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Example sentences for "exempted"

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exemplify; exemplifying; exemplo; exemplum; exempt; exempting; exemption; exemptions; exempts; exequatur
  1. A hearing was given by the Judiciary Committee, at which Mrs. Nelson argued that in simple justice women who pay taxes should have a voice in their expenditure or be exempted from taxation, but the bill was not reported.

  2. Women are exempted from sitting on juries, the same as editors, lawyers and ministers, but they are not excluded if they wish to serve or the persons on trial desire them.

  3. A homestead to the value of $1,000 is exempted for either.

  4. A homestead to the value of $1,000 is exempted to "the head of the family.

  5. A homestead to the value of $1,500 is exempted for the survivor and minor children.

  6. The homestead, to the value of $2,000, is exempted for the wife.

  7. As reason and experience have taught us that tathy herbage is a common cause of this complaint, we should, when it shows itself, at once remove the animals to a better pasture, where they should be exempted from teazing of every kind.

  8. On this account dealers in wool are said to give a higher price for fleeces having the mercurial tinge, as they are supposed to be sound in the pile from having been exempted from the fly.

  9. If by that, the Russians are exempted from the Droit d'Aubaine, 'dans les Etats de S.

  10. The vessels of the most favored nation, coming from foreign ports, are exempted from the duty of one hundred sols: therefore, you are exempted from it by the third and fourth articles.

  11. Consequently, all service out of the State is thrown on the constitutional militia, the Presidential militia being exempted from doing duty with them.

  12. It was held, however, that, though forgiven this special offence, they were not exempted from the doom that had gone forth against the great body of their countrymen.

  13. Secondly, that the inhabitants shall not be exempted from defending their houses, their lands, and the Government.

  14. It specially exempted the Quakers, and constrained nobody; but declared it lawful, for such as chose, to form themselves into companies and elect officers by ballot.

  15. Is exempted from the government of the Acarnanians, xlv.

  16. The Catholic Church has in all times exempted pregnant wives from fasts.

  17. Thereby, they exempted themselves from having the invaders billeted on them.

  18. Directly contrary to the provision of the charter which exempted tobacco from any duty except five per cent.

  19. Any inhabitant who shall have entertained wounded men in his house shall be exempted from the quartering of troops, as well as from a part of the contributions of war which may be imposed.

  20. Certain ships engaged in charitable or scientific pursuits, and coast fishing vessels, are exempt from capture,[483] as are also certain specially exempted by treaty.

  21. The United States withheld its approval of the Declaration of Paris of 1856 because private property was not exempted from capture.

  22. On the Restoration he was exempted from danger of life by an address of both Houses to the king, but the next parliament (1662) charged him with high treason.

  23. Although specially exempted from the operation of the decree of October 1793, imposing banishment on foreign residents, he took alarm at the fate of J.

  24. The two sons of William Penn, into whose hands the colony had descended, pursued a narrow and selfish policy, forcing the governor to veto every bill for raising money unless the estates owned by the proprietors were exempted from taxation.

  25. Despite the decision of the London Council, the governor vetoed an important bill because the proprietary estates were not exempted from taxation.

  26. The passions of the jeweller's wife were in such a state of exaltation, as exempted our hero from the repulses and fatigue attending a long siege.

  27. On the 5th a general pardon was introduced, from which heretics were exempted by a special proviso.

  28. Sidenote: He goes abroad with leave of absence, and is exempted from the obligation of the oath of allegiance.

  29. It is curious to observe, that the administrative bodies are carefully exempted from the jurisdiction of these new tribunals.

  30. They were exempted from the twentieths: but then they made free gifts; they contracted debts for the state; and they were subject to some other charges, the whole computed at about a thirteenth part of their clear income.

  31. That is, those persons are exempted from the power of the laws who ought to be the most entirely submitted to them.

  32. All materials employed in making the images of the gods, and all handicraftsmen employed in the work were exempted from tithing.

  33. Philippine products were exempted from all customs duty, either on leaving Manila or entering Spain.

  34. It was welcomed by the Filipino with great satisfaction, because he believed it exempted him from the enforced labor of the polos and servicios.

  35. It is true they are not exempted from misfortune, or rendered invulnerable to the attacks of evil; but they are well prepared for, and will be graciously sustained in every vicissitude.

  36. The Jews, however, were not yet exempted from the decree which the wickedness of Haman had inveigled the king to issue against them!

  37. There were great stalls in suitable places, to give them shelter during the inundations; and all that had not yet been driven out to graze are expressly exempted from the plague.

  38. That legislators ought to be exempted from being arrested for debt, whilst they are passing to, remain at, and are returning from the legislative assemblies, because an arrestment would impede the public service.

  39. They were exempted from being brought before lay courts for personal matters: But they could not bring a layman before an ecclesiastical court.

  40. The nobility and clergy, with the burgesses of Paris, and some other free cities, were exempted from paying land taxes.

  41. Sir William Wallace alone was by name specially exempted from the surrender.

  42. Thus he was able to maintain sixty men always in the field--all the older men on the estate being exempted from service unless summoned to defend the castle.

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