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Example sentences for "defrauding"

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deforms; defouled; defraud; defrauded; defraudeth; defrauds; defray; defrayed; defraying; deft
  1. Indebtedness was never greater; debts were never liquidated more easily or more fully; for the hope of defrauding the creditor was cut off and payment was enforced by law.

  2. Thus, by the fatality which attended me at the very time I meant to reform, I was forced into scoundrelism, and I was driven into defrauding a vast number of persons by the accident of being son-in-law to a great moralist.

  3. He is green, fresh, and avaricious; offer to assist him in defrauding his neighbours in a bargain, and cease not till thou hast done that with him which he wished to do to others.

  4. In the defrauding of the United States Government however, Phelps, Dodge and Company were doing no uncommon thing.

  5. The methods of the ruling class were reflected in the police force; while perfumed society was bribing, defrauding and expropriating, the police were enriching themselves by a perfected system of blackmail and extortion of their own.

  6. While defrauding on a great scale, pocketing tens of millions of dollars at a single raid, he would never for a moment overlook the leakage of a few cents or dollars.

  7. Ever, while vaunting its own probity and scoring those who defrauded it, the whole mercantile element was itself defrauding at every opportunity.

  8. In point of fact (as has been shown in the chapters on the Astor fortune) several of them had long been slyly defrauding in other fields, particularly by the corrupt procuring of valuable city land before and during the Tweed regime.

  9. One of the methods of defrauding the Government was peculiar.

  10. It was thus prescribed for sins which involve a defrauding or injuring of another in respect to material things, whether God or man, whether knowingly or unwittingly.

  11. Admit these innumerable opportunities for defrauding the revenue, without check or control, and it is next to impossible he should remain unsullied in his reputation, or innoxious with respect to misapplying his trust.

  12. I should be glad to know if any gentleman contemplates the State of Rhode Island dissevered from the Union; a maritime State, situated in the most convenient manner for the purpose of smuggling, and defrauding our revenue.

  13. You'll excuse me, my lord, but neither Mr. Linker nor I would care to take part in a scheme for defrauding the Revenue.

  14. How can your aunt go on being a vicar's wife, if once it comes out that they've all been deliberately defrauding the revenue on a large scale?

  15. They answered that it was the enjoyment of committing adultery, stealing, defrauding and lying.

  16. Then the pleasure of defrauding gradually turns unpleasant to him.

  17. A man who has taken pleasure in defrauding and deceiving sees and inwardly acknowledges it to be sin and resolves to desist from it; with this a battle begins of his internal with the external.

  18. There are, perhaps, fifty others of the same stripe in this city, who have gathered small fortunes by thus defrauding the soldier or his widow and orphans.

  19. To dream that you are defrauding a person, denotes that you will deceive your employer for gain, indulge in degrading pleasures, and fall into disrepute.

  20. To accuse some one of defrauding you, you will be offered a place of high honor.

  21. Defrauding the Customs, or Shipping Goods not Fairly Entered.

  22. Defrauding the Customs, or Shipping Goods not fairly entered, ii.

  23. Anyone defrauding another by duress, by taking advantage of old age or of mental weakness, or by fraud, becomes the trustee for the wronged party in the amount the latter has lost.

  24. In official documents constant reference is made to this traffic in the plait as illegal and defrauding the Revenue.

  25. Cheats and Swindlers who associate together, and enter into a conspiracy for the purpose of defrauding Tradesmen of their goods.

  26. Exercise great care in calculating the rations of the soldiers, that no trickery may succeed in defrauding the soldier of his due.

  27. Felix, Vir Clarissimus, accused by Venantius of defrauding the minor Plutianus, i.

  28. Griffiths afterwards admitted that he had been employed in defrauding the bank since 1846, and the prominent part he played secured for him on conviction the heaviest sentence of the law.

  29. Wagner, after conviction, offered to reveal, for a reward of L3000, a system which had long been in practice of defrauding the Exchequer of vast sums by means of forged stamps.

  30. ELDER, a horse-dealer, assists in defrauding the Bank of England, ii.

  31. The Newtons had seen this, and proposed to him an elaborate scheme for defrauding the insurance company.

  32. One of the most virtuous acts of thy life was the defrauding the Spiritual Railway Assurance office of two thousand pounds upon the fiction of thy death; which, truth to say, was a very bitter fiction to them.

  33. Intimating, that those that are guilty of wronging, corrupting or defrauding of any, should not be admitted to the fellowship of Saints, no nor into the common catalogue of Brethren with them.

  34. Though Mr. Heavyside had no intention of defrauding the bank of a single dollar, he was imprudent.

  35. I don’t see why money should lie idle in my drawer in the bank, when I can make something out of it, without wronging, cheating or defrauding man, woman or child.

  36. Had it not been for the sadness of the situation, I could almost have smiled at this fresh proof of the dogged conviction, entertained by this man and his class, that defrauding the revenue was no crime.

  37. But defrauding Irving Whately's heirs and getting possession of that store isn't the full limit of your 'business.

  38. He is daily defrauding the defenceless to secure it.

  39. I do not suppose he had any intention of defrauding the Celtic race; he simply followed the usual course.

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