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  1. At the time the whitewash and paint covering the south transept was cleaned off a range of small arcading was discovered immediately under the line of the vault, as in the north transept, walled-up evidently when the vault was added.

  2. Lower down there is some late-Norman interlaced arcading resting on carved corbels.

  3. It is recessed in the wall, and the arcading that runs along the aisle beneath the windows is inclined upwards and down again at a slight angle, similar to the rise of the steps which are behind the marble columns.

  4. The richly moulded arcading inside, consisting of ogee arches, has been exposed to the weather for so long, owing to the loss of the vaulting above, that the lovely detail is fast disappearing.

  5. Much of Flambard's Norman work at Christchurch remains in the triforium, the arcading of the nave, and the transepts.

  6. Prominent features on the north side are a circular transept stairway, rich in diaper work, the arcading round the transept, the wide windows of the clerestory of the choir, and the upper portion of the Lady Chapel.

  7. The arcading above the door is wholly Purbeck, with dog-tooth mouldings of stone.

  8. Arcading is a very beautiful decoration where it is employed, as in a triforium, in single storeys, to cover a definite even space.

  9. The Early English arcading breaks off just below the first Decorated window; the Early English shafts above it run close to the Decorated shafts of that window; while the Early English vaulting rib is cut off near its crown.

  10. On the whole, the evidence of details, particularly of the foliage in the beautiful arcading inside the chapter-house, seem to point to its not having been begun until 1320 or later.

  11. This doorway on the inner side is divided by a cluster of shafts, and above it is an oblong piece of masonry ornamented with arcading enclosed in an obtuse arch.

  12. Above the string course the arcading is not so rich as below.

  13. Each division of this arcading contains two niches for statues, and above the niches are gables.

  14. The lowest storey consists of a rich arcading, each division of which is ornamented with geometrical tracery closely resembling that of the arcading of the aisles.

  15. An arcading with shafts and cusped arches runs along the base of the front, not quite reaching the exterior buttresses.

  16. It is ornamented with arcading in front, with gables, each partition divided by buttresses with pinnacles.

  17. It cannot be said that this mass of niches and arcading at the west end is either ingenious or successful.

  18. Above this is another row of arcading of much the same character, except that it is about half as high again as the lower storey.

  19. As has been stated, however, the arcading is often blank, and in such cases there might be nothing but a bare space of wall in its place, for all the practical purpose it serves.

  20. The arcading is purely Renaissance in detail though the general treatment is mediæval.

  21. Above this, grievous damage has been perpetrated by the casing and complete obliteration of the mouldings and arcading which remained.

  22. The lateral arcades are blind, while the higher central arcading around the door is surmounted with three receding tori resting on crocketed foliate capitals.

  23. The ancient door of the College--the tympana of whose arcading contain two laughing and crying heads--was transferred to the entrance of the Petit Lycee, at No.

  24. He had himself no need to take precautions for concealment, the road at this point passing under old oaks, whose umbrageous branches, arcading over, shadowed the causeway, making it dark around as the interior of a cavern.

  25. He has by this ducked his head, and stepped under the arcading evergreen.

  26. He finished the repairs to the south arcading and south aisle begun by Abbot Hugh, built three altars, and vaulted the aisle.

  27. Under this arcading in the transept is a doorway, built by Lord Grimthorpe, partly from fragments of the west doorway of the old slype, and partly from his own design.

  28. Lord Grimthorpe took as a model the one with the cinque-foiled head, considering that the better of the two, and constructed the existing arcading all round the chapel.

  29. After the chapel perished the wall was built up; but during the restoration this arcading was discovered.

  30. He built the low wall between it and the Saint's Chapel with seats under the arcading to be occupied by members of the chapter, and paved the floor with polished marble (see illustration, p.

  31. The place of the old arcading was then taken by a blank wall without any windows; this was pulled down and the present wall built by Lord Grimthorpe.

  32. Abbot Hugh of Eversden began to rebuild this ruined part of the church, and this accounts for the five bays of the nave arcading westward of the rood-screen being in fourteenth-century style.

  33. To strengthen it Lord Grimthorpe built buttresses, naturally following the division of the upper part of the walls, but thereby cutting across the arcading of the cloister walk in a most ugly fashion.

  34. The arcading of the north walk of the cloister may still be seen.

  35. These aisles were divided from the presbytery not by open arcading but by solid walls.

  36. In the canopy the leading motif is the "bowing ogee," repeated twice; it is well seen in the contemporary work of the Percy monument at Beverley and the arcading of Ely Lady Chapel.

  37. Behind the spirelets is arcading composed of window tracery; and above the arcading is a crested horizontal cornice.

  38. From Little Dunmow priory came the chair now in Great Dunmow church, Essex; its trefoiled arcading shews that it was made in the thirteenth century.

  39. At first sight the design looks no more advanced than that of Ely; but if the tracery of the arcading be examined, it will be found that the three lower lights have supermullions, and that the centre-pieces are straight-sided.

  40. Beckington, by the way, showed a reckless disregard of the earlier work by carrying his cloister right up against the south-west tower, and completely concealing the beautiful arcading of that part.

  41. The bay is surmounted by an angular pediment, and the gable is ornamented by graceful arcading in the Flamboyant style.

  42. The Lady Chapel has rich Decorated arcading upon its walls, from above which spring nine windows with trefoil tracery.

  43. The early Decorated blank arcading of the aisles is interesting, as is also the peep afforded into a building upon the south side.

