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Example sentences for "exemption"

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exemplo; exemplum; exempt; exempted; exempting; exemptions; exempts; exequatur; exequaturs; exercent
  1. His exemption from death, which belongs to him only as thing-in-itself, is for the phenomenon one with the immortality of the rest of the external world.

  2. The Republicans declared against a new constitution as meant to destroy the school system, provide imprisonment for debt, abolish exemption from taxation, disfranchise and otherwise degrade the blacks.

  3. On every plantation where there were twenty or more negroes one white man was entitled to exemption as overseer.

  4. The artisans and manufacturers were granted exemption from military service provided the products of their labor were sold at not more than seventy-five per cent profit above the cost of production.

  5. In fact, few able-bodied men tried to secure exemption under the "twenty-negro law.

  6. Usually the owner, who was perhaps entitled to exemption under the "twenty-negro" law, went to war and left his family and plantation to the care of the blacks.

  7. The exemption laws were so framed as to release the average negroes from paying tax, and also the class of whites that supported the Radical policy.

  8. Exemption from Service After the passage of the enrolment laws, every man with excessive regard for the integrity of his person and for his comfort began to secure exemption from service.

  9. It will be seen that in some respects the state laws go farther in exemption than the Confederate laws, and thus were in conflict with them.

  10. The exemption of one white for twenty negroes was called the "twenty-nigger law.

  11. If a new way of securing exemption were discovered, the whole fraternity of "deadheads" soon knew of it.

  12. Also, a term used for a total exemption of duties which any set of merchants enjoy, for goods imported into a state, or those exported of the growth of the country.

  13. Not being public ministers, they are liable to the lex loci both civil and criminal, and their exemption from certain taxes depends upon treaty and custom.

  14. Another cause also has much favoured the extension of this manufacture: the necessity of procuring gunpowder at any rate has secured an exemption from serving in the army to those who shall be employed in making it.

  15. As he perceived that Kleombrotus was unwilling to attack the Thebans, he himself invaded Bœotia, disregarding the law under which on a former occasion he had pleaded exemption from military service on account of his age.

  16. So far did the writer allow, not to his sword only, but also to his stilus, irresponsibility and exemption from all account.

  17. Mary is compared to the white lily, on account of her innocence and exemption from all sin; and as the lily is beautiful amongst the thorns where it has sprung up, so was Mary distinguished amidst the women of Judea.

  18. If the words point this way at all, ought they not to mean a literal exemption from death altogether?

  19. No doubt he speaks from a bitter and frequent experience when he takes this particular case, and with a solemn irony claims exemption for himself from the liar's sentence of death.

  20. In the thirteenth century Peter des Roches claimed exemption from the payment of a scutage on the ground that he had voted against it, and his claim was held to be valid.

  21. Thus the whole summer and part of the autumn is exempt from school duties--a wise exemption in an agricultural community where the children, and perhaps some of the teachers, have to work in the fields.

  22. To us a more blessed safety and exemption from a worse destruction are assured.

  23. And now, lastly, we have here the representation of the servant of the Lord's exemption from human evil and weakness, as the foundation of His restoring and fostering work.

  24. And because of these things, because of His perfect exemption from human infirmity, because in Him was no sin.

  25. When his own funds were exhausted, he supplied the deficiency by fines imposed on the rich citizens of Lima as the price of exemption from service, by forced loans, and various other schemes of military exaction.

  26. The sword will be the arbitrator in the New World too; but the event teaches us plainly enough that Republics and Democracies enjoy no exemption from the passions and follies of humanity.

  27. But you owe your exemption to temperance, which it is too late for me to pursue.

  28. If bad, I do not see how its exemption from certain future overt acts by being snatched away at all tells in its favor.

  29. While the Governor of Virginia was refusing certificates of exemption to the minor civil officers such as justices of the peace, Brown by proclamation promised his "protection" to the most insignificant civil servants.

  30. This deliberate fostering of an anti-Davis spirit might seem less malicious if the fact were not known that many editors detested Davis because of his desire to abolish the exemption of editors from conscription.

  31. An Exemption Act set forth a long list of persons who should not be liable to conscription by the Confederate Government.

  32. This provision was a concession to those who looked on Davis's request for authority over exemption as the first step toward absolutism.

  33. In those regions where there were few slaves and the exemption of overseers did not operate, such households were numerous.

  34. To Preston the men behind the State Exemption Act appeared as "designing knaves.

  35. Thus, except in cases of homicide, the foreign claim of exemption from local jurisdiction was tacitly admitted, and no inconvenience followed.

  36. The question of foreign exemption from local jurisdiction only came up for discussion in cases of homicide; but in every instance the Chinese insisted on their right to punish the murderer.

  37. Neither in the treaty of Nanking, nor the supplementary treaty, was the concession of exemption of British subjects from local Chinese jurisdiction formally expressed.

  38. Happily the British Government has refused to enforce the claims of the merchants, as regards the exemption of their contraband goods from confiscation; and Sir F.

  39. Men of every clime and nation claimed exemption from her laws.

  40. These aggressions have been facilitated by the assumption, on the part of Christian powers, of the exemption of their subjects from local jurisdiction in Mohammedan and pagan countries.

  41. If within that period the heretic came forward, acknowledged his own guilt and gave any information he possessed against others, he would obtain either complete exemption or considerable alleviation from the penalties merited by heresy.

  42. Lawyers too may very materially assist in giving a high tone to public sentiment in the matter of stay and exemption laws.

  43. What ground could there be for fear when a trifling contribution to build a church procured exemption from punishment in the world to come!

  44. After much hesitation the Bishop was compelled to acknowledge that the Bishop of Lichfield had told him that he had acted for Beaufort in the purchase of such an exemption from the Pope.

  45. This unusual exemption from litigation was, doubtless, owing to the invariable rule adopted by Mr. Castle, to reduce all contracts to careful writing and to live strictly up to the letter as well as spirit of the contract.

  46. But the decree was not necessarily accepted in England, remission of taxation being a royal prerogative; Ospringe was a Crown hospital to which exemption was renewed from time to time of the king’s grace.

  47. His lot was not cast, like that of the Augustan poets, in the midst of a refined and courtly society, with all the aids and appliances of literary leisure, and in secure exemption from any harsh collision with the world.

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