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Example sentences for "defray"

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defraud; defrauded; defraudeth; defrauding; defrauds; defrayed; defraying; deft; defterdar; deftest
  1. Mills, so well known and venerated for his missionary labors, and Ebenezer Burgess were sent to Africa, the money to defray their expenses being raised by Charles Fenton Mercer and Bishop Meade, of Virginia.

  2. The will bequeathed the sum of thirteen thousand dollars to defray the expenses incident to their colonization and to pay for the land.

  3. Zobeide told her, she would not withhold her consent; but that she would see you first, in order to judge if she had made a good choice; in which case she meant herself to defray the expenses of the wedding.

  4. Mr Fluke never drew back when he had once made a promise, and next day, when Captain Aggett called, Mr Fluke told him that he might take Owen, and that he himself would defray any expenses to which he might be put on the boy's account.

  5. If this sum is not sufficient, let me know; should it be more than you require, take it to defray the expenses you have been at on the boy's account.

  6. So deteriorated has property become within the last few years, that many of these estates have not been able to defray their weekly expenses.

  7. The young man was not furnished with money to defray the charge of so long a voyage.

  8. They only retained three hundred and ninety-eight of them to defray the expenses of justice; and then their servants demanded their fees.

  9. But let there be no excesses by the way, no plundering the harvest of the cultivators nor trampling down their meadows, since for this cause do we gladly defray the expense of our armies that civilitas may be kept intact by armed men.

  10. Church plate to defray expenses of his journey to Constantinople, xii.

  11. The visitor was provided with sufficient funds to defray his expenses, so that he would not be a burden on the encomenderos or Indians.

  12. By this money I was able to defray the expenses of today, and the rest I put away for the rent, so that again we have to look to the Lord for supplies for tomorrow.

  13. The ladies, however, decided to procure the statue, and rely on private subscription to defray the cost.

  14. Columbus with money to defray the eighth share of the expense; account of their family, note.

  15. They ordered, at the same time, that two thousand ducats should be advanced to defray his expenses.

  16. As he was not able to defray the whole amount, Corrigal accepted the canoe in part payment.

  17. In case, however, the master of such vessel should be under the necessity of disposing of a part of his merchandise in order to defray his expenses, he shall conform himself to the regulations and tariffs of the place where he may have landed.

  18. Though a part of this revenue should be taken from him, in order to defray the expenses of the state, no discouragement will thereby be given to any sort of industry.

  19. From what I have said, it must not be inferred that I consider the system of borrowing as the best calculated to defray the extraordinary expenses of the state.

  20. He would take so much of the hundred dollars as might be necessary, and place it in the hands of the doctor at Bellevue Hospital to defray the expenses of Jacob's funeral.

  21. He determined, until his plans were formed, to leave it in the box, taking out only fifteen dollars, to be carried to the hospital to defray the burial expenses.

  22. Tom withdrew fifty dollars from the miser's hoard, then went to the hospital and left fifteen dollars to defray the expenses of Jacob's burial.

  23. On November 25, at an adjourned meeting, the executive committee reported an enrollment of one hundred and sixty-eight members, with liberal responses in contributions to defray expenses.

  24. All were ready and anxious to embark; but funds were wanting to defray their expenses.

  25. Finally, to defray the expenses of Philip, Pius granted a cruzada, and an excusado.

  26. The breath was hardly out of the prince's body, when his sons, who owned but little property and had no slaves for sale, hastened to my agent, and pledged their town of Panama for means to defray his funeral.

  27. If you care to do so we shall be prepared to defray legal expenses to the extent of fifty crowns.

  28. There were thus three couples, and the three gentlemen were to defray all expenses.

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