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Example sentences for "goblet"

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  1. To this the amused king consented, and Cyrus, taking a goblet of wine in his hand, retired from the room.

  2. A large goblet on a saucer was immediately brought.

  3. Now too the plenteous feast and mantling bowl Nourish the vigour of thy sprightly soul; The flowing goblet makes thy numbers flow, And casks not wine alone but verse bestow.

  4. MARK (stands up and takes a goblet from the table).

  5. Drain this, and never mayst thou need in life To quench thy thirst with wine from any goblet Less pure than that.

  6. Now I will go to fetch your mother's goblet And bring the cooling evening drink.

  7. This goblet to the departed, one and all!

  8. Isaac dropped the goblet he was about to drain, and fell upon his knees.

  9. This is a strange and fearful vault," said Isaac, quaffing a large goblet of the hot wine of the Vega; "here might the Witch of Endor have raised the dead.

  10. He raised his goblet as he spoke and drank to her.

  11. Goblet as you suggested; I feel that you have every right to be really pleased with what he says about your poem--a noble little poem.

  12. Thus spake the bold Count Otto, And held his goblet up, And three times overflowing Each student drained his cup.

  13. Then he turned his goblet downward, And waved the flask aside His comrades would have proffered To pledge such wondrous bride.

  14. Thus spake Adelbert, smiling, And held his goblet up, And three times overflowing Each student drained his cup.

  15. In one hand he held a smoking goblet of rum punch, and in the other a long, Indian Chibook pipe.

  16. When the prayer was over, the holy man ordered the broken goblet to be brought to him.

  17. He received it with great humility, and told us to return after a while for the goblet again.

  18. Ulenspiegel poured out a goblet for the woman, then rising up proudly and applying the beak of the belly to his mouth, he emptied it all every drop into his throat.

  19. Then they gave her more water, and she would have gone to take it to Joos Damman, but the tormentor took the goblet out of her hands.

  20. Give him a full goblet to drink, and keep but one drop for me.

  21. We drink," replied Lamme and Ulenspiegel, who kept replenishing the goblet the host could never allow to stay full.

  22. Cold water was given her, and she swallowed it greedily, holding the goblet in her teeth as a dog does with a bone and not willing to let it go.

  23. Thy venom'd goblet will we quaff until We fill--we fill!

  24. What then shall be said of a leathern goblet for water?

  25. The goblet fell from his hand; the purple flew from his wine to his face; and Borabolla fell back into the arms of his servitors.

  26. And softly steal out to the garden Under the Favrile goblet of the dawning.

  27. Much pleasure also made thee grieve For that the goblet had been drained.

  28. We will send her the goblet of gold, and it shall be called the Albemarle Cup.

  29. It was full of treasure, and in its folds was a goblet of gold.

  30. So sat they once at Christmas, And bade the goblet pass; In their beards the red wine glistened Like dew-drops in the grass.

  31. I saw her bright reflection In the waters under me, Like a golden goblet falling And sinking into the sea.

  32. O sleep, sweet sleep Whatever form thou takest, thou art fair, Holding unto our lips thy goblet filled Out of Oblivion's well, a healing draught!

  33. And whenever a goblet thereof I drain, The old rhyme keeps running in my brain; At Bacharach on the Rhine, At Hochheim on the Main, And at Wurzburg on the Stein, Grow the three best kinds of wine!

  34. For its keeper takes a race of might, The fragile goblet of crystal tall; It has lasted longer than is right; King!

  35. T was right a goblet the Fate should be Of the joyous race of Edenhall!

  36. As the goblet ringing flies apart, Suddenly cracks the vaulted hall; And through the rift, the wild flames start; The guests in dust are scattered all, With the breaking Luck of Edenhall!

  37. Then in Life's goblet freely press, The leaves that give it bitterness, Nor prize the colored waters less, For in thy darkness and distress New light and strength they give!

  38. And sitting down upon the barrel, the knight seizes a goblet and raises it aloft, and drinks to all the crowd.

  39. The goblet you gave me is not of the fine gold you have given Chrysantas now!

  40. Then he took the Emperor's goblet with the three graces.

  41. All sorts of utensils lay scattered around, but neither goblet nor vessel.

  42. Give yonder amethyst goblet to the Tribune, my dear nephew, for our Illyrian Hercules must drink deeply!

  43. Give the wine in the Emperor's goblet to a dog, and see how long it will live," said Davus.

  44. Ausonius, horrified and bewildered, had set the goblet on the table before him, and now raised Bissula's head.

  45. The Prefect of Gaul was in excellent spirits, often jested, talked a great deal, had his goblet repeatedly filled by the slave who was his cup-bearer, and remarked again that the campaign would soon be over.

  46. At his left lay Zercho, but placed in the opposite direction, with his head toward the door and a huge goblet of mead beside him.

  47. Come, pledge our ancient friendship in a goblet of Falernian.

  48. It must only be for a small stake--a single sesterce," said the infatuated youth, quaffing a goblet of wine.

  49. Directly after the charming lady of the house entered, bringing with both hands a shining tin tray, and on it a small pot, from which rose the fragrant steam of heated Hungarian, and a goblet of cut glass with the escutcheon of the Kmitas.

  50. Pan Andrei laughed, emptied his goblet of wine, and added: "Such plunderers you have not seen yet.

  51. Old Billevich got this goblet in his time from Andrei's father, when at his house as a guest.

  52. Turning to a side table, she lifted a silver goblet therefrom, and gave him to drink.

  53. He was seated in a solid-looking chair, his goblet in his hand, and his long legs clothed in black and white trunks, the Siena colours, resting on the table.

  54. He seized it and drank the liquid in two or three huge gulps, but just as he was draining the goblet he gagged, dropped the glass to the floor, where it was shivered to atoms, while he ejected something from his mouth.

  55. They were all sitting round the fire; T'nowhead with his feet on the ribs, wondering why he felt so warm, and Bell darned a stocking, while Lisbeth kept an eye on a goblet full of potatoes.

  56. The goblet was placed on a broken plate on the table, with the saucer beside it, and Sam'l, like the others, helped himself.

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