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  1. Anglers of our time have proved that Tench croak like frogs; Herrings cry like mice; Gurnards grunt like hogs; and some say the Gurnard makes a noise like a cuckoo, from which he takes one of his country names.

  2. This fish has taken its place among anglers as one of the game fishes of the California coast, and affords fine sport.

  3. In the ethics of sportsmanship, the anglers of America are miles ahead of the men who handle the rifle and shot-gun in the hunting field.

  4. The anglers have steadily diminished the weight of the rod and the size of the line; and they have prohibited the use of gang hooks and nets.

  5. For we see many anglers (as witness Richard Franck aforesaid) who are angry men, and myself, when I get my hooks entangled at every cast in a tree, have come nigh to swear prophane.

  6. For you are to know that trout be now scarce, and whereas he was ever a fearful fish, he hath of late become so wary that none but the cunningest anglers may be even with him.

  7. These names should be abandoned by the anglers and the proper English name of whiting used.

  8. The Three Jolly Anglers is indeed ancient, its early records long since lost beneath the dust of centuries; yet the years have but served to mellow it.

  9. In spite of picnic parties in the park, in spite of anglers from London, in spite of the railway in the valley, Arundel is still medieval and curiously foreign.

  10. In the south it is riparian and low, much given to anglers and visitors.

  11. For ourselves, we have a preference for the bow, and we generally find that most anglers prefer the luxury of the stern; so when both parties are pleased, there is no occasion for changing at all.

  12. So much depends on our being comfortable in our enjoyments, that we have, perhaps, erred on the side of luxuriance; but to those anglers who think so, there is nothing easier than their leaving out what they think superfluous.

  13. Some anglers go the length of a luncheon-basket, but this savours so much of the picnic that we don't approve of it.

  14. A prodigious number of anglers will be encountered; I must have seen hundreds.

  15. Anglers are the same in all lands, I suspect.

  16. The sender usually states that he captured it with the famous fly known to anglers as the Green Drake.

  17. It is at this season that enthusiastic anglers always get water on the brain.

  18. Those known amongst anglers as "Crystal," are excellent for roach fishing.

  19. They are very sociable, well-conducted gatherings, and I think the Norfolk anglers would meet with old Izaak's approbation, as being honest and peaceable men.

  20. As a rule, none of the anglers from London and other distant parts, who come down to Norfolk and have the best of sport, contribute anything to the societies which are instrumental in furnishing them with sport.

  21. Worms are procurable at some of the tackle shops, but anglers will do well to provide them for themselves if possible.

  22. It is only open to anglers from April to September, being closed the rest of the year, to protect the wild-fowl decoys, which are still worked on it, by the two proprietors.

  23. What is the good to anglers of catching thousands of small bream?

  24. What is the reason of the non-success of strange anglers which is so noticeable?

  25. Anglers cannot catch them as a general rule, but some persons say that they have succeeded, using small hooks baited with strange baits, such as the beard of an oyster, or a bit of boiled cabbage stump.

  26. In the spawning season, the bream head up here in large numbers, and as there is no close season in Norfolk, many anglers follow them up.

  27. Now the season of retrospect commences, the time of the pleasures of memory, and the delights of talking shop dear to anglers Most sporting talk is dull to every one but the votaries of the particular amusement.

  28. Nor did it need expert anglers to catch the fish.

  29. So excellent is the fishing in these forests, that the two camp-cooks had not had time to complete baking the bread-twist, or boil the potatoes, before the anglers arrived with a fine mess of fish.

  30. Credulity: of anglers in regard to their own fish-stories, 330.

  31. He was by nature and heredity one of those predestined anglers whom Izaak Walton tersely describes as “born so.

  32. Few anglers have I seen who were not pleasant to meet, and ready to do a good turn to a fellow-fisherman with the gift of a killing fly or the loan of a rod.

  33. This shows that anglers have found the spot a good one.

  34. These anglers will sit still for hours, patiently waiting for the roach to come on; they are often very successful.

  35. The Nottingham anglers are particularly expert at this sort of fishing, and use rods and reels which are specially adapted for it.

  36. He was by nature and heredity one of those predestined anglers whom Izaak Walton tersely describes as "born so.

  37. Here, then, let us lounge a full two hours, too comfortable and too tired to care for fishing, till the hall-bell rings for that dinner which we as good anglers will despise.

  38. If the little man has progressed in his fishing as he ought, he should be now one of the finest anglers in England.

  39. After hooking a fish, many anglers turn their rods so as to bring the reel to the upper side, thus letting the strain of the line come upon the rod itself instead of upon the rings.

  40. You will learn much more than books can tell you about the habits and curious ways of a fish which the most experienced anglers have considered for hundreds of years as, next to the salmon, their most worthy game.

  41. Probably not more than a score of anglers have ever cast a fly from this point, and a word of caution may for this reason be pardoned.

  42. The scenery in this neighborhood is unsurpassed, and when the stream becomes well stocked it will, doubtless, be a favorite resort with anglers who delight in mountain fastnesses or in the study of geological records of past ages.

  43. Now I am all for letting every man have his cast; but the only present hope for the survival of trout is in the associations of anglers who do their best to put down netting and dynamiting.

  44. Anglers tell of old trout that refuse year after year to be beguiled by their experiments in flies; but it is doubtful whether this is anything more than an increased wariness due to frequent disturbance.

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