  44. He had himself no need to take precautions for concealment; the road at this point passing under old oaks, whose umbrageous branches; arcading over, shadowed the causeway, making it dark around as the interior of a cavern.

  45. Each side, externally, is covered with lancet arcading in four tiers.

  46. On the east side the arcading is not carried into the angle of the court.

  47. Beyond the arcading on either side of the façade the wall was finished by a solid pier, the surface of which was broken by three projecting horizontal bars.

  48. Below the arcading is a projecting stone seat.

  49. The double arcading of St. Hugh is seen to the left of the doorway, in the north wall, which leads to the cloisters.

  50. The double arcading along the west wall is less injured than elsewhere; the sculptured angels which fill the spaces formed by the intersecting arches are in fair preservation.

  51. The tower was then carried as high as the top of the arcading just over the ridge of the nave roof, and a wooden spire was added.

  52. The Gothic arcading which covers the later portions of the facade varies considerably in detail; this is particularly noticeable on the north and south ends, where narrow lancet doors in deep porches give access to the western chapels.

  53. A characteristic of the bishop's work is the curious double arcading on the walls he built (see p.

  54. The details of the arcading differ in the two towers, and it will be noticed that the octagonal turrets at the corners were carried higher in the southern tower than in the northern.

  55. Each chapel has arcading round its walls, and is lit by two windows.

  56. The arcading of these walls is deserving of attention.

  57. The wall below the windows is decorated all round with arcading of a richer design than that in the nave.

  58. The end of this arcading must be taken to mark the limit of St. Hugh's work.

  59. The basement carrying the two recumbent statues is ornamented with arcading and mourners, this being one of the earliest examples of that type of decoration, since so frequently used for funeral monuments.

  60. South arm: In the arcading of the Gilded Virgin Door are three fine late 13th century statues of angels with the instruments of the Passion.

  61. The space is now filled up, restoring the arcading to its original state, and the entrance transferred to the eastern wall, where the inner porch occupies the space beneath the organ front.

  62. Above the Early English arcading the westernmost bay contains a window commemorating St. Paulinus.

  63. To relieve the monotony of the horizontalism, a simple arcading has been inserted in the wall spaces above the central window, and above the aisle windows (plain lancets) on the right and left.

  64. The deep soffit of the arch in which this elegant arcading is enclosed, is adorned with a series of quatrefoil panels.

  65. In Comacine or early Lombard churches there was an arcading on steps in the gable of the west front, the steps giving access to the roof on the outside.

  66. In later Lombard churches this arcading became simply an ornamental detail to the front.

  67. To this type belongs the arcading on Bradford-on-Avon church.

  68. Below the arcading "may be traced the line of the stone bench on which the monks sat in chapter.

  69. San Eugenio has a similar apse, with a second stage, with multifoil arcading all along it; and San Bartolomé has three of these cusped and arcaded stages in its apse.

  70. This has an apse of seven sides, with good windows of two lights, with a trefoiled circle in the head; above this is a string-course with trefoiled arcading under it, and above this a second tier of windows.

  71. There is a fine fourteenth-century south porch, with some good arcading in its side walls, in which the tracery is all executed with soffeit-cusping.

  72. This is entirely covered with arcading from the ground to the eaves, arranged in three equal orders, the lower cusped, the next having the common Moorish trefoil, and the upper being round-arched.

  73. The nave and aisles were each lighted with a plain circular window, and the arcading up the eaves of the western gable still remaining shows that its pitch was always very flat.

  74. A string-course is carried round the aisle wall above the roofs of the chapels, and the wall is continued up to the same level as the walls of the aisles of the church, and has alternately windows and arcading in its outer elevation.

  75. It is a parallel-triapsidal church, and has some old brick arcading on the exterior of the chancel aisle, but is generally so bedaubed with plaster and whitewash as to be uninteresting.

  76. The arcading of the various stages is richly and admirably managed, and the details throughout are very pure and good.

  77. The arcading of the nave is peculiar; above is a Perp.

  78. The eight bays are emphasized by the vaulting shafts which rise directly from the floor, whilst the end is filled with arcading in which is set the entrance and thereover an eight-light window with beautiful flowing tracery.

  79. The southern transept has a portal set between arcading and lancets, above which is a central window of two lights with a lancet on either side, whilst the gable is filled with a large and beautiful rose window.

  80. The delicate arcading of the sides, and the excellent clustered shafts, are good examples of the period: unfortunately the bases of the shafts are now hidden by accumulation of earth.

  81. The arcading which goes round the lower part of the aisle walls was continued round the east sides and the ends of this transept, but it has all been hacked away, and the walls now are flat.

  82. The arcading of the aisles curiously changes towards the west in both aisles, but not at corresponding points; the change consists in the reversing the interlacing of the arches.

  83. The south wall indicates that there were two sets of cloisters here, as the remains of early English arcading are to be clearly seen.

  84. The designs are nearly a continuation of the arcading on the two towers.

  85. The arcading on the north side of the tower of the front is identical with that on the west side; but to the east there is only arcading in the three upper stages.

  86. They are ornamented with blank arcading in six stages, of different dimensions and character; all is in perfect harmony with the rest of the composition.

  87. Before turning the corner into the western aisle it is impossible not to notice the two Admirals, Vernon and Wager, whose memorials unfortunately cover the wall arcading on either side of the north door.

  88. The arcading immediately under the window still remains, but lower down the architecture is completely ruined by two monstrous naval monuments.

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