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Example sentences for "canters"

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  1. I rode twenty miles to-day with ease, and could have ridden twenty more, and had several canters on the few places where the snow was well trodden.

  2. He has a long stride, shies badly, walks very fast, canters easily, and at present shows no tendency to tumble down.

  3. Occasionally a girl on horseback canters by, sometimes escorted, often without cavalier or attendant.

  4. Now then you naughty Sultan (canters off).

  5. Some occupation of general interest was thus badly needed, and this was supplied by the delightful canters over the moors--delightful, despite the drawbacks which were inseparable from inexperience.

  6. We have little canters together in the afternoons sometimes, but in the mornings he prefers to be free to go longer distances.

  7. I am on his back, somewhere in the neighbourhood of the saddle; without stirrups, but grimly clutching a confused mass of reins as The Sultan gently canters up the ascent to where the hounds are howling.

  8. Ask a man which turned out best, the first horse he bought, or the one he now canters on?

  9. Mrs. Montfort could not forget their many delightful canters last season to Rottingdean, and, lo!

  10. Again, a horse canters best with off shoulder leading, if moving along the side of a hill which slopes up to his right, and vice versa.

  11. You have probably noticed that Nelly sometimes canters with one shoulder forward and sometimes with the other.

  12. Temperance canters say that 'it is unlawful to drink a glass of ale.

  13. Unmanly canters say that 'it is unlawful to use one's fists.

  14. The writer begs leave to tell both these species of canters that they do not speak the words of truth.

  15. Temperance canters say that "it is unlawful to drink a glass of ale.

  16. Unmanly canters say that "it is unlawful to use one's fists.

  17. The writer begs leave to tell both these species of canters that they do not speak words of truth.

  18. Alighting, I am engaged in answering forty questions or thereabouts to the minute when that pious individual canters up, and, dismounting from his nag, comes forward and joins in the conversation.

  19. Instead of checking the impetuous torrent of his remarks at hearing this, he canters companionably alongside, and chatters more persistently than ever.

  20. One who boasts without reason, or, as the canters say, pisses more than he drinks.

  21. ARCH DELL, or ARCH DOXY, signifies the same in rank among the female canters or gypsies.

  22. Temperance canters say that, 'it is unlawful to drink a glass of ale.

  23. That Emperour, he canters on with rage, And all the Franks with wonder and dismay; There is not one can bitter tears restrain, And for Rollant they're very sore afraid.

  24. CXXV Their martyrdom, his men's, Marsile has seen, So he bids sound his horns and his buccines; Then canters forth with all his great army.

  25. Charles canters on, by valleys and by mounts, Not before Aix will he not make sojourn; Canters so far, on th'terrace he dismounts.

  26. That Emperour canters right haughtily, His bearded men are with him in the rear; Over their sarks they have thrown out their beards Which are as white as driven snows that freeze.

  27. The Argands and the Canters are the aristocrats of the community, and the Capons are the fit priests for such people.

  28. Did you see that article in the paper about him and his methods, charging that he was untrue to every one in town, even the Canters and Argands who employed him?

  29. Only in the sphere in which persons of extraordinary accumulation moved, like the Canters and the Argands, was there apparently no diminution in their expenditure and display.

  30. As he canters lightly through the long grass he pauses now and then to rear on his hind legs and peer sharply round over the green jungle, looking for the moment, quite bird-like.

  31. The old birds sound a challenge as the dog goes by, and lower their silly heads, and hiss and charge at him; while he, his mind set wholly on the business of the moment, canters past unmoved.

  32. The pony canters heavily off; one stumble would mean death, but the dauntless fighting man brings in his friend safely, though only by the skin of his teeth.

  33. Presently a red-coated man canters across the smooth green, and then the diabolical tumult of the stands reaches ear-splitting intensity.

  34. In thirty minutes I distributes this yere hamlet 'round in the landscape same as them Greasers; which feat becomin' hist'ry, I then canters back to Red Dog.

  35. I allows in the interests of peace that I canters over an' sees you- alls first.

  36. Rides through the forests, and canters over the grassy meadows with her beloved Miguel, are her chiefest pleasures.

  37. Don Miguel Peralta canters up to the Commandante's residence.

  38. They went in by the wash-house door, and found Ruth Canters lying dead agen the house door inside, and the baby smothered under her.

  39. Ruth Canters drank, but it were very slily--so slily that her own son Jim wouldn't believe it at first; but he were obliged to at last.

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