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  1. That is the impolicy of announcing our intention to evacuate Khartoum.

  2. I said, 'You will not guarantee future government of the Soudan, and you wish me to go up and evacuate now.

  3. After a conversation with the ministers, he came out and said to Gordon, "Government are determined to evacuate the Soudan, for they will not guarantee the future government.

  4. Earl Russell: No; the French proposition was clearly that the Prussian troops should evacuate the district before the vote was taken by means of Commissioners.

  5. He advanced by the valley of the Douro; then, turning to the north-east, he compelled the French to evacuate Burgos, and passed the Ebro on June 13.

  6. He succeeded in inducing Turkey to evacuate the principalities and to open the Dardanelles to ships of all nations, but Turkish obstinacy deferred the conclusion of a treaty.

  7. Meanwhile she endeavoured to allay distrust of Russia by inducing that power to evacuate the Danubian principalities.

  8. The French were to evacuate not only Egypt, but the Neapolitan and Roman States.

  9. It was in vain that Holland asked that Belgium should evacuate the Dutch provinces of Limburg and Luxemburg and pay her share of the interest on the Dutch debt.

  10. Another protocol of the same date ordered the Belgians to evacuate the grand duchy of Luxemburg.

  11. Metternich was content with reducing France to the natural frontiers already offered to her, and aimed merely at compelling Napoleon to recognise the fait accompli in Germany, and to evacuate Italy and Spain.

  12. In moments the Spanish gunners were jostling toward the corridor, each wanting to be the first to evacuate his family and wealth from Villa de la Vega.

  13. If we can do that, then the Spaniards'll not have time to evacuate the town.

  14. But that the French will evacuate the Eternal City is highly improbable.

  15. They begged Austria to evacuate the Papal Legations, and to leave off interfering with the States of Central Italy.

  16. It was hoped that these operations would have the effect of quieting the country, and, by the time they had been carried out, it would be possible to evacuate northern Afghanistan.

  17. Germanic Confederation if the German troops did not evacuate the duchies and retire beyond the Elbe.

  18. At first he rapidly carried the positions of the enemy as far as the Adige, but he was attacked by superior forces and afterwards (in August) he lost the murderous battle of Custozza and was obliged to evacuate Milan.

  19. The troops retired, were driven back at every point and forced to evacuate the town.

  20. In town they say we may have to evacuate before to-morrow.

  21. She was far more worried over the possible order to evacuate than she would admit.

  22. No, if the order to evacuate comes we must go at once.

  23. The population is instructed to evacuate immediately, leaving all action to the police.

  24. The population will evacuate Ensfield, leaving all action to the police.

  25. A council of officers was summoned, and by his advice the conclusion was reached to evacuate the island.

  26. Admiral Howe, with his large and well-equipped fleet, could have readily besieged New York, and forced Washington with his little band of patriots to evacuate the place.

  27. The situation of the Spaniards becoming desperate, Cortez persuaded the captive monarch to address his people from a terrace, and request them to desist from their attacks and allow the Spaniards to evacuate the city.

  28. The desire to evacuate the country where they had suffered so severely was universal.

  29. In order to approach them, it was necessary for the royal army to evacuate Guamanga, and ascend a very steep slope to the terrace-like plateau where Almagro’s army was posted.

  30. On the fifteenth of September he was compelled to evacuate New York, with the loss of his heavy artillery and a large part of his stores, and General Howe took possession of the city.

  31. The new-built city received the name of Tai-du, and all those of the inhabitants who were natives of Cathay were compelled to evacuate the ancient city and to take up their abode in the new.

  32. Disastrous terms are imposed on the crusaders, who evacuate Egypt.

  33. So intimidated was the latter that he resigned the command of the army to Gamboa, whom he ordered to evacuate the fortress of Arauco.

  34. Meanwhile Pizarro had come to the determination to evacuate Peru and fall back upon Chili, which territory was beyond the jurisdiction of the President.

  35. The French commander now agreed to evacuate the island of Maranham within five months, on condition that the Portuguese should pay for the artillery to be left there, thus to enable him to pay for transports for his people.

  36. They had been forced to evacuate Haumont, but their sustained and splendid defense of the place was one of the bravest deeds that marked the Homeric struggle at Verdun.

  37. The Belgians were forced partly to evacuate their advanced positions over the river Yser, near Hernisse, south of Dixmude.

  38. This move compelled the French troops occupying the summit of Hirzstein to evacuate their position.

  39. The Flemish army, after several severe checks, capitulated to evacuate the kingdom.

  40. The King of France was forced to raise the siege of Verneuil, to evacuate Normandy, and agree to a truce.

  41. He obliged him to evacuate all the towns on the sea-coast, and spread the renown and terror of his arms over all Asia.

  42. The King Harfager, and the traitor Tosti, who had joined him, were slain in the battle, and the Norwegians were forced to evacuate the country.

  43. A few shells caused the enemy to evacuate Artenay, pursued by the cavalry as far as Croix Briquet.

  44. Two batteries had taken up position on the Mollette brook, and their fire drove back the enemy and even compelled him to evacuate Drancy.

  45. Its left flank now completely uncovered by the retreat of the Brigade Pittie, and its last strength exhausted by a long struggle, the brigade found itself finally forced to evacuate its long-held position.

  46. When the attempt to establish an armistice failed, General Bordone determined to evacuate Dijon in the course of the night and retire upon assured neutral ground.

  47. In the execution of this order, the Ist Army had so extended its cantonments southward that they trenched on the line of march of the IInd Army, and it had to evacuate the quarters about Ottweiler in favour of the latter.

  48. Scarcely had he retired than news came that Cronje had decided to evacuate Magersfontein.

  49. But French checkmated every move, although he finally thought it wise that Colonel Fisher should evacuate the hill he had so cleverly won.

  50. While he was preparing to evacuate Abu Klea, Buller received information to the effect that the enemy was advancing upon him with a force of eight thousand men.

  51. The Mexican army hastened to evacuate the city, and on September 14 the Stars and Stripes floated over the capital of Mexico.

  52. By the Treaty of Paris (1814) Napoleon had agreed for himself and his family to renounce the throne of France, and the allied Powers had agreed to evacuate French territory.

  53. Preparation is being made to evacuate Washington, N.

  54. Upon his report being heard, it was decided to evacuate the fort with most of the forces.

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