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Example sentences for "anchorages"

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anche; ancho; anchor; anchora; anchorage; anchored; anchoress; anchoresses; anchoret; anchorets
  1. Davies opened wide eyes, and said it was all his fault for forgetting that I was not as used to such anchorages as he was.

  2. Davies, who sometimes appealed to me for a word, was deep in talk over anchorages and ducks, especially, as I well remember now, about the chance of sport in a certain Schlei Fiord.

  3. There are however other anchorages that might be resorted to in the event of being thrown upon a lee shore, which are equally good with Port Hunter, Shoal Bay, and Glass House Bay.

  4. Anchorets were a sort of monks, so called from their shutting themselves up in anchorages or cells.

  5. All these anchorages were abolished at the Dissolution or at the Reformation.

  6. The sudden appearance of this breeze, and the manner in which it was succeeded by another from the westward, afforded additional evidence of how necessary it is for anchorages in this strait to be sheltered from both quarters.

  7. The anchorages which lie in the western part of Franklin Channel are not so sheltered as those between Barren and Clarke Islands.

  8. To the westward, in Crooked Reach, the anchorages are not so good, and excepting Borja Bay, none seem to offer much convenience.

  9. A moderate depth of water and good anchorages were found near slaty or sandstone hills, but exactly the reverse in the vicinity of granite.

  10. Our anchorages were chiefly on the eastern shore, that the openings on that side might be more readily examined; but all which appeared to run far inland were found to be merely narrow inlets, or sounds ending abruptly.

  11. Two good anchorages were found on the west side, but none on the east, except a trifling cove between the little island and the land, which would only shelter a small vessel.

  12. He came to make inquiries about good anchorages to the westward (having already lost two anchors), and to learn in what part of the Strait he was; his own idea being, that the vessel was under Cape Monday.

  13. The soldiers also discovered the main cache of Japanese suicide boats, nearly 300 power boats equipped with high-explosive rams intended to sink the thin-skinned troop transports in their anchorages off the west coast of Okinawa.

  14. Admiral Turner now had a series of sheltered anchorages to repair ships likely to be damaged by Japanese air attacks--and already kamikazes were exacting a toll.

  15. Fifth Fleet constituted an awesome sight as it sortied from Ulithi Atoll and a dozen other ports and anchorages to steam towards the Ryukyus.

  16. Between the 24th and 25th degrees is the bay of La Paz, an extensive indenture, protected towards the gulf by numerous isles and islets and affording excellent anchorages for vessels of any draft or any number.

  17. The haven of Manzanillo, or port of Colima, as it is sometimes called, is seventeen leagues west of the capital; and with but small expense to government might be made one of the best anchorages in the Republic.

  18. Free use by Allied ships of all ports and anchorages now in Turkish occupation and denial of their use by the enemy.

  19. The captive Germans were piloted to anchorages assigned to them and British ships from the northern column steamed on to the regular anchorages higher up the Firth.

  20. The anchorages of the two fleets, in Martinique and Sta.

  21. Nevis, from which position the wind is fair to reach all anchorages on the lee side of the islands.

  22. It is certainly one of the best anchorages I have met with for a fleet," he wrote, "but I suppose the French will take it now we have used it.

  23. It is a splendid sheet of water, in a general way about fifteen miles long and ten wide, with a narrow entrance and water just deep enough for safe manoeuvring and good anchorages everywhere.

  24. About one month was consumed by brief stays in various California anchorages on the way from Magdalena Bay to San Francisco.

  25. The fleet stopped at five California anchorages on the way from Magdalena to San Francisco, the real terminus of the cruise as ordered originally by President Roosevelt.

  26. There was a stay of four days at San Diego, of seven days in the four anchorages adjacent to Los Angeles, the fleet being split up into four divisions; of five days in Santa Barbara and of four days in Monterey and Santa Cruz.

  27. These basins form good anchorages for small craft, as the swell of the open sea cannot cross the reef; only the entrances are often crooked and hard to find.

  28. None of the anchorages on the west coast could be touched, and everywhere we saw brown woods, leafless as in winter, and damaged plantations; and all the way down to Vila we heard of new casualties.

  29. Macquarie Island anchorages are treacherous, and several ships engaged in the sealing and whaling trade have left their bones on the rocky shores, where bask great herds of seals and sea-elephants.

  30. The anchorages can not be said to be the best in the world, although a few of them are excellent, and most of them sufficiently deep for ordinary craft.

  31. On the rugged north side, where the ocean currents set to southward, there are no good anchorages between Arecibo and San Juan.

  32. Inside the harbour are many pleasant anchorages for yachts, especially Quail Island and Ripa Island; also Governor's Bay, a favourite holiday resort of the people of Christchurch.

  33. It took a long time to establish the twenty good anchorages necessary for the masts.

  34. Nowhere is there a harbour in the proper sense of the word, though six or seven anchorages are recognized.

  35. Not a moment was lost: some were employed in making anchorages for the wireless masts; others commenced to construct a Hangar to house the air-tractor sledge.

  36. It will be noticed that no less than nine of these anchorages are marked, and that most of them are in the port of Vera Cruz.

  37. The island of Skikotan is almost circular in shape, and it has one or two small anchorages on its north coast.

  38. Akkeshi lies at the north-east side of the large bay which goes by the same name, and which, by the way, is probably one of the best anchorages on the south coast of Yezo.

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