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Example sentences for "chucked"

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chtige; chub; chubby; chubs; chuck; chucking; chuckle; chuckled; chuckles; chuckling
  1. You had everything and you chucked it away.

  2. Then Aline took up one of those army aviators, and chucked him for that fellow who painted her portrait, and threw him over for the lawn-tennis champion.

  3. He pathetically complained to him on the way that he had been chucked out of his employment and was now a fugitive on the face of the earth, whereupon he fell to weeping bitterly and dried his tears with the mastiff's bushy tail.

  4. Well, that girl is not to be chucked out; won't have her on my chest.

  5. You'd think it funnier if you'd just come out of prison and were going to be chucked out of your job, on to the world again.

  6. Nellie, laughing merrily when they were all consumed, and the bones of the fish chucked overboard to feed their brethren below.

  7. With a desolate recklessness, he chucked the crown-piece into the air, caught it in his palm, and walked silently on.

  8. He chucked me a crown-piece this morning, as if it had been no more nor a cockle shell--he did.

  9. And so saying, as he turned his horse's head in the direction indicated, he chucked a crown piece into the cart.

  10. A little of the bullying usually practised by unskilled riders then commenced; he spurred the animal, and then chucked it in the mouth with the sharp curb; strange to say, this proceeding failed in making the stupid equus more quiet.

  11. The venerable gentleman then chucked the delinquent over his shoulder, and continued his promenade with the greatest coolness: this old baboon evidently was acquainted with the practical details of Solomon's proverb.

  12. The pay they're offering you is equal to a cool L800 a year at home, to say nothing of extras chucked in.

  13. Well, they might have chucked them on our heads.

  14. The girl next to me got up in her seat, chucked her head back, and began to sing too.

  15. I've no doubt that if we had chucked out a good customer from the Guelph that would have been the end of the place.

  16. I got hold of his neck, gave him a couple of shakes, and chucked him across the room.

  17. I could never quite tell how it came about; he had only just mounted me on the training ground, when something I did put him out of temper, and he chucked me hard with the rein.

  18. And so the whip is plied and the rein is chucked and often a rough, scolding voice cries out, "Go along, you lazy beast!

  19. Well, the sooner you begin the better," I said; and I chucked the boot into a corner and bolted.

  20. Tony would have a bare chance to live if we pulled his ripcord and chucked him out.

  21. We ducked into a slit trench and started tossing hand grenades, but the Japs chucked them right back at us before they could explode.

  22. March could have been sentenced to imprisonment or chucked out of the army if the court had believed in his giving the order to fire the guns on his own responsibility out of sheer madness, or spite against Vandyke.

  23. It was only when I seen the stunt was no good I chucked it and come back with your letter.

  24. The people hanging about hushed their talk, and in less than ten minutes a third gold ring was chucked over the other two that weighed down the widow's finger, and she walked off with number three as proud as a white peacock.

  25. By and by, in came the waiter-man, with two plates of cabbage cut fine, and chucked a vinegar cruet down before me; then he clapped salt and pepper before Cousin D.

  26. The messenger (one of those dogs who are not too scornful to eat dirty puddings) caught in his hand the guinea which Hector chucked at his face; and abode warily and carefully the turn which matters were now to take.

  27. But when you asked me that you spoke, a minute afterwards, of my having--chucked it, as if it was giving up sugar or stopping bridge.

  28. Just a year, you said, since I'd--chucked it.

  29. Do you know, it's almost exactly a year since you chucked it?

  30. Well, I've chucked it all--or it has been chucked for me.

  31. Milly retorted brightly, as she chucked the bunch of violets she had been wearing out of the cab window because they were somewhat wilted, and she added warningly, "I hate mean people!

  32. He chucked his clothes overboard," said the captain.

  33. I shouldn't have been surprised if she'd chucked herself out of the car as we came down this morning.

  34. Chucked you into the scrap heap to save themselves.

  35. A person might be chucked out of meetings just as young men are chucked out of music-halls--for fun.

  36. But she does not prove it by being chucked out of meetings.

  37. The Turks beat you"--here they chucked me close up, and dashed into the stream.

  38. An' chucked orf at 'em like a phonergraft!

  39. Fer 'er sweet sake I've gone and chucked it clean: The pubs an' schools an' all that leery game.

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