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Example sentences for "evacuating"

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euyll; euyn; evacuate; evacuated; evacuates; evacuation; evacuations; evade; evaded; evades
  1. The flag of truce the insurgents send you, will not arrive at the cabildo till nine in the morning; what prevents you, General, evacuating the town, ere he makes his appearance?

  2. Had three casualties which they were evacuating that day.

  3. Good building at Pless for a hospital of fifty or seventy-five beds, which was necessary to be taken over and used as advance base evacuating hospital after Dvina froze.

  4. It is now known that the Rebel commander, General Ripley, was on the point of evacuating the fort when the signal was made for the fleet to withdraw.

  5. General Meade was placed in command; and what was denied to General Hooker was substantially granted to General Meade,--that he was to use his best judgment in holding or evacuating Harper's Ferry!

  6. The Hungarians say, that an Italian regiment in the French service set fire to it wantonly, when evacuating the place.

  7. Yet if the Serbians were evacuating Belgrade and if Michael had been in Belgrade, he was bound to arrive ultimately in Nish.

  8. I can imagine such a cadet saying, 'Sir, I would sooner have been the first man that wrote of evacuating wounded than take Berlin.

  9. From what we had hitherto observed, it seemed probable that the enemy in our front was evacuating his positions.

  10. This could only be done by evacuating German East Africa and invading Portuguese East Africa.

  11. The enemy seems to be evacuating his positions.

  12. The natives saw that we were evacuating the country; a number of them, who had promised to come, stayed away, to the despair of the sensible Chiefs, who would gladly have helped us.

  13. The main point, however, and that of present importance, was our forcing upon the Egyptians the policy of evacuating the Soudan after Hicks's defeat.

  14. But in opposition to this the Arab prince Abgarus announced that the Parthians were employed in evacuating their western provinces.

  15. Russians; the French profited by this circumstance to beat a retreat, evacuating the valley of Ursern, crossing the Reuss, and taking up their position on the heights of the Furka and Grimsel.

  16. The gendarmerie, according to one article of the treaty, were to close in at, the rear of the evacuating column; and thus hinder the populace from molesting the troops of which it was composed.

  17. The blue were in retreat, evacuating Winchester, moving toward the Potomac.

  18. The remainder of Milroy’s command, evacuating the town early in the night, had passed the danger-point on the Martinsburg Pike in safety.

  19. To beautify themselves cheaply by using up their own refuse is a very common method even among insects endowed with all that is wanted for evacuating waste matter.

  20. Let me tell you, Joe, on the whole I am glad that the Austrians are evacuating the province.

  21. Write to him in my name that I am highly indignant at his evacuating his position at Brunecken and destroying the bridge of Laditch.

  22. The inexpediency of evacuating Romney was soon made apparent.

  23. So, when Stuart pressed forward, not only had this new position been occupied by the First and Fifth Army Corps, but the troops hitherto in possession of Hazel Grove were already evacuating their intrenchments.

  24. Keep the helicopter rotor wash in mind when evacuating patients, especially in a contaminated environment.

  25. Was he to insist on their evacuating it--and thus opening the pass into the Transvaal--before he suspended hostilities?

  26. Secretary Pickering regarded the expectation of a rupture between the United States and France as the real cause of the delay in running the boundary and in evacuating the posts.

  27. We had rumors that the enemy were evacuating Corinth, and again that he was marching against us.

  28. Our first impression was, that the enemy had opened with heavy guns; but when we saw dense columns of smoke rising above the tops of the forest, we felt certain that he was evacuating and blowing up his magazines.

  29. We reported what we had seen and heard, and gave it as our opinion that the Johnnies were evacuating Atlanta.

  30. Captain Hamilton courageously proposed evacuating the passengers and PanAm staff and Commander Cunningham assented.

  31. Probably the need to the enemy of gradually evacuating this area was the cause of the opposition offered to our advance down the Hindenburg line.

  32. Fulford worked with great coolness in evacuating the wounded under heavy fire.

  33. Of this Rodney said: "The evacuating Rhode Island was the most fatal measure that could possibly be adopted.

  34. Rhode Island was thus left to the English, who retained it for a year longer, evacuating then for strategic reasons.

  35. Among the other stories told were two to the effect that Governor Johnson had forced General Buell to fortify Nashville, and secondly to garrison instead of evacuating the city.

  36. This is merely a degree farther than the perforation: it consists in evacuating the chest and abdomen of their contents, and thus enabling their parietes to collapse.

  37. Lamotte has given two instances where the fits had been evidently brought on by retention of urine, and where relief was immediately given by evacuating the bladder.

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