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Example sentences for "emanating"

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  1. Under one low ridge we met with what I took to be a small spring emanating from a limestone rock; but it was so small as to be quite useless to a party like mine, though the natives appeared frequently to have resorted to it.

  2. After the watercourse left the hills, the surface water all disappeared, the drainage being then absorbed by the light sandy soil of the plains, and this had invariably been the case with all the waters emanating from Flinders range.

  3. At ten miles from our camp, we came to a large watercourse, emanating from the Mount Serle range on the south side, and running close under its western aspect, with an abundance of excellent clear water in it.

  4. We again passed many of those singular hollows fronted by the high steep banks of the upper levels, and then crossed some low ironstone ridges to a channel emanating from Mount Deception range.

  5. Affinites and antipathies to the human constitution, are to be found in these crystallized representatives of the subtle, invisible influences emanating from our planetary system.

  6. The first thing that intrudes itself upon our notice, by virtue of its primary importance, is the grand fact of biogenesis--life emanating from life.

  7. But they stop right there, and do not dream of the subtle, silent influences emanating from a name, a word, and the power existing in words, when properly used.

  8. Marina speaks of it, however, as emanating from that body.

  9. The molecules emanating from our drop are diffused in straight radiating lines, and yet produce periodic precipitates which are subject to interference and diffraction like the undulations of Huygens.

  10. It will be remembered that Newton considered light to be produced by projectile-like particles emanating from a centre, and proceeding in straight lines in all directions.

  11. In a magnetic field it is impossible to make the lines emanating from one pole converge, except to a pole of opposite sign.

  12. Nearly all American creation-myths regard men as thus emanating from the bowels of the great terrestrial mother.

  13. It is merely a constituted authority emanating from the government like the others.

  14. The Council of State served only to give form to the decrees emanating from him; he ruled even in petty details.

  15. Nerve-fibrils emanating from the optic nerve enter the striated spindle at its lower extremity, and in this way nervously energize the visual rod.

  16. In all the legends, the rats or mice are drawn together by sounds emanating from some kind of musical instrument.

  17. I then removed the maxillary palpi of the male, after which the insect remained deaf to all sounds emanating from the female.

  18. From a Japanese collection he chose a design representing a cluster of flowers emanating spindle-like, from a slender stalk.

  19. Shocks, emanating from the close neighbourhood of volcanic vents, or simultaneity of eruption, in vents not far distant from each other, stand upon a different footing.

  20. Ptolemy had described the Nile sources as emanating from two great lakes that received the snows of the mountains of Ethiopia.

  21. This prophecy, emanating from a high scientific authority and relating to changes of such profound economic and commercial importance, has been often quoted and has taken a firm hold upon the popular imagination.

  22. An equally striking argument emanating from the same high authority is furnished by the well-known egg-spinning demonstration.

  23. It is evident from this 'prophecy' that the Dibbarra legend received its final shape under influences emanating from Babylon, precisely as we found to be the case in the 'creation' story and in the Gilgamesh epic.

  24. Further discoveries and researches may show that distant India also felt at an early period the intellectual stimulus emanating from the Euphrates Valley.

  25. This conclusion is supported by the direct association of Nannar of Ur and Ningal in an inscription emanating from an earlier member of the same dynasty to which Rim-Sin belongs.

  26. Liberty as a fundamental principle may be regarded as emanating from Voltaire, fraternity from Rousseau.

  27. Paris, bewitched by the magic emanating from you, by your grace, by the brilliant talents with which Heaven has gifted you, surely offers you hearts enough, hearts which your gentle spirit has enchained.

  28. The grass ascends, ascends from everywhere like a sumptuous carpet, like silky velvet, emanating spontaneously from the earth.

  29. A gray light emanating from a gray sky; everywhere the same immobility, tired and frozen, with uncertainties of aspect derived from the night and from dreams.

  30. Yet, in the case to which I refer, the contraction waves emanating from l passed in the directions represented by the arrows without undergoing any appreciable loss of vigour.

  31. In one minute the feeble impulses emanating from the prepotent lithocyst failed to spread far through the contractile tissue, appearing to encounter a growing resistance.

  32. She could not have been more than twenty-six or -seven, but I got an unmistakable impression of weariness or balked purpose emanating from her in spite of her youth and glorious physique.

  33. The danger emanating from natural phenomena has its discoverable laws, and therefore leads to a first empirical study of winds, currents, seasonal rainfall and the whole science of hydraulics.

  34. Islands of enclosed seas, necessarily small and never far from the close encircling lands, are engulfed by every tide of conquest emanating from the nearby shores.

  35. The shifting fate of political detachability becomes moderated in islands of the open ocean, because of their remoteness from the colonizing or conquering movements emanating from the continents.

  36. It involves influences emanating from far beyond the borders.

  37. The same is true of solid bodies; a very slight thickness of those which contain hydrogen offers an impassable barrier to all rays emanating from a non-luminous source.

  38. It has already been stated that a layer of water less than the twentieth of an inch in thickness suffices to stop and destroy all waves of radiant heat emanating from an obscure source.

  39. Since that magnificent occasion I have regarded with magnanimous forbearance requisitions emanating from that portion of the West.

  40. Among these colors he assigns the place of honor to blue, that tint emanating from the frontal portion of the brain in rays visible to certain finely-organized individuals, and being associated with the highest intellectual faculties.

  41. Organized and systematic opposition against the unwarranted encroachments of the crown, emanating from the great majority of the sovereign people was his plan.

  42. Mr. Paca was a member of the Congress of 1774 which was rendered illustrious by proceedings of propriety and wisdom emanating from minds like his.

  43. Perception of their spirit-forms and of influences thence emanating caused the accusing girls to name these good women as their tormentors.

  44. Also it much obstructs their presentation to-day; and probably, therefore, might have done so when emanating from spies and would-be exposers around Margaret Rule.

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