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Example sentences for "clandestinely"

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  1. And one hint was communicated to me clandestinely that if I would only break through my window, a company was formed who would defend me when once outside our house.

  2. I was now where I could make direct application, by passing a letter clandestinely through a crack in my window.

  3. Stiffs” are letters written clandestinely by prisoners to one another on any scrap of paper they can find.

  4. I merely argued logically within myself that it could not possibly be a case of suicide, for without a doubt she had met clandestinely the eccentric old man whom the world believed to be dead.

  5. I have myself been witness of one most astonishing fact--namely, that she was in the habit of meeting a certain man clandestinely at night, and that their favourite walk was along the river bank.

  6. I imagine it was carried on clandestinely and, I am certain, with portentous gravity, at the back of copses, behind hedges .

  7. He had made a miserable, hopeless girl follow him clandestinely to London.

  8. Lord Hertford clandestinely married Lady Jane Grey’s second sister, Lady Katherine, and was imprisoned for many years in the Tower by Elizabeth’s order “for venturing to marry an heiress to the throne.

  9. At the feet of a bed a man is sitting by a woman almost naked, who puts her hand into his purse, and clandestinely delivers the money she takes from it to a fellow standing behind one of the curtains.

  10. Bryant would swear to the identification, and Parkinson would swear that Mrs Guy Spencer, once Norah Burton, had met George Burton clandestinely four times in a fortnight, and had supplied him with money.

  11. The terror that despotism felt, clandestinely begot a confederation of despots; and their attack upon France was produced by their fears at home.

  12. Government first contracted a debt, in the form of loans, with one class of people, and then run clandestinely into debt with another class, by means of bank notes, to pay the interest.

  13. Lyman, at the very moment when we were marketing the treasury stock under a binding contract which forbade him or any one else to dispose of any Bullfrog Rush stock under any circumstances, was clandestinely getting rid of these shares.

  14. These persons are here brought in a mass to clear themselves of this charge by criminating other persons, and clandestinely imputing to them the effect of their own iniquity.

  15. The bill was followed by another, which had reference to frauds committed on the customs, by false accounts of imported goods, and the re-landing clandestinely such as had received drawbacks at their exportation.

  16. For this sum, so clandestinely and corruptly taken, he received a bond to himself, on his own account, as for money lent to the Company.

  17. Some others were clandestinely circulated in France before the end of the century; and the list of men suspected of infidelity, if we could trust all private anecdotes of the time, would be by no means short.

  18. Several portions had been clandestinely published, in consequence of the author’s inability to protect his rights; and even the first complete edition in 1581 seems to have been without his previous consent.

  19. What good object can there be in a scheme so clandestinely begun!

  20. It may be watching some money-broker's exchange down-town, for the dishonest boy of some establishment clandestinely selling the postage stamps of his firm.

  21. The girl thus becomes clandestinely "gay," and spreads the influence of her evil example and impure associations among her shopmates.

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