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Example sentences for "exempting"

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exemplifying; exemplo; exemplum; exempt; exempted; exemption; exemptions; exempts; exequatur; exequaturs
  1. The United States declined because the government desired a provision exempting all private property at sea from capture.

  2. No opposition was made to the proposal; but warm debates were excited by a clause in the bill, exempting the prince from that part of the act of succession by which strangers, though naturalized, were rendered incapable of holding employments.

  3. In favour of the universities and colleges a particular exempting clause was inserted.

  4. He objected to the exempting articles, by which heritable offices and superiorities were reserved.

  5. This, being notified to the House, was accepted in lieu of their share of a general tax, and a new bill was formed, with an exempting clause, which passed accordingly.

  6. After months of negotiations, as usual in Turkey, I succeeded in getting a decision from the Council of Ministers exempting foreign institutions of a religious, educational, or benevolent character.

  7. I hear and obey," replied the merchant; "but first I would have thee write me a patent, exempting me for ever from paying tithe on my merchandise.

  8. In April 1687 he published a Declaration of Indulgence--exempting Catholics and Dissenters from penal statutes.

  9. He actually signed a patent licensing the missionaries to preach throughout all Japan, and exempting not only their houses and churches from the billeting of soldiers but also the priests themselves from local burdens.

  10. He would make the individual's right to the resources of nature safe against the creditors through a law exempting homesteads from attachment for debts and even against himself by making the homestead inalienable.

  11. In 1900 only eight votes were recorded in the House against a bill exempting labor unions from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act; it failed, however, of passage in the Senate.

  12. It is on a law for exempting a particular class of men from those penalties and provisions which attach to all other classes of society.

  13. On the other hand, it would seem that such statutes as that in Pennsylvania which we have noted, exempting the deaf from the provisions against tramps, would lend encouragement to alms-seeking.

  14. But this generous intention is practically ignored by another 'opinion,' which makes it necessary that two members of the same family must be now in service, in order that the exempting clause may apply.

  15. Other cases also may arise that seem to demand an exempting clause equally with those in the act.

  16. Lay is still exempting Marylanders, and even foreigners who have bought real estate, and resided for years in this country, if they have "not taken the oath of domicile.

  17. Smith, of Virginia, is exempting a full share of constables, etc.

  18. At the same time he is exempting officers (State) under forty-five, and there is no compulsion on him.

  19. The Legislature of North Carolina has passed resolutions exempting millers, blacksmith, etc.

  20. Yesterday the President vetoed a bill exempting the publishers of periodicals, etc.

  21. The Dogs Bill, exempting dogs from vivisection, was read a second time on April 17.

  22. I would suggest the taxation of all property equally, whether church or corporation, exempting only the last resting place of the dead and possibly, with proper restrictions, church edifices.

  23. Difference of such refunding from exempting the vessels concerned from the payment of tolls, p.

  24. I have no doubt that this contention is correct, but paying the tolls direct for vessels using the Canal or refunding to them the tolls levied is not the same as exempting them from the payment of tolls.

  25. For some years after the passing of the Act exempting the foreigner, his rights appear to have been generally, though by no means universally respected.

  26. Baas, Governor-General of Martinique, issued an order exempting the Creoles.

  27. In 1696, an agreement was reached exempting the Mulattoes and Creoles, leaving only the free black subject to the tax.

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