.

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