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evacuate; evacuated; evacuates; evacuating; evacuation; evade; evaded; evades; evading; evah
  1. The evacuations became less frequent, and in a week the patient was able to be up.

  2. Thus, the evacuations of the Cochin-China patients were found to contain such multitudes of the worms that their numbers could only be adequately estimated at so many hundreds of thousands passed in twenty-four hours.

  3. We therefore conclude it may be usefully employed in malignant Fevers, as soon as the previous and necessary Evacuations shall have taken Place.

  4. Their Drink should be such as allays Thirst, and abates the Fever; such as dilutes, relaxes, and promotes the Evacuations by Stool, Urine and Perspiration.

  5. When these Evacuations naturally cease through Age (See Sec.

  6. For when any of these Evacuations supervene, the Fever vanishes; the Patient resumes his Strength, and perfectly recovers.

  7. The Evacuations that were necessary for the Cure, or sometimes for the Prevention, of them, have not taken place, during the first fourteen Days.

  8. Hence all the Evacuations are restrained; the Humours causing and nourishing the Diseases are not at all attempered, diluted, nor rendered proper for Evacuation.

  9. The discharges may be increased either by exercise, or by evacuations procured by art.

  10. The evacuations were involuntary and watery; the man was insensible, with frequent convulsions of the kind described, for two days, but on the third day became conscious, and made a good recovery.

  11. Vomiting is not common; the sphincters may be paralysed so that the evacuations are involuntary, and there may be also spasmodic contractions of the urinary bladder.

  12. The mixture of blood with the evacuations is more constantly observed in poisoning by corrosive sublimate than in poisoning by arsenic, copper, or lead.

  13. Several loose greenish-yellow evacuations were passed; there was no blood.

  14. During the civil war, with its changing fronts, evacuations assumed a more feverish and consequently a still more destructive character.

  15. Endless evacuations simultaneous with the destruction of industry, of necessity meant the destruction of transport also.

  16. Dysentery Dysentery is somewhat similar to diarrhoea, but the symptoms are more aggravated in character, and the evacuations are chiefly mucus streaked with blood.

  17. It is used internally, to produce watery evacuations in dropsy, to remove intestinal worms, and correct the slimy motions of children.

  18. Bilious Attacks Bilious attacks, if attended with diarrhoea and copious evacuations of a bright yellow colour.

  19. This discharge being suppressed, evacuations of blood from the anus ensued, under which she died, in March, 1809.

  20. Evacuations of blood from the nose are not uncommon.

  21. Constipation is quite common at the commencement of the attack, followed by diarrhea and severe straining, the evacuations becoming very soft, fetid, and streaked with blood.

  22. The evacuations from the bowels are dry and hard.

  23. To bring on evacuations of the bowels it is better to give rectal injections than to administer purges.

  24. As it had been very difficult to procure evacuations by any means, I ordered half an ounce of Fol.

  25. While some of the food is got rid of by vomiting, some passes into the intestines, and there becomes putrid, as the horribly offensive evacuations prove.

  26. The evacuations are usually scanty, sometimes pale, often of different colours, almost always deficient in bile, frequently mud-coloured and very offensive.

  27. At the same time the over-action of the bowels sets in, and twenty or thirty evacuations may be passed in twenty-four hours.

  28. In cases of simple loss of appetite, the debility of the stomach is participated in by the intestines, and constipation is of frequent occurrence, though the evacuations do not always appear unhealthy.

  29. And it certainly needs no arguments to prove that our evacuations after eating them take place without any convulsions or trouble, and that they are more numerous and more rapid and more easy in consequence.

  30. And they make the evacuations more copious and fluid, and rapid and wholly free from discomfort; and they also diffuse a saltish juice, having a good deal of harshness, when they are combined with anything at all salt.

  31. Regularity of habit should be established, and the evacuations rendered semi-fluid—as figured or hard stools generally aggravate the symptoms.

  32. In complete fistula in ano, and in the incomplete internal variety, the evacuations are streaked or covered with pus and mucus, perhaps also slightly tinged with blood.

  33. The muscular motions caused by sensation continue; as those concerned in our evacuations during infancy, and afterwards in digestion, and in priapismus.

  34. When these evacuations did not take place, the humour became putrid, and putrescency was Localiter or Emunctor labiter--as the humours were either retained or excreted.

  35. If this process of helleborism proved efficacious, it is more than probable that its beneficial results proceeded from the violent evacuations that preceded it.

  36. The principal gut and the bladder are often so crushed, that the passage of both evacuations is hindered.

  37. He gave her a powder of morphine, and some gum myrrh, and a little anise, which reduced the evacuations from thirty-three to three a day.

  38. My bowels were very costive; I do not suppose there were more than two or three natural evacuations during the whole of the six months I am describing.

  39. These little rice-water evacuations cannot, in the nature of things, do much harm by being retained.

  40. Small evacuations two or three times a day seem too much like small business, which, of course, is a waste of precious time.

  41. Daily evacuations will not empty this cavity, nor will cathartics or diarrhea.

  42. A soft--not dysenteric--condition of the evacuations is advantageous, much of the poison being got rid by the alimentary canal in this way.

  43. Boiled rice and milk, arrowroot and milk, to which two or three tablespoonfuls of port wine has been added, constitutes suitable dietary whilst the evacuations are in a fluid, or semi-fluid state.

  44. Medicines--also known as purgatives--which cause free evacuations of the bowels.

  45. Avicenna, after this, is for having the part anointed with the syrup of hellebore, using proper evacuations and purges--and I believe rightly.

  46. A spoonful or two of this mixture may be taken every four hours, after the necessary evacuations have been allowed, and where the dysentery has not been of long standing, interposing every second or third day a dose of rhubarb.

  47. The consequence of this mistaken management is, that all the evacuations are restrained, the humours causing and nourishing the disease are not at all attempered and diluted, nor rendered proper for evacuation.

  48. There were several evacuations of faeces and urine.

  49. But these evacuations are often caused by fear.

  50. Or else such like evacuations are due to contraction of the abdomen and testicles, as the Philosopher says (De Problem.

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