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Example sentences for "emancipating"

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  1. Anthony, Mrs. Lucy Stone, and Miss Olympia Brown are the "foreign emissaries" that will alone have the credit of emancipating women in Kansas.

  2. That we heartily approve that part of the President's Proclamation which decrees freedom to the slaves of rebel masters, and we earnestly urge him to devise measures for emancipating all slaves throughout the country.

  3. The spirit of '76, she said, influenced Mrs. John Adams to write to her husband to inquire if it were generous in American men to keep their wives in thraldom, when they were emancipating the whole earth.

  4. Enthusiasm for art and literature superseded the official morality which a short time before had been so powerful, but from which men were rapidly emancipating themselves.

  5. While riding with Mr. Seward and Mr. Welles one day, Mr. Lincoln made mention of emancipating the slaves by proclamation, if the rebels did not lay down their arms.

  6. He wished that he knew half as much as his neighbour, Mrs. Somerville; but he possessed no natural philosophy, and never acquired the emancipating habit which comes from a life spent in securing progress by shutting one's eyes to the past.

  7. When the last of the Reformers died, religion, instead of emancipating the nations, had become an excuse for the criminal art of despots.

  8. It was the revolutionary party in France, called Republicans, who had declared themselves in favor of emancipating the negro slaves, and giving the free mulattoes their civil rights.

  9. The Marquis of Sligo, the humane Governor of Jamaica, set a good example by emancipating all his apprentices.

  10. An age of philosophical inventors seemed to arise; a new generation, who, each in his own way, were emancipating themselves from the dogmas of the ancient dictator.

  11. By emancipating themselves from the thraldom of Greece and the servility of Rome our dramatists have occasioned later critics to separate our own from the classical drama of antiquity.

  12. Having obtained the status of humanity which is fraught with sorrow, he that becomes attached to it, becomes stupefied: such a man never succeeds in emancipating himself from sorrow.

  13. O my wealth-coveting and foolish Soul, when wilt thou succeed in emancipating thyself from the desire of wealth?

  14. Those who believed in the abolition of slavery by immediate means styled themselves the Emancipating Baptists or the Emancipating Society in contradistinction to the remaining Calvinistic Baptists who desired to be silent on the question.

  15. The work is written in grave and manly style and with nice discriminations and candid reasons set forth the claims of the emancipating Baptists in a creditable manner.

  16. This amendment, emancipating Slaves employed by their masters to aid Rebellion, was adopted by 33 yeas to 6 nays.

  17. Indeed it is felt at once, that no reform can be effected without resisting the priests and emancipating the people from their power.

  18. In showing the many evils arising from emancipating the whites, the Reviewer demonstrates, though not intending it, the absurdity of emancipating negroes.

  19. In old societies, where the laborers are domestic slaves, and exceed in number the demand for labor, would not emancipating them subject them at once to a mastery, or exacting despotism of capital, far more oppressive than domestic slavery?

  20. He has (no doubt, in vain,) attempted to ameliorate the condition of a great many slaves, by purchasing them and emancipating them.

  21. The thought of emancipating himself from the thraldom of his despot-master was too brilliant--too dazzling to gaze upon.

  22. Would to heaven that you could both of you sign a paper effectually emancipating you from any claim on each other in respect to this accursed--this miserable marriage.

  23. Every emancipating idea, in politics and in religion, they detested.

  24. Jesuitism was, of course, opposed to Protestantism; it hated the Protestants; it hated their religious creed and their emancipating and progressive spirit; it hated religious liberty.

  25. He was a learned doctor in that university which has ever sent forth the apostles of great emancipating movements.

  26. His soul was in active sympathy with every emancipating idea of his age.

  27. The great ideas of the Reformation began now to agitate the mind of England,--not so much the logical doctrines of Calvin as the emancipating ideas of Luther.

  28. We must have the life of Christ as the animating principle of our lives, the spirit of Jesus emancipating us from the power of sin and death.

  29. Angulo denied all the charges, and declared that they had been trumped up against him because he had obeyed the King in emancipating the Indians.

  30. The result of the conferences was that Ximenes authorized Las Casas, Palacios Rubios and Antonio Montesino to prepare the draft of a plan for emancipating the Indians and providing for their just government and education.

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