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  1. A science led by this spirit will set out to emancipate man's moral conduct of life from God and religion.

  2. It may perhaps last longer in one in whom a vivid imagination has dimmed the clearness of intellect; but where the intellectual life is clear, reason will very soon emancipate itself from a deceptive imagination.

  3. But there is one sort of freedom the scientist should never claim--freedom against the truth, freedom to ignore the truth, to emancipate himself from the truth.

  4. Emancipate the colored man, open to him our schools and colleges, place before him motives for action such as animate freemen, and swell the hearts of Christians, give him an opportunity and he will prove himself every whit a MAN.

  5. Experience proves that slaveholders, when admitted to church fellowship, are not more likely to emancipate their slaves than others.

  6. While they remain impenitent in relation to the monstrous sin of slavery and refuse to emancipate their slaves, they should be peremptorily refused admittance into the fellowship of saints.

  7. And if by any means a man finds himself in possession of slaves he can emancipate them.

  8. Carter the court refused to enforce a promise by a master to emancipate his slave where the conditions of the promise had been partly complied with.

  9. They have not advised nor commanded them to emancipate their slaves as a condition of admission to the church, to the Lord's table, to the pulpit, or even into heaven itself!

  10. Some churches having attempted to emancipate themselves from this law, Louis, by an edict of 1673, declared that the 'regale' applied to all the bishoprics of the kingdom.

  11. In the second place, masters had for various reasons begun to emancipate their slaves on a large scale.

  12. To emancipate is to set free from slavery.

  13. He said, that if he had the power, be would emancipate every apprentice on his estate to-morrow.

  14. It is a poor plea of your neighbor for continuing to hold his fellow man in slavery, that neither the Federal Government nor the State of Kentucky has power to emancipate them.

  15. Suppose Congress should emancipate the slaves in the District, what would it "take?

  16. Notwithstanding he admits their right to this power by implication, he says that I am unfair and uncandid in my deduction, that they can emancipate our slaves, though the word emancipation be not mentioned in it.

  17. Produce a bill to emancipate the slaves in the District of Columbia, or, if you prefer it, to emancipate those born hereafter.

  18. One step farther would be to emancipate the whole race, restoring that liberty we have so long unjustly detained from them.

  19. All ideas of right and wrong are confounded in these words: emancipate property, emancipate a horse, or an ox, would not only be unmeaning, but a ludicrous expression.

  20. He remarked that he was so well satisfied that emancipation was safe and proper, and that unconditional freedom was better than apprenticeship, that had he the power, he would emancipate every apprentice to-morrow.

  21. B] In the New Testament no censure is cast upon the institution of slavery, no master is denounced for holding slaves, nor advised to emancipate them.

  22. The mulattoes emancipate themselves as a matter of course, and some of them become rich by the occupations they follow.

  23. Nor will the people of Cuba make any effort to emancipate themselves by taking up arms.

  24. Therefore we must not attempt to emancipate a slave!

  25. Altogether, the system of help granted by the State is so bad that science has always endeavoured to emancipate itself from it.

  26. Accordingly props must be sought for to support society and keep it going while it is made independent of the natural condition from which it is sought to emancipate it.

  27. I say the whole world cannot emancipate you.

  28. Small kindness to Hodge's horses to emancipate them!

  29. Fealty to ignorant unruliness, to gluttonous sluggish Improvidence, to the Beerpot and the Devil, who is there that can emancipate a man in that predicament?

  30. It did not emancipate any slaves within the emancipator's reach.

  31. The Constitution had not given to the Federal Government power to emancipate slaves.

  32. Voltaire alleged in his defence the tyranny of the players, from which a young and unknown writer cannot emancipate himself.

  33. And He stopped the Southern movement all the more perfectly by permitting Great Britain to emancipate Jamaica, and letting that experiment prove, as it has, a perfect failure and a terrible warning.

  34. Give me the franchise and I shall emancipate myself.

  35. The Liberal majority made an attempt in 1877 to emancipate the women politically.

  36. Upon her return she encouraged the Swedish women through her novel Hertha to emancipate themselves.

  37. Emancipate yourself and I will enfranchise you.

  38. All the members of Congress put together cannot, according to the Constitution of the United States, emancipate a single slave in South Carolina; not if they were all unanimous.

  39. And he would do so at once, on the spur of the moment, fearing lest the South should be before him, and themselves emancipate their own bondsmen.

  40. Antigua hastened in advance of all other colonies to emancipate her slaves.

  41. He was so well satisfied that unconditional freedom was better, both for the masters and the laborers, that, if he had the power, he would emancipate every apprentice to-morrow.

  42. No man can emancipate himself, unless at the same time he emancipates those around him.

  43. By acceding to her proposition, we detach her from the band of despots, bring her mighty weight into the scale of free government and emancipate a continent at one stroke which might otherwise linger long in doubt and difficulty.

  44. He supplied to the thinkers of the eighteenth century, English as well as French, a magazine of subversive arguments, and he helped to emancipate morality both from theology and from metaphysics.

  45. You have to emancipate the Jews--in a manner, however, different from the course I have pursued.

  46. And we have not got the necessary firmness, energy, and independence to emancipate ourselves from this degrading traffic in flesh and blood.

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