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Example sentences for "bright star"

  • Curious to say, Aratus states that the constellation Lyra contained no bright star!

  • These are the first version, which has only lately become known, of the 'Bright Star' sonnet, and the ode To Fanny published posthumously by Lord Houghton.

  • Its original form had been this-- Bright star!

  • He then waits until a bright star, or it may be two or three, have entered the telescope and been observed in like manner.

  • In its eyepiece are fixed two pairs of cross spider lines, commonly called wires, and a bright star, as near as possible to the centre of the field to be photographed, is brought to the junction of two wires.

  • The reappearance at the dark limb is quite as startling; with a bright star it is almost as if a shell had burst in his very face, and it would require no very great imagination to make him think that he had heard the explosion.

  • The sun has set, the brief twilight has almost ceased, when lo, near that part of the horizon where the glow of the setting sun still illuminates the sky, a bright star is seen.

  • Between these two extreme types of a faint diffused mass on the one hand, and a bright star with a nebula surrounding it on the other, a graduated series of various other nebulæ can be arranged.

  • The primæval astronomer knows that there is no bright star at this place in the heavens.

  • The beginner who attempts to make the acquaintance of the principal stars and constellations occasionally may find a bright star in a constellation that is not noted in the diagrams.

  • Canis Minor contains only one other bright star, Beta, a short distance to the northwest of Procyon.

  • At a point about as far away from the foot of Pollux as the height of the twins you will find a bright star, and between it and the foot of Pollux a fainter one.

  • This is a bright star we'll begin with; see if you can find it," and Uncle Henry put down the pebble at the end of the line, like this.

  • There you will find another fairly bright star.

  • Then look in the sky at that point for a bright star.

  • On the next night, there was found in its place a bright star of the eighth magnitude, scarcely marked out, by a bare trace of environing haze, from the genuine stars it counterfeited.

  • On the whole, the chances are in favour of the superior vicinity of a bright star over a faint one; and, on the whole, the stars in swiftest apparent motion are amongst those whose actual remoteness is least.

  • He took the child on his knee, and told him all about the bright star, the angel, and the silver wings, which his careless idleness had suffered to grow dim till they lost forever their power.

  • In the centre of it was a bright star; around the star was a halo gradually diminishing in brightness from the star outward, and perfectly circular.

  • No law has yet been traced by which we can say that here or here there shall be a bright star like A, or a fainter one like B.

  • For the greater part of three days he is a bright star of about the second magnitude, then he begins to fade, and for four and a half hours grows steadily dimmer.

  • Many, many stars have now been examined, and of them all our nearest neighbour seems to be a bright star seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • There is, luckily, a bright star almost at the point at which the North Pole would seem to strike the sky were it infinitely lengthened.

  • Bright Star of the West--broad Land of the Free, The wreath and the anthem are woven for thee!

  • Bright Star of the West--broad Land of the Free!

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