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Example sentences for "emanated"

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emaciated; emaciation; emalangeni; eman; emanate; emanates; emanating; emanation; emanations; emancipate
  1. It was a comprehensive glance, having an indescribable fixedness in which there were both light and darkness, and which emanated from the skull and teeth, as well as the empty arches of the brow.

  2. This supremacy, which I looked up to from below, and from whence emanated such rays of glory that I shut my eyes; this ineffaceable peerage; this impregnable fortress of the fortunate, I enter.

  3. He was convinced that Lucien's visit was due to a double feeling of curiosity, the larger half of which sentiment emanated from the Rue de la Chaussee d'Antin.

  4. This duet is one of the most beautiful, expressive and terrible conceptions that has ever emanated from the fruitful pen of Donizetti.

  5. They emanated from and were again merged in God.

  6. All beings have emanated from the Supreme Being: The nearer a being is to Him, the more perfect it is; the more remote in the scale, the less its purity.

  7. To us therefore it is the symbol of Life--of that life that emanated from the Deity, and of that Eternal Life for which all hope; through our faith in God's infinite goodness.

  8. Amun created nothing, but everything emanated from him, 254-u.

  9. Soul of man emanated from God, of the same substance with God, 567-l.

  10. But the soul of man emanated from God, and is of the same substance with God.

  11. First Born, the Creative Agent emanated from Male and Female Force, 267-m.

  12. Worship of nature seems to have emanated from Iranian races, 601-l.

  13. Now, Adam Kadmon emanated from the Absolute Unity, and so is himself a unit; but he also descends and flows downward into his own Nature, and so is duality.

  14. But from the red-hot stove there emanated quite a glow which showed up the evil countenances of the boys' captors in striking relief.

  15. The Pope and his councilors chafed under a series of "organic articles" which, though integral to the treaty, emanated from the secular authority alone and interpreted the treaty in a sense favorable to the secular power.

  16. No one would assume the responsibility, though it was said to have emanated from the police prematurely and irregularly.

  17. The precise nature and elements of fire, we have said, we cannot fully comprehend; neither its original source, save that it emanated from the Great First Cause.

  18. This book, like every one that ever emanated from his pen, had a very extensive sale, passing through several large editions, and still finds a ready market.

  19. He was not one contented to follow in the beaten track of others; his motto from the outset was progress; and each new work that emanated from his pen and comprehensive mind, gave fresh token of research and discovery.

  20. However this may be, Shu and Tefnut, who immediately emanated from him, apparently represented the air.

  21. In the chaos of Tiamat, accordingly, I see the last relics of a cosmology which emanated from Nippur, and was accepted wherever the influence of Nippur prevailed.

  22. While Eridu looked seaward, Nippur looked landward, and the influences that emanated from each were accordingly diverse from the very outset.

  23. The brighter views which had emanated from Eridu never succeeded in overcoming it altogether.

  24. When the heart of the great god was quieted, he called to his followers: 'Come to me, ye children of my limbs, ye gods who have emanated from me!

  25. With the rise of Semitic influence came also the influence of the culture that emanated from Eridu.

  26. The contradiction emanated from my Central Office friend, who felt criticized by inference.

  27. This declaration, delivered with emphasis, emanated from old Jimmy, who had a place by himself in East Side consideration.

  28. From it the world emanated as the stream from the spring.

  29. They were degraded into a class of higher beings, which had emanated from Brahman before men, i.

  30. It is true that the material world also had emanated from Brahman; even matter had come from him.

  31. In this way all created things emanated from Brahman, and to each class and kind a definite occupation was appointed, to perform which was the duty of the class in the universal system.

  32. But none of the enormities named, or that could be named, constituted a necessary part of the institution of slavery, or necessarily emanated from it.

  33. It relates to the magnificent monastic foundation from which emanated the deed we have printed above, and is headed "Tituli librorum de libraria Ecclesiæ Christi Cantuariensis et contenta in eisdem libris tempore H.

  34. A knowledge of the intellectual acquirements of the middle ages must be mainly formed upon a consideration of the writings which directed them, or emanated from them.

  35. From his whole person something still emanated that was forbidding, yet overmasteringly persuasive.

  36. Who could resist the joy and gladness, the freshness, the youth, the girlishness which emanated from Ursula's entire personality?

  37. He exceeded all beings in gentleness, prudence, and eloquence, and he was so fair and graceful that light emanated from him as he moved.

  38. From Brahm, the impersonal soul of the universe, emanated the personal and active Brahma, who with Siva and Vishnu constitute the Trimurti or god under three forms.

  39. The clergy resisted, asserting that the two courts were independent of one another, and that their spiritual prerogatives emanated direct from the Crown.

  40. Intellectual revolutions have emanated from his outspoken boldness and his eternal youth, and have been quelled again by his sanity, his moderation, and his eternal wisdom.

  41. Abdallah Jack waved his hand towards a stone rampart dimly seen in the faint light that emanated from the starry sky.

  42. A slight cackle emanated from the ledger, but immediately died away.

  43. This, sir, is a fact which emanated from your own distorted imagination, as during the Cayuse war no priest was ever detected in any such a position, and you know it.

  44. Internal evidence has led to the supposition that it emanated from Gnostic circles.

  45. Consequently monastic reforms, as well as attempts to raise the condition of the secular clergy, emanated from within monasticism.

  46. From them emanated what raised her above all other women.

  47. It was part of the fascination she exerted that every one felt compelled to gaze at her, to discover the source of the charm which emanated from her whole person.

  48. The wind that emanated from the fan fairly rammed his words back into his throat every time he opened his mouth to speak, and there he lay, flat against the canvas, fluttering like a leaf, powerless to escape.

  49. From it emanated a strong, miasmatic odor.

  50. The thought might have emanated from Luar, or from Dalis.

  51. Between obsidian eyes was a fissure whence emanated a wailing and a foul odor.

  52. My carriage was announced, and I then left Her Majesty, highly pleased at her gracious condescension, which evidently emanated from the kind wish to raise my drooping spirits from their melancholy.

  53. One of the earliest of the paltry insinuations against Marie Antoinette emanated from her not counterfeiting deep affliction at the decease of the old King.

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