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Example sentences for "hurtle"

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hurteth; hurtful; hurtfull; hurtfulness; hurting; hurtled; hurtles; hurtling; hurts; hus
  1. Suddenly the shells hurtle whistling over the wood.

  2. High explosives hurtle by without pause, bursting over Pretz, shattering roofs and bringing down whole walls.

  3. Suddenly the surly detonation of a 75 shatters the peace; soon all the guns hidden in the wood intone a brutal chorus; the clamour envelops us; each shot seems to hurtle past with a violence sufficient to burst the gun firing it.

  4. Our shells hurtle towards them like gigantic rockets minus their tail of sparks.

  5. If Hurtle should happen to show good form they would turn in a flash.

  6. I had some difficulty in fitting Hurtle with a uniform, and when I did get him dressed he resembled a two-legged giraffe decked out in white shirt, gray trousers and maroon stockings.

  7. You go to Whit Hurtle and tell him I said if he wins today's game I'll kiss him!

  8. Then and there Hurtle got the name that was to cling to him all his baseball days.

  9. That moment bound Whit Hurtle and Frank Connelly into a far closer relation than the one between player and manager.

  10. I could have done something terrible to Hurtle for his deliberation, yet I knew he was proving himself what I had always tried to train him to be.

  11. I asked the manager what he wanted and produced the cash; I asked Hurtle what he wanted, doubled his ridiculously modest demand, paid him in advance, and got his name to the contract.

  12. Hurtle stood stiff and awkward in the box and seemed to be rolling something in his mouth.

  13. And bold Electric Pindar, quick as fear, With race-dust on his cheeks, and clear Slant startled eyes that seem to hear The chariot rounding the last goal, To hurtle past it in his soul.

  14. In the second, the power that releases them to hurtle downwards must come from the enemy base itself, to permit of no possible error.

  15. Then she felt Atiba's hand shove her aside and saw his dark form hurtle down the trail toward the planter.

  16. If one broke loose from its tackles, it could hurtle through the side of the ship, opening a gash that would surely take enough water to sink them in minutes.

  17. Presently he saw the basket hurtle toward a group of priests upon the great stairway.

  18. Of course, several guardsmen had seen a large man-sized object hurtle from the balcony and fall with a loud splash into the moat below.

  19. The fact that he had once disgraced himself by offering to make Mrs Hurtle his wife, rendered him unworthy of Hetta Carbury.

  20. Mrs Hurtle had heard often of Sir Felix Carbury, and was quite as certain as Mrs Pipkin that he did not mean to marry Ruby Ruggles.

  21. In a few minutes Felix found himself alone with Mrs Hurtle in her own room.

  22. He had been told that he ought to take his wife's arm on this occasion, but he remarked that he meant to see a good deal of her in future, and that his opportunities of being civil to Mrs Hurtle and Mrs Pipkin would be rare.

  23. Mrs Hurtle in a whisper to Mrs Pipkin expressed a wicked wish that it might be so.

  24. Mrs Hurtle was a widow whom he had once promised to marry.

  25. But from Mrs Hurtle the policemen did manage to learn something of the truth.

  26. Mrs Hurtle rose from her chair and came forward to greet her visitor, putting out both her hands to do so.

  27. There was this great difficulty in the matter, too,--that it was very hard to speak of his engagement with Mrs Hurtle without in some sort alluding to his love for Henrietta Carbury.

  28. As true as I stand here, he is engaged to marry a woman called Mrs Hurtle whom he constantly visits at that place in Islington.

  29. Mrs Hurtle smiled as she read the letter.

  30. On this very day it was Hetta's purpose to visit Mrs Hurtle at Islington.

  31. It was now more than a fortnight since he had taken Mrs Hurtle to the play, and she was still living in lodgings at Islington.

  32. The tree-tops bend and cry; the clouds tell of the gale overhead, now thinning to let the sunshine out, now darkening under a sudden squall and dropping a hurtle of hail.

  33. How they thrill and enthrall, How they hurtle and call With shrill caterwaul.

  34. Farther down again, and you come to Hurtle Pot, a gloomy cavity overhung by trees, and mantled with ivy, ferns, and coarse weeds.

  35. You can get down to the edge of the water by an inconvenient path, and feel the gloom, and find excuses for the rustics who believe in the existence of the Hurtle Pot Boggart.

  36. They hurtle against each other so grimly at the by-passing that their eyes sparkle as it were of stars in their heads, and the horses stagger under them.

  37. They hurtle so strongly either against other of their bodies and their horses that their eyes sparkle as of stars in their heads and the blood rayeth out of King Arthur by mouth and nose.

  38. Nabigant espieth Messire Gawain and cometh toward him, and Messire Gawain toward him again, and they hurtle together either on other so strongly that Messire Gawain beareth Nabigant to the ground, him and his horse together all in a heap.

  39. They hurtle against each other so strongly that knights and horses fall together to the ground all in a heap.

  40. They come with so swift an onset either upon other that they break their spears upon their shields, and hurtle together so sore that the Knight of the Rock Gladoens falleth over the croup of his horse.

  41. It was our theory that our passage there, in the early afternoon, was beset with danger, and our impression that we saw fragments of rock hurtle through the air and smite to the earth another and yet another of the persons engaged or exposed.

  42. He saw many apes watching from below, and then he saw the rope part and the boy hurtle downward toward the ground.

  43. She saw a heavy hunting spear hurtle through the air to meet the lion in midleap.

  44. He had scarcely finished speaking, when loud booming was heard from the sea, and missiles commenced to hurtle overhead.

  45. Shells began to hurtle above her decks and crash through her plates; and, finally, seeing the hopelessness of the struggle, her commander struck his flag.

  46. Therewith they began to hurtle greedily, Therewith > With that; thereupon hurtle > brandish arms (catachr.

  47. His harmful club he began to hurtle high, hurtle > brandish (catachr.

  48. The frown of his face Before me, the hurtle of hell Behind, where, where was a, where was a place?

  49. On Christ they do and on the martyr may; But be the war within, the brand we wield Unseen, the heroic breast not outward-steeled, Earth hears no hurtle then from fiercest fray.

  50. Meanwhile the free electron may hurtle about with its charge of negative electricity, or may combine with some neutral atom and thus give to that neutral atom a negative charge.

  51. Then, from somewhere up aloft, rifle-bullets began to hurtle among them, and then the end was very near.

  52. I desire not drink to my lips when athirst, nor meat to my mouth when an hungered, as I desire the hour when we hurtle together in the field.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hurtle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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